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Posted By: steve on March 19 2013 09:02 pm
blank white screen with ads on top, even after reset. running FF on OSX
Posted By: Farcas Gelu Danut on March 9 2011 04:58 pm
URLs are not SEO friendly and one level menu only.
Posted By: Mike on March 3 2011 11:17 pm
Very nice cms. Small, but very easy to install and handle. Nice!!!
Posted By: kyoshi84 on November 5 2010 04:26 am
Easy to instal and use. I got my frontpage in less then 10min. Awsome for simple home pages.
Posted By: infoplace.gr on August 3 2010 06:09 am
WOW!!! i think this is vey good LITE-CMS! A lot of beautifuls themes, a lot of modules! But no file manager at all?
Posted By: Beef on April 12 2010 11:16 pm
Hasn't been updated for a while, 10 months to be exact, but overall a good little cms
Posted By: azizi on March 2 2010 10:52 pm
hey not bad.I really need a script that would be minimalist in nature and integrated with blogs elements.
Posted By: Jon Penn on March 2 2010 10:42 pm
i set up a simple website where anyone can have a pluck installation for free.(http://s130363071.onlinehome.us/free/)
Posted By: aleco on December 29 2009 02:49 am
Good solution when you need to craft a small web site quickly. 5-10 pages max. Single system admin login.
- Does not need a database.
- Small code size.
- Easy to edit pages with WYSIWYG editor.
- Nice photo album module with lightbox java effects.
- Handy picture upload for pages.
- Very simple template system. Easy to make custom designs.
- You will have only one password to access the admin panel.
- URLs are not SEO friendly.
- Blog module is too simple for use.
- One level menu only.
Posted By: maimai on December 4 2009 02:28 am
I wanna use it !!
Very sinple & XHTML Validatable !
Posted By: santaklaus on October 28 2009 07:31 am
Very best CMS (between simples) for a simple business website.
Posted By: Martin on August 31 2009 06:49 am
Great software, easy, fast without any complications. Thank the programmers
Posted By: ecgtutor on August 16 2009 06:27 am
Very easy to set up: Download, extract, upload (FTP), go to your new online homepage, change a few permissions (NOT recursively!) as advised, and that's it.

Online editing of content and pages etc, which is easier than using a word processor.

I have a very basic hosting package, and the simple php doesn't cause any problems.

Recommended for anyone wanting to set up a simple business website etc, and wants to be able to edit content themselves.
Posted By: roger on July 4 2009 01:11 am
just so easy .... very intuative!
please try this if you are a newbie!!!
I feel empowered!
Posted By: Penuel on May 25 2009 08:22 am
Pluck is really good. I have used Typo3 in my University exams, then built a site for a non technical Orphanage client in pluck. I can say that the client is very satisfied with the work, and I enjoyed using this simple, easy to learn and easy to teach CMS.
Posted By: Danny on February 7 2009 12:30 am
Doesn't allow easy setup of different templates for different pages. Example: Can't use different layout for homepage, than interior pages. I see on the forums it can be done, but requires PHP hacking.

That is a simple and VERY necessary feature for most websites.
Posted By: 2makebiz on January 21 2009 07:22 pm
Tried this for a client who had a server but without MySQL. Only needed a simple site of 4 pages. Easy to use. Since there isn't many templates yet. Had to do a bit of a rework of the CSS and graphics to get the end result. Took 5 hours to create a website. I'd recommend this for small sites of not more then six top menu links. Common problem I have is training clients to use Joomla. This will take 15 mins to teach a user the CMS
Posted By: cms addict on January 8 2009 10:25 am
How come file permissions need to be 777. thats a security flaw.
Posted By: BarryMac on November 20 2008 05:50 pm
Sorry I meant internal or external inks in the post below.... BarryMac
Posted By: BarryMac on November 16 2008 04:21 pm
Pluck no longer has a problem with internal or internal links, all works fine now. I think this is a wonderful well rounded CMS system and one of the very best and easiest for non-tech end users to work with. BarryMac
Posted By: Stew Bottorf on June 6 2008 12:30 pm
Pluck is nice but fatally flawed by inability to save html links on pages. Once this is solved Pluck may be the easiest CMS to get up and running.
Posted By: amonimus on May 24 2008 11:39 am
only thing missing File manager and News module. Far easier than any flat cms ever release.
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