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Posted By: Manish Sharma on August 9 2014 11:31 am
Awesome online shopping store with complete solution
Posted By: John on June 14 2013 08:43 pm
OpenCart offers great support it has a dedicated team and Its free!
Posted By: RK on February 11 2013 05:55 pm
Use OpenCart at your own risk.

After a review of the source code, passwords are protected in a very insecure manner. The passwords are hashed 3x with SHA1, are vulnerable to a hash extension attack, and the creator of OpenCart (Daniel Kerr) has gone so far as to immediately ban me from reporting issues on Github just for reporting this major problem. If they won't consider a genuine security risk being reported, then they aren't worth working with.

If you're determined to use it install the "Secure Passwords" plugin to use the much stronger bcrypt algorithm.

Posted By: jim on August 23 2012 10:39 am
This used to be a great system (1.5) but since the upgrade the site looks a mess and it is much more difficult to use. Watch out for modules that are required, these need to be paid for. In fact to make the site work nicely it will cost.
Posted By: Mitch on June 27 2012 05:46 pm
Daniel Kerr from OpenCart is rude and arrogant. Opencart is a total mess, modules are full of bugs, support stinks beyond the galaxy, documentation... what documentation?
Posted By: Freddieb on June 19 2012 10:00 am
A joy to use and setup. A couple of tricky moments, but a quick search on the Opencart forums and watching a YouTube video sorted things out quickly.

It's very professional with its features and hard to believe that it's open source. I've been a developer for 15 years and this has to be the BEST cart that I have used for clients, even better than expensive ones.

I applied a responsive template from ThemeForest.com and my client is so impressed at how the site presents across all sized devices.

Can't recommend OpenCart highly enough.
Posted By: WBG on May 23 2012 11:45 pm
Over the last 13 years I've tried just about every ecommerce solution that has seen the light of day and as a free solution this one is tops. I use it for 2 stores today and probably another in the near future.

But go ahead, mess with the others and when you are tired of screwing around come try OpenCart.
Posted By: Richard Sitompul on April 17 2012 03:16 am
It's nice to use because easy to setup and full feature (",)
Posted By: Peter on March 21 2012 03:39 am
Emlyn, what else do you expect an off the shelf e-commerce system to be? If you want complete control over everything from the ground up build your own system. Magento tries to do what you probably want, it tries to provide a completely customisable system. What you get is something that will take longer to customise than to build your own system and has hundreds of features you will never even look at. OpenCart makes certain assumptions but so it should. The whole point of these pre-packaged cms/e-commerce software is to provide certain features built in with enough flexibility so you can tailor it to your needs for most situations. I agree that OpenCart isn't suitable for every e-commerce project but nor is any other off the shelf product. For simple straight forward shops which you just want a typical shopping cart and ordering system OpenCart is really great. And if you do need to make small customisations it has a plugins system which can handle a lot of this.
Posted By: Tahina on February 22 2012 12:10 pm
Only the best OSC after testing all. Simple to install, configure, customize the core of system,

Posted By: nyfashion.dk on October 3 2011 05:18 am

this is very good open source cms, very easy to handle it is giving a satisfaction to users.

I made my own webshop and it gives a fantastic professional feel
Thanks opencart
Posted By: Prestasimo on September 5 2011 02:30 pm
I have been true Magento and lately true Prestashop (3 years) and I just discovered the new opencart 1.5.x and really seduced about it. This will be my next tool !!!

Really easy to manage, nice looking, affordable modules...

Posted By: Kerry on September 4 2011 05:45 pm
OpenCart is currently my favorite OSC program. I have nothing but good things to say about it, especially for beginning users. It is logical and well-organized.

I have written several free cheatsheets, install and quick setup guides on oscmanuals.com. I also maintain the free text documentation on the OpenCart.com website. Anybody who can follow instructions can do well with this cart.
Posted By: Daniel on August 30 2011 06:06 am

You have posted reviews on a lot of the scripts on this site and not done one good review.
Posted By: Emlyn on August 23 2011 02:06 pm
Another bloatware cart that probably started off with the right idea but quickly became another victim of "feature creep".

I had begun implementing this for a smaller-sized e-commerce project but stopped short a couple of days later when I realized how much back-pedaling, reverse-engineering and generally retooling of the system I'd need to do in order to have something that looked and worked even halfway like the site it was supposed to work with.

Essentially this comes as a pre-built e-commerce website and apparently it's up to the designer/programmer to undo all that. Ugh.

