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Mambo Comments
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Posted By: Rabin on October 11 2011 03:42 am
When i heard about Mambo feature i was interested to install for my newspaper magazine and i started to learn about it when it was a time to implement i found that it doesn't support unicode, waste of my time..... worst cms ever found, Drupal is far better than this
Posted By: Justme on January 14 2011 06:16 pm
What is going on with Mamob? The main site is gone, and there is no activity on the site. Very interesting. It is a GREAT program!
Posted By: gro on February 5 2010 10:43 am
Please, in the "poll" of the demo, add Richard Stallman, it's sure, he has changed 25 past years : GNU/GPL, free software, and so on, it's him !

There are many days of good job, thanks for that.
Posted By: John Dere on August 17 2009 03:52 pm
Mambo is NOT a powerful, NOT secure and NOT stable CMS Tool. I used Mambo since the earliest versions as reference and for keeping up-to-date with CMS in general. The positive aspect is the huge free template base and easy starting over. But in the long run it does not pay.
Posted By: Rabbo4u on August 15 2009 04:28 pm
Mambo is a powerful, secure and stable CMS Tool, i was use mambo at the 4.2 version and now the 4.6 and 5.0 version soon! i have a big modules and applications for this excellent CMS. I vote 4 Mambo!
Posted By: Toton on May 23 2009 08:53 am
Mambo is great. It is very easy for site users to navigate, and is extremely powerful. We built our site with it, and we're very glad that we chose this CMS.

It has great community support and is highly customizable. But in some cases when you need to build a social community website quickly, you may use specialized CMS. For example, we've used an open source cms Pligg for Internet business community website And it was easy to install and tune up.
Posted By: Jools on January 7 2009 04:08 pm
I liked the look of Mambo from the demo but have been unable to install. The installer keeps saying mambo is unavailable. I've tried lots of things to get it working, checked loads of websites and still not got past the installer.

I think it's a real shame, If I cant get it working I'll stick to e107 which has been easy to upgrade and has been solid since it was installed.
Posted By: kreesh on June 26 2008 05:13 am
Hi, Mambo is just imagine. why i had not got it before? It is very simple.
Posted By: impressM on March 14 2008 02:06 pm
Mambo is pretty much perfect if you ask me. We use if almost exclusively. Have a look at our portfolio to see all you can do by Customizing mambo templates.
Posted By: jagu on January 6 2007 08:50 am
Mambo is awesome , liked Mambo from start, and used it two years unitl now. But after new 4.6 version I have decided to switch to Joomla! New Mambo 4.6 is not even close to be stable release. Joomla! is much better! With new Mambo 4.6 I had much problems, and heard a lot of people complain, so take my advice and switch to Joomla!
Posted By: Manish on November 26 2006 09:13 am
Simply, mambo is the best for me for content management, I like it because of a lot of modification you can make directly from admin panel, I am learning though, how it can be more usiful, but overall experince is nice.
Posted By: benx on November 5 2006 09:35 am

mambo is a great portal..its has all the addons and features in the world...
sometimes the addons instals are little buggy..but i like simple things ..i am using e107 which is very advanced and simple..
Posted By: galib on October 24 2006 07:25 am
It installs nicely, looks and feels great but suffers from simple categorisation possibilities. Seems that most of the development work is now on the recent fork to Joomla.
Posted By: Pete Millant on October 19 2006 09:41 am
I love Mambo so far. Using it to change from Microsoft FrontPage and custom-CMS sites to CMS/Mambo sites. Looking forward to Multisites
Posted By: Mirko on September 25 2006 02:26 am
I liked Mambo from start, and used it two years unitl now. But after new 4.6 version I have decided to switch to Joomla! New Mambo 4.6 is not even close to be stable release. Joomla! is much better! With new Mambo 4.6 I had much problems, and heard a lot of people complain.
Posted By: Jacob Cole on August 15 2006 02:25 am
After using Mambo for the last two years, I've come to think of it as the designer's CMS. Contrary to some comments, it's actually quite easy to design unique looking sites. Conversely, from what I've seen, Mambo and Joomla are not as developer friendly as, say, Drupal. I've done some experimenting with other systems, but I still prefer Mambo.
Posted By: serendipia on July 26 2006 12:33 pm
Fast and easy portal but too light options
Posted By: Rodrigo Pimentel on July 18 2006 03:06 am
nice cms, this is the base for manny other cms, but from all mambo based cms, i think joomla is the best ;)
Posted By: Paul Duthoit on July 18 2006 02:55 am
Problem with many CMS's is dealing with users tendency to copy and paste from Micro$oft Office. All editors I've seen really do not strip out MS markup. And let's face it, users WILL do that - like it or not!
Posted By: 3dguru on July 12 2006 01:46 am
After a long relationship with Mambo, the instability in de development team, made me think of the future of this project, and did not want to risk it to choose a wrong one which will be distinct in the near future between Joomla! and Mambo. After a better research (3 months) I decided to use drupal instead of these 2 shiny CMSs. As far as the template is in your control, it is in your hands to make your design shine, the structure is better than ever in drupal.
Posted By: JohannSF on June 23 2006 04:34 am
Mambo at one time was the best thing out there when you were faced with a world of PHPNuke. But that was over 4 years ago. In 4 years of installing, and uninstalling, and installing this program.. it's time just has come and gone.. Now many who use to use Mambo seem to swear by Joomla. However, after reviewing Joomla, I can't see any really difference. Sure the Admin interface might be nicer.. but overall it is plagued by the same problem Mambo has always had. Every site using Mambo or Joomla tend to look exactly the same. It seems to suffer the 'Super Mario Brothers' syndrom.. where everything is just tainted with this 'Mambo' look.. As I designer, I find both of these tools to be absolute crap. All the templates look way to airy. It's seriously like decorating your modern house with 70's shag carpet.. Sure its cool to the novice out there because the CMS actually works, and looks pretty cool to someone who has no idea what they are doing, but to a seasoned designer or graphic artists.. They hurt our eyes. In all honesty.. Of all the CMS's I have looked at here.. ModX seems to be the most hackable, and it's AJAX/Wen 2.0 ready.. which is where coding seems to be going. If you are a novice.. go for it.. you will learn a lot in just installing and managing the CMS backend.. But once you have the hang of it.. Learn some HTML and Javascript.. and take it to the next level with a CMS that isn't so heavy, and recognizable from a zillion miles away.
Posted By: optimisation on June 8 2006 03:30 am
Fairly easy to use and a large user base means that there are a lot of templates and extensions available. I uninstalled it from one site as it was not good for search engine optimisation. There is an extension you can buy which improves this but I was not prepared to spend the money when there are other cms out there which have seo built in from the start.
Posted By: djh on June 5 2006 02:11 am
Mambo looks extremely polished, but it does look more polished that it actually is. Bad documentation will confuse many users at first. On the upside, once you get past the short learning curve, it's a breeze to use. Unlike other CMS's it doesnt feel like you have to trick Mambo into doing what you want. It's all there(but hidded in overly complicated menus)
Posted By: glen on June 1 2006 07:59 am
Great CMS...I want to use it for my site
Posted By: Girts on May 19 2006 03:52 am
Pretty powerful tool however a bit confusing menus. Need some time to understand how it works. Maybe there is some logics behind all that, but I think that simplicity = success. Mambo is not as simple as it probably could be. Compared to Joomla ... seems, that Joomla is a bit better.
Posted By: j8h9 on May 16 2006 08:20 am
Mambo. Confusing and difficult to customize. I finally found some decent template themes and they didn't work--blocks were pushing other content all over the page. Confusing trying to find basic functionality (forums, etc.) and, worst of all, when I accessed some templates on got spyware downloading on my harddrive... Yikes. I will stay clear.
Posted By: Jeremie on May 8 2006 02:45 am
I used Mambo 4.5.2 for more than one year and the actual version os Joomal 1.0.8 is very similar, except that multi language (necessary for me and NOT present in most of the light blog CMS) is better integrated in Joomla (JoomlaFish) than in Mambo 4.5.3 (Mambofish needs a corepatch). It is early to says but it seems that Joomla will become more powerful even if today Mambo has more plug-ins than Joomla. It is question to bet over the good one !
Posted By: Mambo no on May 5 2006 09:59 am
'Sorry Mambo got nice default design very flashy nice there but I need a full working cms who aint a mysteria too use or admin
Posted By: CMS Comparison on May 4 2006 03:53 am
Great CMS...but Joomla may give it a tough competition.
Posted By: Dele on April 15 2006 08:41 am
While trying to deplying a dynamic site, I have been combing, installing and uninstalling a number of cms. During the period I came across this. It was over hyped. Adding a new section is a headache. It is even difficult to differentiate between Mambo and Joomla. Some features work, some are complete failure.
Posted By: ravi on April 11 2006 03:39 am
hi this is a good site
Posted By: Donovan Rittenbach on April 10 2006 11:39 am
Difficult to customize interface for any serious design that doesn't mean the rigid page formatting that is implemented by default. Great templates for beginners. Poor UI that is common among programmers whose noses are so buried in the code they forget about efficiency of workflow. What should take 2 steps stakes 4 or more to do. Layout is confusing. Naming conventions are also confusing. You will find yourself going into the wrong menu section over and over again.
Posted By: michaelper22 on February 27 2006 06:25 am
I started using Mambo after browsing around Wikipedia's articles on it. I find certain tasks a challenge, like establishing a very custom module layout. But really, everything is in the menu links. I found several useful components very easily through the site (formerly If I were to recommend a CMS, Mambo is my first pick.
Posted By: Emil on February 24 2006 02:47 am
Well design content management system, easy to use and to manage. Best of all it is FREE. Well done.
Posted By: Jeff on February 10 2006 08:16 am
I have spent about 12 hours pouring over these CMS systems, looking for one to use with my web development company for all my clients. I actally installed and ran 10 of them (typo3, drupal, modx, and more). Knowing that ultimately my clients will be using this system, I wanted one with an interface that was professional looking and would not be too confusing to use. Mambo was the clear winner. There are others out there, like typo3 and more, but interface wise, look-and-feel wise, and functionality wise Mambo has that professional touch time and again. As for my developer needs, Mambo templating was straight forward enough, the community support it huge, and it has one quite a few opensource awards. I highly recommend it.
Posted By: fun on February 3 2006 01:56 am
Mambo is fun. I like setting them up. Try it!
Posted By: Emmanuel Arome on February 2 2006 01:22 am
Mambo free CMS solution is ideal for beginnners, the demo is superb and offers good practise for beginners.
Posted By: Luke on January 27 2006 05:03 am
We have a support and broadband shop site, does anyone know of any simple way Mambo can simply make the site joint searchable?
Posted By: Andy on January 20 2006 04:26 am
Good CMS, easy to install and available for use with fantastico, Check Joomla before installing.
Posted By: Rob Zeef on January 12 2006 12:06 pm
Mambo's install went okay, but the categorisation of items is pretty lame. I like the way some of the other *nukes* handle things, it's much more intuitive. Other CMS' also seem to handle them more cleanly. After the fiasco with mambo, I switched to Joomla and am still playing around with it. Even wity the category lameness, it is pretty polished.
Posted By: Petar on January 7 2006 05:11 am
I like Mambo becuase it is easy to use. Mambo is a very easy to setup. It's the good free CMS solution for beginner. It has many components and modules to extend the system.
Posted By: David on December 31 2005 02:06 am
It installs nicely, looks and feels great but suffers from simple categorisation possibilities. Seems that most of the development work is now on the recent fork to Joomla.
Posted By: shooter on December 30 2005 03:37 am
mambo is a great cms! easy to learn and very user friendly... great for seo's :)
Posted By: RLiebold on December 26 2005 07:25 am
Mambo looks great and has many very nice features. However, I prefer to spend my productive time creating, not learning. If I can't do something productive in 45 minutes, it's not worth the effort. To be fair, I have spent a good 8 hours playing with Mambo, but I find that the application is not very intuitive and I'm never sure if what I have set up is going to be what I want. There is a lot of viewing the site then re-configuring what I did. All these CMS apps do basically the same thing. Some are overly simple, some are overly complicated.
Posted By: Rich on December 22 2005 03:27 am
Overall, a decent CMS. The installation on Linux was almost flawless - they do need to include an empty configuration.php file, but other than that, the install was great. The biggest problem with this system (as with many others) is very poor documentation. If you're new to CMS, Mambo will pose a great challenge.
Posted By: damien on December 18 2005 12:50 pm
Nice design to sell the product... but it really lacks nice url for indexing, also missing a safe template system (not php!), a better image handling feature (so that we can see what's going on in the wysiwyg), and then some kind of link management inside and between site's pages... So I finally stopped here looking into mambo since these are already too many important lacking features for me.
Posted By: James Clancy on December 17 2005 08:04 am
Mambo is really cool. The most user friendly CMS out there at the moment. I wish it becomes better at handling users and community features...thats the only let down right now.
Posted By: Paradox on December 4 2005 06:51 am
Mambo sucks. They seem to have modeled the interface over the microsoft idea of grouping the control panel into small segments. This is the worst CMS i have ever used. Use e107 instead.
Posted By: yazid bahari on November 29 2005 12:37 pm
very-very easy CMS i'd ever tested. and the button was friendly user. but since Joomla published, my eyes actually still stuck at MAMBO because this the origin CMS from booth of them. Try it booth and compared each other. Nothing change between them.
Posted By: Schan on November 27 2005 11:17 am
Mambo is great. Just check out Joomla before u make your decision. Joomla is developed from Mambo and in my eyes its a few steps ahead!
Posted By: William Willems on November 27 2005 06:53 am
Very quick and easy setup, both Windows and Unix. Very impressed with the feautures Mambo offers.
Posted By: iwanosky on November 21 2005 06:54 am
I bet you... You never regret to use this Mambo cause this is simple, easy and stable CMS in this world.
Posted By: Flasher on November 7 2005 02:12 am
Mambo is a great CMS with many useful options. Easy and powerful. But I switched to Drupal and do NOT regret...
Posted By: Van B. on October 21 2005 11:33 am
I'm looking for an easy CMS with search possibility and I think Mambo or "CMS Made Simple" may become my favorite CMS. @JLee: Why is Joomla supposed to be better then Mambo? If it's a new release, isn't there a risk it's less stable then Mambo?
Posted By: Keso on October 4 2005 03:51 am
This CMS is amazing. And easy. You don't have to be an expert in anything to use it. Not even html knowledge is required unless you want to have a uniqe good-looking site. Otherwise Mambo comes with several different templates you can choose between, a very logical administration and flexibility. Its easy to setup, clean and fast. Ive tested it on Windows XP (Apache, PHP, Mysql) and on FreeBSD with the same result: works great. Ive been using Dixit CMS (another great script) but mambo has more to offer if you want to have a great looking site, personal or corporate. In few minutes this script is up and running and in less than one week you can have the most amazing site/portal/homepage. One thing Im not so happy about: I want to have my site in 3 different languages and the only solution I see is to have this script installed 3 times. Maybe there is another solution, but I didn't find it yet. Otherwise, this is The Script. Ive tried at least 4-5 times to install EzPublish 3 (both on Win and FreeBSD) but I couldnt get running and when I finally did I get so many errors and a illogical administration that I gave up.
Posted By: JLee on October 4 2005 01:05 am
Mambo is awesome. It has a very easy web-based administration that allows you to do anything with your site! You can customize Mambo any way you want, easily! Even if your a beginner! Mambo is Open Source and under the GPL license ... which means it's FREE! You can download tons of things to customize mambo like modules, components, 100s of free (professional looking) templates, multi-language support, and much much more.
Posted By: BSB on October 3 2005 05:23 am
I am very happy with Mambo, I had no experience with Web Development but Mambo made my life very easy.
Posted By: Steve on October 1 2005 02:42 am
Mambo was my CMS of choice. That was until the development team that made Mambo the award winning CMS that it was, left, and rebranded Mambo to Joomla. Now Joomla is my CMS of choice. Mambo is now a fork of what Mambo was. Joomla IS the continuation of the Mambo CMS with the award winning Mambo/Joomla development team at the helm. Easy to use, yet very powerful. Joomla community is fantastic. A very loyal and supportive community.
Posted By: Martin Finn on September 21 2005 06:33 am
Still looking for my ideal CMS to convert my websites, but have my doubts about Mambo. Its very competent, and after a while I found that it could be easy to use (I found Typo3 easier in this respect however). But the killer for me is the lack the front end editing that I need. This is a problem too for Typo3 and some others that I have tried. Editing existing content is one thing, but I want contributors to be easily able to add pages and sections to from the front end. I guess I will keep on looking.