Once you have it suitably macheted and re-assembled I'm sure it works OK, but it struck me as a rather generic, lowest-common-denominator cart system. This is not for small, simple e-commerce one-offs...
Posted By: awebguy on May 18 2011 11:21 am
It's like Magento without the bad coding and illogical theming. OpenCart just works.

First time I've seen a CMS where the the template designer actually understood how to properly code CSS. Simple, elegant, and easy to modify.

I wasted 6 months messing around with Magento. OpenCart took me 2 days to get to the same point. Enough said.
Posted By: Peter on May 13 2011 12:28 am
I recently built a production shop with osCommerce and a different shop with OpenCart. OpenCart is better in every single way. This is a great piece of software for building simple online shops. The theming system is logical and easy to use. The extension system is simple and works well. The code is neat and tidy and separation is achieved using MVC(L).

The only negative I can see is it's not as flexible as say Magento for example, so if you are going to be doing heavy customisation then expect to have to get into editing some of the core page controllers and models. This isn't as bad as it sounds, the code is easy to understand if you know your way around PHP.

For simple online shops it's a no brainer, go with OpenCart. For more complex online shops its fine as long as you know your way around PHP.
Posted By: aditya menon on March 28 2011 06:02 am
this is an excellent open source cart software - the best of everything else I have tried till now; that's saying something because I've tried 10's of them!

It is everything I wanted, and more! Be sure to try out Opencart - it just might change your online shopping cart life.
Posted By: Dmitry on February 20 2011 03:48 am
Written above "translated to Hebrew", but there is no any language pack to download!
Posted By: Daniel on January 23 2011 09:26 am
Guldstrand, this is because you have not setup your server properly nothing to do with the script. Try downloading and installing wamp.
Posted By: Guldstrand on January 23 2011 08:13 am
I have big problems with installing OpenCart on my own server with PHP 5.2.
I only get a white/blank page on the /install/index.php, and no error messages and there is nothing in the error log.
Posted By: AntERP.com on January 3 2011 10:34 am
I like the architecture of OpenCart that are using the MVC model. It's the easier ways to implement the Shopping Cart solutions.

It's Fast and Reliable. I was impress with the flexibility and shorten the development time. I have been successfully integrate OpenCart with the following modules:

1) Single Sign On module - integrate OpenLDAP Server with OpenCart. We build the Ldap Connector and auto create ldap users by Groups Access Rights.

2) SEO - Implement Auto-SEO within 5 minutes.

3) CRM - Capture the Leads and Customers Contact into sugarcrm as Leads and Contacts.

4) Template - developed new designed as a template for our customers used.

As a conclusion, We highly recommend to our customer who are looking for Shopping Cart Solutions due to the "light-weight" and super fast loading solutions.
Posted By: Fernando on January 3 2011 09:08 am
User's manual in Portuguese of Brazil to OpenCart

Manual de utilização para lojas opencart
Posted By: Romanian Food on December 14 2010 04:06 pm
After messing up with another so called "top range cart" and spending 12 minutes on average to add a product I came across Opensource CMS and saw Opencart listed (at that time not on top of the user's preferences) and decided to give it a go. Absolutely amazed by the ease of setting up and adding products. If you've got all the information at hand it does not take you more than 3 minutes (including meta and picture upload) to add your product to the cart!
I have to say that I've tried offline at least 3 other carts listed here and I wasn't that impressed with them. Some are very complicated, some are not that attractive in terms of design, Opencart is just fine.
SEO: our website about Romanian Food is fairly new on the web and ranks top on the search engines. Combined with some very simple SEO techniques such us .htacces and robots.txt Opencart offers a SEO friendly solution for multi-lingual e-commerce solutions.
To summarise: we are very happy with Opencart and even people no so Internet savvy can add and chenge products to the online store.
Posted By: DJCrystaL on October 8 2010 12:11 am
The Thai language is available now. Hoorayyy!
Posted By: Yvon on September 30 2010 03:28 pm
I use Opencart for 8 months and build several shops with. I like OpenCart. It gets better and better and better and..... after a while its the best of all.
Posted By: John on September 28 2010 02:53 pm
Highly recommended and works with sites that from just a few to over 100,000 products.
Posted By: Daniel on September 1 2010 12:15 pm
Best module system and has 328 extensions and counting.
Posted By: powder keg on August 24 2010 03:43 pm
great eshop with the worst module system. and without modules there is no fun.
Posted By: yogo on August 19 2010 09:47 pm
cool and very very simple development modules and themes, yeah i like it. its true for my Indonesian ecommerce development. Thanks All.
Posted By: Jack on August 7 2010 11:18 am
I think OpenCart is really good, using a long time, and I released 4 shops on with OpenCart.