Posted By: bruce on September 19 2005 04:43 am
A couple of hours work - and you have a CMS up and running. What could be easier!
Posted By: dhom on September 17 2005 04:48 am
I tested a lot of CMS systems on this site, and Mambo is the only one that allowed me to enter the meta title and description tags in its default configuration. Mambo is currently being developed as Jooma (see, and Joomla 1.0 is now available to download.
Posted By: Gavin Holt on September 15 2005 02:56 am
Works great for everything it provides, good for SEO too. Zoom image gallery plugin is buggy though, so I recommend either putting up with the bad uploading or integrating with a better gallery like LinPHA or Coppermine.
Posted By: mfreund on September 14 2005 02:31 am
Nice CMS with very active community. Many third party plugins are not of best quality. The system is slow and somewhat uncomfortable in use. Nevertheless it is an impressive work. Is use it for an intelectual property portal.
Posted By: Dennis Hornbech on September 9 2005 01:58 am
I've used Mambo for several client's and it's by far one of the easiest CMS to set up... I can higly recommend Mambo CMS
Posted By: ItsMe on August 31 2005 09:07 am
I really love Mambo! Template System is so easy to customize, with some hours of "learning" you are more or less able to make a site that doesnt look like a typical CMS! Modules and Components are great! You should really give Mambo a chance!
Posted By: chankit on August 31 2005 05:30 am
My client has requested for a plain-vanila, blog-style news site and I have decided to go with Mambo since he needed the site up and running within 24 hours. I managed to deliver it in a few hours. Mambo is difficult to grab the concept, but once you understand it, getting a new site up and running is relatively easy. Buying templates helps, as well. Asia PR News
Posted By: yibo on August 26 2005 05:42 am
I used mambo when I knew nothing about CMS. Mambo is so easy to use that newbies could manage it without much effort. I believe mambo would become more and more popular!
Posted By: Ryan on August 14 2005 12:26 pm
Mambo is really cool. The most user friendly CMS out there. I do wish that it becomes better at handling users and community features.
Posted By: Lukino on August 14 2005 10:45 am
This is my Mambo adventure: I started choosing it driven by positive feedbacks and and the easy-to-use general feel, that was a good thing since I will not be the main administrator of the site I'm building, and don't want continuos superusers help calls... So I throw 2 weeks in learning and testing Mambo, language files, many components and formus (I tought: it's cool I can even choose between integrated forums), then deleted all and made a clean install: Mamboitaliano in the latest version (the translated one), community builder that is a great-looking piece of sw, and simpleboard forum that looks like the most well integrated one, plus some cb and sb related modules. Great-looking, even if i don't like the content handling much (but I tought -can make some hack later..), users started filling content, site graphic almost done... Then the forum crashed. Don't have a damn why, tried everything but couldn't set it back. I'm quite new to CMSs, just used wordpress before, but I'm an experienced designer and programmer... no use. Also, but haven't tested in heavy loads, it seems quite slow.. I'm really disappointed, left Mambo and back to Tarantella (joking), good that I found this site recently, I'm now going to start back with something else. The only good thing is that this is a free-for-a-friend work I'm making and nothing commercial, if not I could have lost an entire month income...
Posted By: Tommy on August 7 2005 11:31 am
Mambo is the best CMS ever! I already worked with Nuke, Postnuke, MD Pro... everything CRAP compared to Mambo! I just love it!
Posted By: Damien on August 7 2005 01:47 am
Mambo is a very good CMS system with lots of features that can be fully customize to fit your needs. I use it since 2002 on two differents versions. One 4.5 version. Module development is not hard and the module can be install easyly. This is a good product for me.
Posted By: Jon Duell on August 2 2005 07:50 am
Mambo is a powerful CMS system that is highly scalable, easy to use, and has a range of components that can be integrated into the system. We use Mambo integrated with the phpShop, along with a few internal customization, to create a powerful eCommerce solution to meet most business' needs.
Posted By: Nick on August 1 2005 11:38 am
Mambo is the biggest peice of crap I have ever used, its so complicated and unorganezed, if you wan't something usefull, use textpattern.
Posted By: Derrick on August 1 2005 03:37 am
Mambo is an award winning CMS. It has many plugin components and modules to extend the system. Great!
Posted By: cubil on August 1 2005 03:05 am
hi i like this CMS but i need a system with - multilanguage support - publish content out of the category -> topic -> section -> etc structure - integrated easy-to-use forum - registered users should be able post news... like in every cms. i cant find this option here. can anyone recommed me a system with these features?
Posted By: Paulo M on July 31 2005 01:28 am
I have used it before but I had lot's of problems to integrate Mambo with vbulletin.
Posted By: Jay Dreyer on July 28 2005 03:20 am
I was very hesitant to use Mambo, I'm not sure why but I was. I tried a lot of different CMS systems and ended up coming back to Mambo. I use textPattern for my personal site, and Mambo for client sites because of all of the plug-ins available. Also, there are a lot of free and commercial templates available for the system if you don't want to roll your own. One thing that I really like about Mambo is that it doesn't appear to be too difficult to make your own templates. Other systems that I looked at had confusing templating systems. So far I'm really happy with Mambo.
Posted By: Rick Crawford on July 27 2005 04:06 am
Mambo is a very easy to setup and use CMS. I have setup a number of sites using it and its easy to train people on.
Posted By: Panoramas Online on July 21 2005 04:57 am
The best cms.. better than phpwebsite or nuke
Posted By: Jesse on July 20 2005 11:42 am
Mambo is the good free CMS solution for beginner.
Posted By: Marcus A. on July 18 2005 07:18 am
Tried many CMS systems and I don't think this is the best, Xoops is probably a better choice in every circumstance!
Posted By: mitch on July 18 2005 04:23 am
I like Mambo. It's the only CMS I have ever used. I found it somewhat frustrating to use at first, because in order to create a new page, first you have to create a Section for it, and then create a Category in that Section, and then you can create an Article within that Category. Not very intuitive, but once you know what you're doing, it's pretty easy to use and convenient with lots of features. The mambo team needs a better online help, though. I'm not comparing it to other CMS's here. Maybe they're all like that ...
Posted By: A Freeman on July 16 2005 08:27 am
Looks and works OK in the default install, and stops there. Table-based layout buried in php code rather than true templates make this one a CMS to avoid. This is a programmer's stew of mismatched and misaligned modules with no emphasis on coherence to a stable spec or platform. Documentation is poor or missing. I'm sorry I ever ran across this.
Posted By: Hardik Shah on July 16 2005 02:28 am
mambo lacks some functionlity but i will not say it is poor.seems an CMS avg. according to me.
Posted By: Borland on July 13 2005 12:05 pm
Mambo is trash. Counter intuitive and just plain dumb in design. You have to add a package or hack the crap out of it to make it work like a real CMS. For example. To have users submit news to any category, you have to hack the darn thing. So why have a feature that doesn't work for all category? They should've just linked the submit menu item to the contact page. Also there's no comment system. And the add-ons that are available sux as well. They're NOT THREADED. Users cannot reply to post made by other users. SALAD BOWL LAYOUT: News cannot be grouped by category. You can have 10 categories but your visitors will have to dig through the pages to find the news they want. It can only display articles by date. BOTTOM LINE: Mambo is nothing but a glorified blog software.You're better off with Wordpress or find a stripped down version of Phpnuke.
Posted By: DocMartin on July 13 2005 04:02 am
Strong CMS; hope the team soon resolves issues preventing Mambo creating really strong URLs, so have one URL per item.
Posted By: Mr Pink on July 11 2005 01:27 am
The only real issue is the lack of major user management, but for my current project, user groups and stuff is only nesseasary on the forums, and mambo plus intergrates phpbb with mambo, makeing mambo almost perfect
Posted By: Mike on July 5 2005 10:50 am
mambo is great! We built entire website with mambo.
Posted By: Paulo Marcos on July 3 2005 09:58 am
I have a page with PHP-Nuke and I am building one with Mambo. Up to now, I am a little frustrated with mambo. It doesn't have a Forum right of the box and the one that seems used here doens't install as expected in my site. Documentation isn't good too. Yes, they have documentation but it's not a users guide or something like that. It's like a explanation of what it have but now to use what it have. Also, I found many dead projects in their mamboforge site. Well, It's more beaultifull than PHP-Nuke but other than that, I can't say it's superior.
Posted By: iso on July 3 2005 06:47 am
its colorfull and a nice thing for ur eyes. but not more.
Posted By: SkillMeter on July 2 2005 05:30 am
Mambo is very good. Multilanguage supported is required.
Posted By: Charles Waters on July 1 2005 07:46 am
I'm happy that I found Mambo. I was changing web pages manually and it got to be a burden when I hit around 100 pages. So far, working with Mambo has been easy. There's a learning curve but it hasn't been terrible. There are a few great Mambo forums where questions get answered quickly and it has some level of integration with phpBB.
Posted By: Ketut on June 30 2005 10:03 am
Mambo is the best cms portal, no others like mambo cms.
Posted By: recntec on June 30 2005 04:07 am
After a lot of trial n horror, research and grief, we decided to go with Mambo. A great and versatile CMS indeed. Although it lacks in user management, emailing (where did that function go???) and multi editing. Not yet great for community sites, but probably the choice CMS for businesses and other general usage.
Posted By: anonymous on June 25 2005 12:48 pm
Mambo is the most prolific CMS now. There is only one major problem. Setting up different user groups and changing large amounts of pages is nonexistant. This limit is a big reason why many webmasters will stop using Mambo. According to the Mambo roadmap, there will be a version with those features coming out next year. For those of you who cannot wait, E107 has those features, but at the cost of customizability of the theme. The beta version e107 0.7 which is publicly available through CVS has ALL the features, but may still have some BUGS in it.
Posted By: JoZ3 on June 25 2005 08:44 am
is the best cms over the earth. Fast, easy, powerfull ad customizer.
Posted By: Shuai on June 24 2005 12:17 pm
Mambo is the best CMS out there.
Posted By: Brat on June 20 2005 11:19 am
I've evaluated a TON of CMS products, from Website Baker through the Nukes. Mambo wins, hands down. Powerful, yet easy enough to learn. There IS a learning curve, to be sure, but without reading a single stitch of documenation I could install and setup. With a little reading, I learned to customize. This product has almost zero code bloat, and the developers are responsive to their community. They are polite and they listen (which I CANNOT say for the Nukes and other products). If you find better, please let me know. But my demands are high, and to date this is the ONLY CMS that consistently delivers.
Posted By: Melvin on June 18 2005 12:51 pm
Mambo is the best cms out there.. Has tons of features and active comunity, loads fast and easy to modify.
Posted By: rick on June 16 2005 12:02 pm
MAMBO is a great CMS! It took me only 4 days to learn how to : > Install it > Modify/Create templates. > Add and Modify Components and Modules. I look forward to follow its development in the coming many more years!
Posted By: Andy on June 15 2005 10:33 am
There is no workflow. I dont understand why anyone would call it a CMS.
Posted By: Peter Sierst Nielsen on June 14 2005 05:06 am
Mambo is very cool looking - alone the fact that one can change template with a click, makes it highly attractive. That said I am missing the possibility for more usergroups, so that any specific group can get to specific pages/resources and other group not... Oh! I forgot - I would like to see database driven/integrated multilanguage support... Too much to ask for.... well apparently these guys is making it for the next version (4.5.3). Keep up the good work!!!
Posted By: Cats on June 12 2005 10:16 am
Great CMS, very good fuctions, light and fast!
Posted By: on June 11 2005 03:58 am
Mambo is nice. I wouldn't say,that it is easy, but after couple of weeks of
Posted By: from italy on June 10 2005 10:26 am
It's very simple to install. The code or is quite good for a CMS. Administration is a bit complex but not too much. Bye
Posted By: Angel on June 10 2005 06:20 am
I like Mambo becuase it is easy to use, but it is not very user friendly like the previous person said. Still it is very good...Maybe I try phpnuke next?
Posted By: mees on June 9 2005 04:13 am
Really - Mambo is goodlooking, but NOT userfrendly - maybe new version (ver 5....) is better (i hope)
Posted By: JJ on June 7 2005 02:58 am
Mambo is GREAT!! It does take a little learning to make the most of it - but that is to be expected. Having said that, it is extremely easy for anyone with basic computer/web skills to set up from start. Beware of people trying to push their own lesser CMS solutions. They tend to criticise better products like Mambo, unreasonably, for their own reasons. If you need a free and easy site building solution, Mambo should definitely be at the top of your list. If you are prepared to make the effort, you can customise and create your own components in time.
Posted By: jack on June 4 2005 10:03 am
Yeah mambo sure makes a pretty site BUT I cant really say much more for it. It lacks flexibility, is over-bloated and heavy, the support forum is largely useless and often quite off-putting and rude, and the recent upgrading debacle has been a nightmare. I stuck with it for over two years because there are some good points and I kept believing it would improve. But it seems to get worse - I am so OVER this CMS.
Posted By: Rene Pe Benito on June 3 2005 07:41 am
I took a chance on Mambo because of favorable reviews, unfavorable ones are not that heavy, just minor irritation for me. I was glad I chose Mambo, I liked its features--meet the needs of our organization. It was easy to customize the look and position of most elements. I was the master and Mambo was the willing servant. I recommend you try it or see our website!
Posted By: Bruno Cristovao on June 2 2005 10:30 am
Take your time to evaluate your needs, the transition is the hardest part for a new website. It seems alot of people need to manage their own websites if that is the case, look at you experience and level of knowledge. Spend the time to update your skills and knowledge. Remember Mambo CMS is not a two minute noodles process or a
Posted By: Jesse on May 31 2005 09:43 am
Mambo is Suck. I dont understand how a content management system can be rated so high.
Posted By: samule brauns on May 24 2005 04:08 am
tested out a lot of cms, and choosen two of them: CMSimple (flatfile for tiny sites) and mambo for all the others. i sat up some sites with mambo and found it quite easy, latest version has all features i needed this time. (if i'm going mad for features, maybe going to test typo3 on some long rainy days :-)
Posted By: D3bug on May 23 2005 04:45 am
Probably the best admin interface for beginners. Very handy.
Posted By: D on May 20 2005 10:46 am
I would like to use it, but there are so many bad comments that I am starting to wonder...
Posted By: paimages on May 20 2005 05:48 am
Mambo is a great, powerfull and easy to use CMS
Posted By: Petr on May 19 2005 02:48 am
Mambo is good cms. Easy to use.
Posted By: Emily on May 18 2005 05:36 am
tried the demo on this site, but couldn't determine whether mambo supports trackback URIs or pinging - without those, doesn't seem like a very good choice for bloggers who are also looking for a full featured cms..
Posted By: alosave on May 18 2005 04:48 am
Mambo suck. Complecated setting with simple feature, I wonder why such a CMS is popular? Go with Geeklog, your best choice.
Posted By: LionHeart on May 15 2005 10:05 am
I'd like to evaluate Mambo, but here in the demo, I can't seem to locate the group permissions manager or whatever it's called. When I try to create a new section or category, it locks up on me. This is not very encouraging.
Posted By: mr_john_koplo on May 15 2005 08:35 am
When i start mambo, it was so difficult to understand for customizing for my website. When I understand ( 1 weeks to learning), mambo is very easy to customized my website. FYI I am not good in a PHP and MySQL but mambo easy to learn.
Posted By: jb mambo on May 15 2005 01:18 am
mambo is great and fairly easy to steup and learn. we have made a tool for free to make it REALLY easy to check out and use mambo on Windows. It is a standalone server package with php, mysql, Apache and Mambo preinstalled and compiles as an .exe. so simple, just download and clcik and mambo will run locally. see our website for further mambo details.
Posted By: machaki on May 8 2005 05:30 am
Excellent software, definately worth the learning curve!
Posted By: Harry on May 6 2005 03:35 am
Amazin' stuff. Its free. It works. No serious company should take this system, even though its programmed pretty well at the backend and functionality.
Posted By: ehb on May 5 2005 09:06 am
Mambo is one of the best cms I have ever seen!
Posted By: Eric Henderson on May 4 2005 04:51 am
all of you who think it is hard to learn - really need to get out of the programmer mentality - its VERY easy.. and when you understand how it works you can easily manipulate articles, users, modules, and such...