Its lighting fast and structured so well that coding with opencart is a dream.
Posted By: OutSourcedMyLife.com on June 29 2010 09:29 pm
I just gotta say I'm WAY impressed with opencart. I've been using osCommerce for the past 3 years... and by "use" I mean struggle / wrestling with.

I received a note from my host that my OSC install was possibly corrupted and I should move to the newest version. "No problem... I'll just download and install the most recent release." Well, you can imagine my shock to find out that the project is mostly dead.

So, began my search I did for a great replacement. My requirements:

â?¢ Inventory management: I need to be able to have an item with multiple options (sizes) as pull down options. The system needs to track how many items are in stock and how many left.
â?¢ Paypal Integration: I need to be able to use paypal as my payment gateway / processor.
â?¢ Coupons / certificates: support for these
â?¢ No sign-in required: Someone can add items to their cart and go right to paypal without having to sign up in the shopping cart. They can create an account if they want, but it is NOT required. All the contact, payment, and shipping information can be handled in Paypal.

I looked at all the usual candidates and ended up at http://php.opensourcecms.com where I sorted ecommerce scripts by rating. I fully expected I'd have to thoroughly test at least the top 5 to find what I needed. Well, I was pleasantly surprised that out-of-the-box opencart does almost everything I needed!

Well, it is now installed and my store manager is setting everything up. He's SUPER happy with the interface and all the features... like a breath of fresh air compared to what we've been sludging through with OSC. BLAH ::)

On a related note: I was dreading having to find answers to all the questions I knew would come up during install. But get this... every single question so far (and I've had lots) have been answered thoroughly and clearly in this forum. It is rare that a forum community (props especially to Qphoria) has been able to answer every question I've had. Amazing!!!

The only thing I'd be pretty critical of is the lack of thorough documentation, but what's the point when 1) The script is updating and changing all the time and 2) The forum has a great search and all the info I need.

Again, great job on the script, the website, and the forum. I'm looking forward to a long relationship with opencart!!
Posted By: Daniel on May 23 2010 05:40 pm

I don't know why you posted this message here!

The forum was down will it was being upgraded.

This is for reviews of opencart not to send me personal messages.
Posted By: CMEBD on May 19 2010 10:43 pm
To Daniel:
I have been working on OC since November. Today I tried to access the forum where I am hoping I have an answer to a template question, but receive a "Forbidden/you don't have permission" message.

Unfortunately have not had any response to other forms of contact.

Posted By: Petr on May 1 2010 04:34 am
I tried a lot of e-commerces but decided to use OpenCart only. Why? Because it is very easy to learn and quick to use. I am using Opencart successfully for my e-biz. And you could too. It is sophisticated strong reliable system and from version 1.4.7. is superb more and more. There are lot of official and community modules. Maybe there are lot of releases but the reason is to improve it. I am sure it will quickly go to version 1.5. It is going its own genuine way and users will like it so much that other e-biz systems will be almost forgetted and surely thrown to waste basket. Thanks to Daniel&co. Keep your good work!
Posted By: Daniel on April 26 2010 07:22 pm
To Caraig,

you're full of crap. its being used by 1000's of people.
Posted By: Craig on April 22 2010 11:20 am
This script is currently unusable by anyone in need of a serious ecommerce solution. The release system is basically a joke and unless you don't customise your site at all, each subsequent version will break the last unless you do a clean install. Even then, the database migration and managament tools are almost non-existant. In short, OpenCart is a P-O-S - and I've given it more than enough time to be sure of this.
Posted By: Andy on April 14 2010 04:13 pm
is it possible to change the currency to other countries'? other than euro, pound and USD?
Posted By: Andy on April 14 2010 04:11 pm
is it possible to change the currency to other countries'? other than euro, pound, USD...
Posted By: Tutkun on March 5 2010 04:14 pm
Turkish also attached. Greaaaaatt :)
Posted By: Andrew Lim on February 6 2010 12:31 am
Just a note for those trying out the demo version here.
You might have trouble inserting a new Product.
The error messages (in red) sometimes aren't visible until you click the correct tab. I was trying to insert a product for 10 minutes but it didn't appear until I clicked the "German" tab.

Yes, you need to define a German name for your product.
This guy had the same issue as me.
Posted By: Toya on January 22 2010 07:28 pm
As a suggestion, I think it would be more effective if you made the stores able to take various online payment methods along with credit card, like paypal or paybycash. By intergrating commonly used payment sites, it helps lower the chance of missing anything.