Posted By: palem on May 3 2005 02:31 am
Cool Cms
Posted By: Sean Holmes on May 2 2005 03:55 am
Mambo looks pretty, but that's as far as it will go for many people looking for a professional solution to content management problems. Easy to install, but then there are many other systems that are easy to install. It's great for the newbies as almost everything you need is included in one single download, but if you investigate further, you find that perhaps other CMS programs have a better range of extensions available. Finally, there is still so much of the Mambo display left in the PHP code - and PHP code in the templates. This comes back to the customization point, there are better ways to make a product customisable, for example to take a lower rated product such as PostNuke, in the latest version many of the core and many of the 3rd party extensions are templated, making the modification of output easy.
Posted By: JAMES on April 29 2005 10:44 am
Mambo still needs a few fixes and inovations to get to where everyone seems to think it is... oh, and open source is supposed to be just that... I don't have to claim on a website that I created such on the linux platform... so why would I wish to advertize these guys for free? I don't get it... this isn't as much about open source, and sharing, as much as it is about someones ego getting promotion
Posted By: paulappleton on April 28 2005 05:21 am
Fortunately, one of the most useful items - a php INCLUDE function - is available from the forums. Not quite as intuitive as Sharepoint and I suspect not as robust as Plumtree.
Posted By: Yoshi on April 27 2005 01:03 am
This is the best CMS i've ever seen
Posted By: Ren Gabas on April 26 2005 07:04 am
I have been using Mambo for more than a year now. It came out at the top during an evaluation of the (then) available content management systems. Even our old PHPnuke guy switched to Mambo after using it. ^_^ I find it very easy and very hard at the same time. Getting it up and running almost takes no effort, most of the effort spent during the customization. You don't want your website to look lie all other websites, do you? ;)
Posted By: Chankit on April 26 2005 01:33 am
To say Mambo is easy to implement is only a half truth. Getting the site up is simple with default template, but the simplicity ends there. To setup a real world website with custom design can be very challenging, time-consuming, yet rewarding. I would not recommend Mambo for anyone who wants to just get a site with a few pages and news updated once or twice a day. If you are serious about maintaining a professional website with search engine optimizations, however, Mambo is very promising and almost deliver all that you need without single line of coding, almost.
Posted By: KC on April 25 2005 12:45 pm
Tried out Mambo and have just one word - frustrating. First was installing it - the browser installation was simple, but one major problem: file permission errors - the installation instructions do not say what permissions to set (obviously 777 will work for installation) but quite importantly (for security reasons) it doesn't say what to set the file permissions to after installing. Their website help area did not help here either, nor did the forums (conflicting and incomplete suggestions). Then tried installing a 'component' and encountered similar frustrations.
Posted By: endrian on April 25 2005 12:05 pm
damn this cms is very cool... i like the admin buttons and icons template..
Posted By: Terry on April 20 2005 06:35 am
I use mambo on many sites. Its pretty ease of use, colourful admin area and FREE! Good stuff.
Posted By: Jimmy on April 19 2005 04:50 am
Mambo is amazing! Instant website creation and its got great seo like others have said. no complaints here.
Posted By: Cats on April 17 2005 12:13 pm
Mambo is very easy to install, but very hard to utilize. Go with Xoops if you want to be in control! It has lots of useful modules that mambo doesn't.
Posted By: Steven on April 14 2005 09:32 am
I am new in web building and tried xoop, phpnuke, and finally I choose mambo. It is good for starter since providing good support. It is quite easy to install and use. The most important is, you can use find Mambelfish in Mamboforge which is very good for multilanguage site. As I understand in their road map, they will merge the multilanguage into the core in future version. It will be looking forward to.
Posted By: Richard Schwarz on April 11 2005 06:33 am
Just to name a few awards its won: Best of Show - Total Industry Solution (LinuxWorld Boston 2005) Best Open Source Solution (LinuxWorld Boston 2005) Best Free Software Project of the Year (Linux Format Magazine 2004) Best Linux or Open Source Software (LinuxUser & Developer 2004). Mambo has a huge following. For those who say that you need to know php etc - I don't! I know ASP and MS Access. There are plenty of features just waiting to be used ( and templates are massively supported - just do a google for mambo templates. As with all open source projects, documentation is an ongoing thing - the core is well documented and is always being improved. Can't say much about the extensions - not core programmers. There are also plenty of tutorials available - just do a google on that or visit There are heaps of professional, commercial sites using it - installation is a snap, assuming you have adminstrator priveledges (Duh!) and know about permissions. I think it speaks for itself really - Mambo rocks!
Posted By: John Burzi on April 11 2005 01:41 am
Mambo does non feature multilanguage support. The mambelfish patch is not working properly. Up to the present time I wasted 2 days trying to make it work, but I still can't see the light. If you need multilanguage stay away from mambo.
Posted By: Mike Purvis on April 9 2005 06:39 am
Mambo's greatest weakness is the frequency of version rollout. New 'security releases' show up every few weeks, making it impossible to stay on top of. Common components such as forum, gallery, etc., are tied to specific releases, so you may upgrade to get a fix in one module, and end up breaking something else. Mambo is a good product, but if you know what you're doing in PHP-land, use something like phpBB as a CMS-basis, instead.
Posted By: WeaponX on April 6 2005 08:25 am
I think mambo is overall a great system. The best thing about mambo is the blocks. The worst thing is the lacking ability to make sub-categories. Mambo does have multilanguage support.
Posted By: Dan Jeppson on April 4 2005 06:25 am
Fantastic system. I have tried alot of CMS solutions, one of the best i have seen. You have to be realistic when you rate a open source, you can never find a perfect system but Mambo is great!! Thanks alot !
Posted By: John Hunter on April 3 2005 08:51 am
Well after playing around with Mambo demo for the last 1/2 hour I have to say it is very impressive. Everything seems intuitive and fast.
Posted By: John Burzi on April 3 2005 04:54 am
Day 0: wow! what a nice template! I must definitvely try it! Day 1: the installation is easy! let's select a template: nice one! let's try to configure the menus... it works fine. Now try to install a language pack: done. But... is it possible? in the language pack there is no translation slot for the menu items! That is:
Posted By: Ted on March 27 2005 12:56 pm
Mambo is, by far, the most easy to install CMS I've seen yet. It's very customizable, and somewhat easy to use. But, some of it can be confusing. To some people, I recommend it, while I wouldn't to others.
Posted By: Progmaker on March 23 2005 05:42 am
I'm admin of a student organisation Web site. I've installed the Mambo CMS. It's a very good CMS, with a lot of a capabilities. But. It's good CMS, if you like (and have some spare time) to learn something new (how to work with it). Nice CMS. But for beginners I recommend not so difficult one.
Posted By: Sword on March 23 2005 01:11 am
best CMS i ever seen, but not very stabile
Posted By: Cristian Mezei on March 22 2005 07:27 am
THe mambo is an excellent CMS. THis is all i need for my SEO and sontent management.
Posted By: Micah Wylde on March 17 2005 11:40 am
Using Mambo with a CSS based layout is an absolute nightmare. I've had to go through twenty or so files, thousands of lines of code, and rip out all of the tables, otherwise it will not render properly. It is very poorly documented, and it is far too complex. It has a nice admin interface, but I would say it is unduly complex, and feature creep is a significant problem.
Posted By: Daniel on March 17 2005 06:32 am
I've used Mambo for a lot of my different projects, including personal websites and professional ones such as my dating site. I've always found it great quality, easy to use (but there is a learning curve) and suited to my needs.
Posted By: TheSaint on March 15 2005 08:05 am
Mambo is one of th best CMS in the mid-range-segment for me. It can't reach the top-performers like Typo3, but outguns other popular CMS in this segment with ease. It is definitively hard for beginners to start with, and to get the
Posted By: rob on March 15 2005 02:51 am
I installed Mambo and found that the documentation was sorely lacking. It is DEFINITELY easy to install, but I couldn't figure out how to do some of the most basic things like adding images.
Posted By: Jon on March 13 2005 02:20 am
I'm looking for a community cms - a national group with regional local groups, where local editors should be in charge of their part of the site. Mambo makes it easy to change the Main menu, so each local group can have their
Posted By: arnoldo on March 11 2005 09:47 am
i installed mambo a couple days ago, and i already installed a couple of extras to it.... but, i have not really fully understood the CMS, it seems pretty nice tho, but i dont seem to find nice tutorials on how to modify a template, because im am looking for a 100% layout with no side panels. So, if you are looking for a great CMS Mambo is the one i recommend, if you can get a hold ofa template you really like of if you are able to build one your self.