As an example, you don't need to have a paypal account to pay for certain things, you can just use them to process the payment. This helps if your shop has a technical difficulty and you need a way to still process credit card payments.

Just a thought, because I've had various clients that wanted an e-commerce management system that had the ability to take payments from not only their payment service, but other online services, too.
Posted By: Tonchev on January 2 2010 01:31 pm
Very very simple and good System! It needs only Creditcard payment or maybe a howto for building own payment- modules. And when I dont give permission, the buttons dont need to be show to the "not permitted" user.

Everything else - Very good and OK.

Posted By: wawan sismadi on December 18 2009 12:54 am
wow, miracle eshop
Posted By: Abdi on December 13 2009 10:48 pm
This is one well done CMS. It's clean, modular, simple to understand, easy to customize, no bloat. I hope the creators will keep with this vision and continue to keep it bloat-free. This is how software should be and I wish them success.
Posted By: Nube Programmer Loves it on October 12 2009 08:59 pm
Because of a client I needed to find a shopping cart program. And because the client needed some very unique options, i looked at at least 15 different carts.
The one thing I discovered was that the options my client needed just did not exists. So i decided i would need to find a cart that I could program my own options into.
One Problem was I knew very little about programming. I could make simple changes to php or java. I know how to use the 'if' statement or make a simple function. but that was about it and except for Joomla I never had done anything with MySql.
I found OpenCart after almost giving up. I love the way it is arranged. MCV was a new concept for me but i can understand it.
I worked with OpenCart for less than a week and was able to create all the special options i needed to please my client. Including making my own shipping and payment system.
It has a few things i still don't understand but overall it has been a great learning tool and i feel a very strong shopping cart. If it does not have what you need then you can build it and integrate it with just a little understanding of OOP MCV PHP programming.

Posted By: F.P. on October 2 2009 09:52 am
The best architecture I have ever seen for an ecommerce solution. It is very fast and modules are very easy to develop.
Posted By: Anders on September 26 2009 08:16 am
Though I like this one it misses to many features. Just the core installation isn't enough.

To only way to get my shop running with Opencart is to buy the features from the forum moderators. The sell most of the features that should have been part of the core system.
That would have cost me between $150 - $250. Maybe I can by a commercial system with better features if I add a 100 bucks?
Posted By: Steven H. on September 22 2009 03:38 am
Responding to a review below from June 13, 2009 by Nick. OpenCart does have SEO if I am correct. (http://www.opencart.com/index.php?route=information/features)
OsCommerce is the one who doesn't. Is that right anyone?
Posted By: jdvernier on September 11 2009 04:27 pm
After perusing this site and comparing the various eCommerce solutions, I selected OpenCart for a client's project. The interface is light and intuitive, and most importantly their website prominently displays a variety of supported payment gateways. The project required Linkpoint, which was in the list of supported gateways in their website.

After spending several hours installing and configuring the store for the client, I learned while browsing their support forums (be warned that the documentation for this product is VERY light) that the list of accepted payment gateways for this product is very inaccurate. In fact, they only support PayPal, WorldPay, SagePay, and MoneyBookers. I learned that support for the other approximately 15 gateways listed as "supported" on their website is in fact planned for a future release.

Needless to say I was upset by this false advertising. If you are only planning on using PayPal for your gateway then OpenCart is a great open-source cart to use for your eCommerce needs. But be warned that if you are lured in by their list of supported gateways on their website, you're in for a major disappointment!
Posted By: Aqua Tropical fish on August 15 2009 05:12 pm
very light and user friendly soft. Thanks.
Posted By: Kenny L on July 23 2009 01:14 pm
Open Cart looks great as sort of a framework/base to build your cart the way you want. Contributions from the community will help quicker turnarounds in putting up a site! Very powerful and simple shopping cart!
Posted By: carol on July 23 2009 04:54 am
Opencart have a very nice feature offers is the "coupons" where discounts can be set on a "per product" basis. SEO URL also available in the lastest version, Very powerful and easy to customize!! highly recommend!

Posted By: step p on July 18 2009 01:02 pm
yes, opencart very good shopping cart, I will change all my website using it in the future!
Posted By: Kelly h on July 16 2009 08:59 am
New version opencart has Seach Engine Optimisation!
Posted By: SoftGil on July 7 2009 04:14 pm
Works fine and fulfill all needs for a "small/medium" sized eShop. Major Credit Card acceptance would be most welcomed however.