Posted By: Danlihu on March 10 2005 11:07 am
ive used a lot and i mean a lot of CMS and Portal Systems, some of them were free, some of them were not. i was a little dissapointed, but i find Mambo, it was very difficult at the very beginning, but a couple of days later i realized that Mambo is the BEST CMS AROUND, that was 2 years ago, and now i use it for all my projects. mambo beats all the opensource CMS and even the ones wich r not free. MAMBO RULES
Posted By: randy on March 10 2005 01:44 am
Mabo is OK, but it's frustrating on the admin side, very idiosycratic, there has got to be a better way. Also, we chose a defualt template and modified it, but are ultimately unhappy with it, we were able to modify the style sheets, but other aspects of the layout are unsatifying, such as the news, and other sections layout, but now we've spent so much time, it's too late to go back. i only compared a few systems, e107 looked pretty good, too, but it takes a long time working with a system before you really know the ups and downs, and then it's too late, you're already committed. They all seem to have their oddities and weaknesses. I'm still hoping something better comes along.
Posted By: Jebtrix on March 8 2005 09:31 am
I happened upon Mambo by accident looking for phpBB templates and it simply blows me away. There is a small learning curve to get all the administration procedures but what doesnt. The power and beauty of Mambo makes mastering and modding it addictive IMHO. Wandering what CMS to use, well scroll down and see what uses :D
Posted By: Paul Golding on March 4 2005 06:17 am
I use Mambo for my personal site. It has a steep learning curve, but otherwise powerful. My main gripes are that the default layouts for articles index is very poor. Also, it doesn't have a proper blog module, which is a major oversight.
Posted By: Doug on March 4 2005 01:29 am
Excellent Content Management - Has improved VW Circle - excellent community builder
Posted By: Oreb on March 1 2005 05:25 am
I had a nice site started with a modified template and it was beginning to take shape. But the admin section is just too bloomin' slow. I quit and please remind me never to try Mambo again.
Posted By: Albert Freeman on February 25 2005 04:44 am
Mambo is only so-so, and very frustrating if you need to get it customized and running quickly. The documentation effort is the poorest I have seen in a long time and I have spent many days banging my head trying to accomplish what should be simple functions. Hopefully, this is the last time I ever have to work with this software again.
Posted By: Tony on February 24 2005 12:45 pm
It does have multi lanuage support. Well at least the newest version does.
Posted By: Alex F Medellin on February 24 2005 06:52 am
We used Mambo for Our Biwis Fans page so its great!! its one of the best CMS around!!! Thanks guys!! Good Work..!!

Your Friend-

Alex F Medellin.
Posted By: kai gouthro on February 23 2005 03:37 am
i personally have tried: phpnuke xoops postnuke greymatter phpwebsite phpbb phpbb2 invision PB UBB and mambo. go look at my humble site.. or porsche brazil's site both are run by mambo. mambo is the most versatile, easy to use cms there is. period. anyone who can't make mambo work, well, that's user error. my site was built by a wild, untrained chimpanzee. myself.
Posted By: Mojtaba Majidi on February 22 2005 11:43 am
this portal is very good my site design by this portal my shop is complete by mambo-phpshop.
Posted By: damnit on February 22 2005 07:30 am
I really wanted to use Mambo, but I couldn't figure out how to do anything. I found the event module, installed it OK, activated it, and couldn't igure out how to get it to display on the menu bar. I couldn't remove other functions from the menu bar, and I couldn't add a static page. Looked around for documentation, the MamboWiki is completely empty, found something resembling a manual, but it couldn't answer my questions either. Really wanted to like Mambo, but just couldn't figure it out. Bummer. Trying e107 next, as I had good luck with it in the past.
Posted By: Elcugo on February 20 2005 06:26 am
Mambo is an excellent CMS, i was really impressed when i installed it in my development machine, however, I couldn't get it to work in my server machine so i had to wipe it out in favor or something else. The support forums weren't very helpful. Also note that Mambo requires too many dirs to be chmod'ed 777 wich is very dangerous in a shared hosting enviroment.
Posted By: anthony on February 15 2005 08:12 am
Mambo is the best CMS in the specific meaning of the term. It is very weak in group permissions, and perhaps just ok in community features via plugins - but the content/article management tools are second to none. My client is happy. I'm happy.
Posted By: Wally on February 11 2005 09:34 am
it is not very easy, but i like Mambo! Wally
Posted By: amadeuz on February 10 2005 11:24 am
i am administrator of many different saits. soma are working on phpWebsite, some one phpnuke, postnuke & xoops. now i found mambo and starting to play around this. My comment: best looking & very beautyful design BUT for nonprogrammers hard to use & understand (im very disappointed with frontpage management). BUT i believe that mambo have a great future
Posted By: thomas.h on February 9 2005 03:58 am
the best cms ever seen. many features, and a very huge and strong community behind. much plugins avalible for free. have a look...
Posted By: Nick Oliver on February 7 2005 02:35 am
Fast, flexible and highly customizable. The learning curve is minimal. I highly recommend it. There are other notable CMS products, but for ease of deployment, use and maintenance, this is the way to go. My only gripe regards the lack of any real flexibility in group permissions. You can only use the groups they have defined.
Posted By: syam165 on February 7 2005 02:33 am
Mambo is the best free CMS at the moment. I use it for many clients. Thanks for mambo team.
Posted By: Bartos on February 6 2005 03:13 am
MAMBO is TheBest CMS system Very good thems and very easy install.
Posted By: Rosny on February 5 2005 11:36 am
Mambo is good, very easy to customize and the interface is excellent. Perfect for homepage creation.
Posted By: I liked Mambo and I want instal and modify to me. on February 5 2005 02:28 am
Best CMS is Mambo now then I don't know.
Posted By: colson on February 4 2005 04:02 am
This is a slick and posished script. Admittedly, yes, there is a learning curve to get used to the interface and yes, multi-lingual capabilities are available as an add on component but the glory of Mambo is not only a slick interface but the way it works with components, modules and mambots. This makes it extremely easy to add in or strip out functionality within minutes. The site template remains seperated from the underlying backend and makes for an easy system to design and template for. There are also dreamweaver extensions available (seperately) to help speed up your design process. Now - for the inconsistencies, yes there are some. In some areas of the admin pages, the buttons do not appear in the same order from page to page. It's a minor annoyance. Yes, it does take a little bit of working to understand how sections and categories work, but once you begin to understand that you create a section and assign categories to the sections, it's all easy-peasy from there. While someone pointed out that you cant input straight PHP into a static page, many people, including myself, don't have a need for it. With the component/module/addon system, you would build out your site as a component or module or add on - seperating it from the core. When a single piece fails, it will not generally affect the rest of the site or can be quickly disabled from the admin side. The developers have been nothing short of wonderful to work with and their forums are an excellent support tool. It is, by far, the best CMS I have used.
Posted By: Michael Morrison on February 3 2005 10:53 am
I started investigating CMS software a couple of years ago and built sites using PostNuke and e107. PostNuke was incredibly flexible but too much of a hodge podge to suit me. e107 was short and sweet and actually enjoyable to use. It wasn't until I tried Mambo that I truly started appreciating CMS. My latest personal site is built with Mambo and I love using it. I've run into a few speedbumps in upgrading from version to version and having modules and components break and need custom repair, but otherwise all has gone well. I still maintain the PostNuke and e107 sites, and I still prefer Mambo in a huge way over those two CMS options.
Posted By: Russell Walker on February 2 2005 01:41 am
An exceptional product with only a few minor flaws. The biggest problem is the quality of documentation, but if you dig a bit you can find some very good tutorials
Posted By: Maarten on January 27 2005 01:53 am
I just started using mambo after researching a lot. For those of you who are in doubt about which CMS they should choose, it is almost certainly mambo. The advantages are that it is very easy to set up (considering the power you unleash after this simple installation) and use. More important for any CMS I think is the way it is set up: You get an out of the box package that you can begin with but it is very easy to extend to youw own needs. There are thousands of add-ons (modules and mambots) available so there is something available for every need! Another huge advantage over some other CMS's is its huge community. You will find help if you need it! Good luck with your choice! I recommend Mambo!
Posted By: Saad Alhammad on January 27 2005 01:12 am
Mambo is the first CMS I evaluate. Mambo has a very attractive interface, has lots of features, lot's of add-ons, very popular. And it seems to me very well programmed. But I faced a difficulty to operate the system it's difficult. Almost three days with the help of the manual and not yet able to figure it out. The documentation I found is bad. I really wanted to use it but I couldn't.
Posted By: Benji on January 23 2005 03:32 am
I tried PhpNuke and Mambo for my personnal web site, and I found Mambo really better. - Easy to administrate - Easy to customize - works in french - use the photo gallery of Menalto Mambo is perfect for my needs
Posted By: Al on January 22 2005 02:31 am
I think Mambo will only get better with its' strong community base. Looking good!
Posted By: Monish on January 22 2005 01:52 am
For the benefit of those who might be reading this to get an idea of how it might be to run Mambo CMS, here's the lowdown : You see in previous postings here some people swear by Mambo, they love it, find it easy to work with and recommend it, and there are the few who loathe it, despise it and say it's hard to work with. Truth is, it's a bit of both really. To be able to utilise the benefits of Mambo to the fullest extent, it's important to know your HTML, and knowledge of Php and CSS wouldn't harm either. Those who've had their grounding in these languages will make the switch to Mambo with much ease. I suspect it's those who're looking for Mambo to be like a easy to use, WYSIWYG webpage editor, without much knowledge of HTML etc. who will be the most dissapointed. So when Mambo claims it to be the easiest CMS tool out there, it's not lying, it is easy and wonderful, but mainly to those people who've worked on websites before and know their stuff. Here's my suggestion, if you are a web design novice, spend some time learning HTML, CSS, PHP and handcode some websites, there are a gazillion wonderful tutorials online, the more you learn the easier and beter your Mambo site will turn out, you will not regret the learning. For those who've designed websites in the past, perhaps with the help of Dreamweaver etc. and have a working knowledge of HTML etc and would like to make a switch to Mambo, I suggest you dive right in and get the feel of Mambo, it's not very intuitive but you'll get the hang of it, alongside please learn some css, php, it will help you greatly. For webdesign pros who've seen and done it all, here's a magnificent product, jump straight in, play with all the functions and before you know it, you'll be designing Templates and Components for Thousands of Mambo users worldwide. In the end, you have to see Mambo as an online revolution, a revolution you are welcome to be part of. Knowing that this product is free, and the result of the hard work of some very dedicated individuals who have worked and continue to work on this makes me feel proud to use Mambo, by using Mambo we're empowering open source coding and freedom online, that is what makes so many people apprecaite Mambo, warts and all!
Posted By: Kingston on January 20 2005 12:08 pm
it is easy to get it running but has limited features. very handy for webmasters with no programming skills.
Posted By: DAde on January 16 2005 12:07 pm
Great CMS, very good fuctions, light and fast! It's easy to setup and customize, the only thing lacking is multilanguage support, nothing yet functioning in a decent way for 4.5.1a ... hope something serious will come early, mamblefish suck a bit ...
Posted By: wakjawa on January 13 2005 10:01 am
hey dude... this website also use mambo, :mambo is the end of nuke era:
Posted By: Ms. Vera Odessa Newman on January 12 2005 01:15 am
After struggling with many many CMS's, I stumbled upon Mambo. I needed something fast, stable and reliable for my business site. After using Xoops, I knew that Xoops CMS was not going to be the one for my business was far to slow, clunky for a business site. I was extremely pleased with the Admin panel.. it was the best I have used. At first I couldn't figure out how to do anything, with it many features...until I read some of the Mambo community help sites (very expansive sites my I add (I. e ) I also found out of ALL the CMS's,Mambo was the easiest to template on my own. . And you can too, here ( ) it took me less than a day to get the clean look of my site.. I didn't need anything to fancy but my own business style. And if you don't feel like working on your own template, it by far has the most stable templates than any other CMS's I have used, as well as some nice modules. Installing the modules was the easiest thing I had done; just upload straight to the page through a browser... as a zip file..!!!!!! **** that blew me away**** Gone are the days of up loading to my FTP and reading various instructions with these CMS's just to install a module.. very confusing.. (i.e If you really want something stable, smooth, reliable, and great looking CMS.. this is it..Don't bother to messing around with any other CMS.
Posted By: mindlessoath on January 10 2005 11:23 am
i cant belive some of the comments some of these people post. personaly i love mambo, it took a bit getting used to with an earlier version, but with 4.5.1 its even better. it has support for anything you want, so many plugins (modules, compentents, etc), plus a huge array of free themes and not to mention its also easy to make your own. it has multi language support in the new version, if im not mistaken, and if i am mistaken, it does have mutltiple language files to use, not only that but i do belive it has some sort of plugin for doing so. if your going to get into a CMS, get involved into the community and forums, cause thats the only way your going to give a bad review, and anyone who likes php-nuke over mambo has something wrong with them, either they dont care to take a moment to learn something for a moment or they are just simple minded, who can like the default look of a nasty looking nuke site, where no matter what the theme looks like its still all just the SAME generic look.
Posted By: Caner on January 10 2005 10:43 am
Mambo seems to be the best cms around. The only con is that it is not really search engine friendly. But there are hacks for this problem. I was not able to find any other cms that is free and sef.
Posted By: Gerry on January 8 2005 09:04 am
I can't say enough about Mambo. Absolutely the best CMS around. Most negative comments below seem to be more due to people not taking the time to learn how to use the CMS. Some may be easier to learn, but if you're serious about building great sites, Mambo is the one to do it with...
Posted By: michael singer on January 4 2005 01:08 am
great script. the one and only at the moment. i'm just waiting for a component for implementing coppermine.
Posted By: Stef. on January 3 2005 06:02 am
Today i stumbled again into Mambo, still with the ver. 4.5.1.a the latest stable download. So i fetched it, and tried to install it the way i did it with a parallel and previously installed 4.5. 109sec.patched. I got it only working with files/directoy rights of 777. Working means useful here, simply for what i would think about to use such a CMS. I disabled safe_mode and did some other changes towards the test-webserver environment for playing around. My different
Posted By: Dan Mattsson on January 3 2005 04:58 am
After trying (i e installing) several CMSs including: * XOOPS * e107 * eZ Publish * Typo3 and demoing loads more I finally found Mambo which offers what I'm looking for, namely possibility for users to edit content inline, good extendability and extensions, reasonably straight-forward administration and a good user community (haven't been in touch with official support, thougfh). Backsides are that I find it hard to customize pages (unless I want to go PHPing) and that the method for organizing content is somewhat unintuitive, but bottom line is that Mambo is 95% right for me, which is a lot more than any competitor.
Posted By: E.Altherr on December 29 2004 05:14 am
Mambo is great but the german translation dosen't work fine yet, so i will wait for that --> but all in all the System gives me the flexibility to create new websites with a professional touch and the best, no knowlegde of HTML and Scripting is necessary!! in earlier times i loose much hours to create (by hand!) websites which are looking awful, but with mambo this is gone! Great product
Posted By: Ben Sapara on December 28 2004 01:43 am
Mambo is great, the should just get some of the bugs worked out of it and its going to be big!
Posted By: Adriane on December 27 2004 04:35 am
Mambo has a lot of potential, which it doesn't begin to exploit. The basic approach (of having a core and add-ons for it) is excellent, because it allows people to keep it as lean as they wish. However relying only on third parties to provide often very essential add-ons is a huge problem. Unless you are satisfied using core Mambo as is, setup becomes a convoluted and time-consuming effort. Don't count on integrating the add-ons in a seamless fashion. Another sore point for me is the often rude and aggressive tone on the official support forum. I can only hope that the developers will address these problems in the future, because Mambo itself certainly earns it.
Posted By: A on December 26 2004 09:00 am
Mambo is an ok CMS site. It had enough flexibility to it so that I could even integrate my phpBB manually with the users. Its a bit clunky and I dont like how it relys on
Posted By: Brandon on December 18 2004 03:17 am
This is the best CMS for SEO that I have found. There are a few different ways to configure it so that it is Search Engine friendly. Google loves my site, and is there instantly when I update. I have SE friendly URL's and SE friendly pages.