Overall it's a good product, considering the price. ;)
Posted By: Serge on July 1 2009 08:08 am
Very nice and simple. Must use.
Posted By: Jason on June 15 2009 04:04 am
Bleak, Bland and simple
Posted By: Nick on June 13 2009 09:00 am
Open cart is quite well architected but unfortunately it lacks quick a number of important features that are require to run a successful online store these days. Both OpenCart and PrestaShop are on about the same level but PrestaShop has a few more features than OpenCart. For example one important feature that PrestaShop has is Seach Engine Optimisation, which OpenCart does not have. Perhaps in a few years these projects will evolve into something good, but at the moment they're still a bit weak. If I didn't already have a cart (heavily customised osC) I'd probably use OpenCart, PrestaShop or nopCommerce (although its ASP.NET) as the basis of my development. They're the ones I believe have the most potential.
Posted By: Steve M on May 30 2009 04:01 pm
I love opencart. It a lot better than the old version 0.X, a lot cleaner, and the admin look brilliant! Now I even can use Import/Export module. Very professional shopping cart!
Posted By: Belavi on May 25 2009 11:29 am
OpenCart is hot, yummi and easy to use
Posted By: Nori on May 20 2009 09:44 am
Wow! I've never used this before but it looks amazing compared to the other carts I've seen. Its clean, simple, yet robust. It appears very well designed and fast.
Posted By: Berny on May 17 2009 06:54 am
Opencart is simple & clean. I'm looking forward to Opencart for allowing an easy upgrade or function in the admin enable us to automatically upgrade the server to the newer version. The current want seem like too complicated.
Posted By: intermedia on May 15 2009 07:22 pm
I think Open Cart is ace! New version work very good, stable and easy to handle! Excellent cart!!
Posted By: net.net on May 11 2009 09:23 am
Thanks opencart developer for the hard work, OpenCart is really very nice and easy to understand cart.. I've used magento..but it's too heavy, to complicated, but now today i've moded opencart and made it my dream shop cart.

recently add new AJAX feature! Very cool shopping cart!
Posted By: waye on May 6 2009 07:40 pm
with lot of improvement in the new version. It very powerful shopping cart and add lot of features.
Posted By: ziziplanet on April 29 2009 07:04 pm
Building this without csv import/export product function:(
Posted By: Daniel Kerr on April 28 2009 08:07 am
it works fine with opera
Posted By: Daniel on April 13 2009 06:08 pm
It was a older version that did not work with opera. Its how opera had compressed output. It works fine now.
Posted By: James Banuelos on March 24 2009 09:11 pm
It was very easy to setup, took about 10 minutes, only problem is that current version can only take cash on delivery and paypal only. There is no other way to take credit card numbers. Missing spanish language pack but seems easy to translate and add to store. Seem to have lots of cummnication trough developers forum. Seems to be in early stages of software but a very promising ecommerce software eventually
Posted By: vvvoid on March 3 2009 12:33 am
Very buggy, missing necessary features, generates ugly, non-compliant xhtml.

Not recommended.
Posted By: Chris on February 12 2009 02:23 pm
Currently under very active development with fast responses from main development team in forum. Now at stable version 0.7.9 with a version using a new framework at release 1.1.5 Have used for a number of projects in last 15 months. Very satisfied!
Posted By: Craig on January 30 2009 04:30 am
Very good looking, but not enough cms functionality for me.
Posted By: Mike on August 1 2008 03:39 am
opencart seems a really good product. The only functionallity I'm missing is the import of products by csv...
Posted By: Harry on June 19 2008 11:22 pm
I'm using Opera 9.5 and both my local installation and the demo on Opencart website work just fine for me. It appears that there's something wrong with the demo installation on this website. As for Opencart itself, i just discovered it and it seems to be ok and fast. It's lacking good documentation and some features but out of the box it should suit small shops.
Posted By: Groin on June 16 2008 09:36 pm
Does NOT work on Opera, the best browser in the whole wide world!
Posted By: JayC on May 18 2008 02:58 pm
Does not work on Opera 9.27
Posted By: simpleisgreat on January 18 2008 01:57 am
Simple, easy to use, interface is very customizable, still lacking in some departments and have a few little quirks, but still a usable and very promising script. Daniel should team up so he can deliver updates faster and enliven the support forum which now is well.. not very helpful.
Posted By: fn on November 29 2007 04:41 pm
Doesn't appear to work with Opera 9.02. Brings up a few garbage characters then hangs.
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