Posted By: Sunny on December 15 2004 11:40 am
Yes, I think Mambo is not so great. The mambo has far less features. It takes a lot of work just to publish a page. But if you you have limited requirements then you can give it a try.
Posted By: Jeff Clayton on December 14 2004 11:29 am
Mambo is great and it is easy to use. All you have to do is become familiar with Mambo's method of page assembly.
Posted By: Michel on December 13 2004 04:56 am
Mambo is the real deal. Easy to use and the use of templates makes it easy to change skin. Good for search engine poistionning as well. Bravo Mambo!
Posted By: Pierre Merlin on December 13 2004 01:53 am
We are quite very pleased with Mambo. The only problem was with templates designs which are sometime weird... we purchase one from Ako and it's perfect. Hacks and mods are based on modules and components not on core files. Support is quite extensive from mamboforge, mambers and other communities. Great stable CMS.
Posted By: Luke on December 12 2004 11:26 am
Mambo is very easy to install, but very hard to utilize. Go with Xoops if you want to be in control! It has lots of useful modules that mambo doesn't.
Posted By: Lala on December 11 2004 09:05 am
I worked with more than 40 CMS Systems and after Mambo I forgot the others... Work only one time with Mambo and you will love Mambo
Posted By: groovy on December 11 2004 05:05 am
A great CMS - good install. Let down by some unclear structure and naming. Infinitely customisable but working out the basic structure can be a steep curve. Support forums are OK. I have tried to get my head around this for several months but, alas, I can not. Could be just me. Docs need some work and OS/browser support is pretty good. There are only 2 truly mature CMS's out there. Mambo is one of them. Gosh I wanted to LOVE Mambo. Really!
Posted By: dunxd on December 9 2004 05:12 am
The documentation bears little resemblance to the actual product. I can't believe people say this is easy to use. The jargon used to describe different parts of pages is not very obvious - there are components, modules, sections, categories and positions. So far I have been unable to add anything other than blog entries - if that was all I wanted to do I would use Moveable Type! Counter intuitive - I don't know why this is getting so much good press.
Posted By: Rainer Eschen on December 8 2004 03:39 am
@Henry This can be done. Use MambelFish component, Fishermamb's adaptations and it looks like in our Web site. Search on for both projects to get what you need.
Posted By: Henry on November 30 2004 02:06 am
Mambo would be the best if it allows users to switch from one language to another: Multilingual Website with language switcher.
Posted By: Clairet on November 24 2004 04:28 am
Mamboo is the best for build professional web site, and for entertainment. Enjoy for your pleasure with Izioo!!!
Posted By: TVE on November 23 2004 09:55 am
Very good in simplicity and size (much much MUCH simplier and lighter than Typo3). But simplicity has a cost to some lack of functionalities (e.g. no multisite language support, no nl2br, no multifiles uploading, no php scripting within a static content page, no own html form, no link subcategories, no calendar-events). As a conclusion, to be recommended according to your specific needs. Not tailored for
Posted By: Randy Miller on November 23 2004 08:35 am
After spending many hours on the admin side adding content, it is obvious that the admin area leaves much to be desired and the learning curve is steeper than it need to be due to idosynracies. I also wish it had more built-in features rather than relying on add-on components.
Posted By: Qasim on November 23 2004 02:28 am
A fantastic CMS that surpasses many others because of the add-on functionality - beginner to advanced users can build almost any website using it!! I've used it a few times and for commerial purposes clients will also love the fact that you can skin the back end as well as front ends!
Posted By: AURUM3 Movies on November 21 2004 04:04 am
Mambo is one of the best CMS out there! Easy to use and easy to customise.
Posted By: Jake on November 21 2004 01:04 am
After trying pMachine (basic and pro), and other various CMs's, Mambo is definitely the one--for me anyways. The learning curve is a bit steep, so I wouldn't just make a client's site with it and leave it up to them to manage it, but it has great extensibility through addons and modules, and very customizable. It's worth each of the five stars!
Posted By: c2tony on November 15 2004 02:34 am
used by porshe site of brazil? uh-huh... maybe i should try it, well, no?
Posted By: Shinji Ikari on November 12 2004 08:16 am
Mambo is okay. I was unable to install any modules or components though. The zlib functionality is not yet available on my host so uploading was out of the question and even when I placed the files extracted on the server (I have shell access) they failed to install complaining that mkdir failed. This was with the latest version.
Posted By: Michael Parisi on November 3 2004 10:11 am
Good looks, lacks in flex-ability... Back to postNuke...
Posted By: Hanseman on October 26 2004 08:43 am
Indeed - requires Safemode ON if not patched by 3rd party patch (that might get available in latest version), which makes Mambo a less attractive choice on such hosts.
Posted By: Stephen on October 25 2004 06:53 am
Agree with Kate. I use webhosting that has PHP safe on. As a result I have been asked to install Apache Appserv to pre install before uploading to site. All in all it, a lot of overhead for a CMS system.
Posted By: kate on October 24 2004 10:35 am
mambo uses its own ill logic for administration, mambo is hardly usable if your website is hosted and the php safemode is on but in the basic installation, mambo forums are virtually dead places with many questions and poor answers if any. Conclusion: MAMBO is poor in may respects. A five star rating is insane.
Posted By: Brandon on October 22 2004 03:30 am
I just got the SEO for mambo to was free, and easy to install, all my urls are Google and SE friendly!
Posted By: GavinZac on October 18 2004 08:03 am
There is LOTS of multi-lingual support. It easy to pick up, looks great, templates are so easy to make, and the choice of free components is brilliant.
Posted By: nerdo on October 15 2004 05:47 am
After years of Postnuke I decided to go back to my first CMS love: (?!?)) Mambo open source. The goal of the site was to build a nice place for people to input theyr opinions, links, pics etc. But mambo has some major problems: Unlike postnuke it does not like plain text. You need to use HTML code if you want to have any formatting and the WYSIWYG editor doesn't work in Firefox. User permission is another major problem: by default users cannot submit articles. This is something you have to set MANUALLY for each user. With the pretty but clumsy admin section this is a nightmare. To be honest I love the look but I hate the way it works. All the Java and cute dropdown stuff makes it slower then needed. Time to give Xaraya a good run for its money (money?!?!)
Posted By: Mads on October 14 2004 12:09 pm
It's very beatiful, and the admin area, is very cool too. Not very intuitive when it comes to adding content, but it works. It splits everything into sections, and each section is devided into catagories. This seems quite logical, but there is no logic in how you manage your content in the admin area, and how you present this to the user. This makes it very difficult to work your way around it.
Posted By: Steve on October 9 2004 09:53 am
I'm building a website in Mambo. It's ease of use makes it so easy to build. It started out as a normal HTML site, but after I found mambo... there is no turning back :)
Posted By: Rainer Eschen on October 6 2004 08:33 am
I've created our site with Mambo 4.5 (because OpenSourceCMS used it :-) three months before). There are a lot of features that work easy but there are also some feature that keep from using it. Especially, with commercial sites you miss a user management in the front end (today you can only have one customer group!) and multilingual support is not what you expect (even MambelFish is not enough; I created the Fishermambs project at to add more to it). Use the following link to read my Mambo 4.5 case study about the experiences with our site implementation.
Posted By: Yujin Boby on September 30 2004 06:46 am
I installed Mambo on one of my web site. I can't find much help on the components to make my site. It seems the upgrading is not very easy. SEO Module for Mambo is Paid, not free. I don't know why everyone tell mambo is great.
Posted By: Sunny on September 30 2004 02:19 am
I am using it for a while after my nuked site got some SQL injection :-( So far Mambo looks like a decent CMS.
Posted By: Ryan on September 24 2004 09:43 am
This is by far the most athestically pleasing CMS. It confidently breaks the CMS mold.
Posted By: Hilit on September 23 2004 03:44 am
I am a designer and not a programmer. But, I started to research about cms, and open source, when I found typo3, drupal, cmsimple, spinpike and others. I tried one by one...When I found MAMBO, I read the tutorials and I was soon coding my own websites. Mambo has improved a lot, and the last version looks gorgeous. I recomend.
Posted By: piyapong on September 22 2004 08:21 am
I like It
Posted By: Harry Longworth on September 18 2004 12:53 pm
Hi All, I've been trying out Mambo to compare it with our current use of PHPWebsite and I'd make the following comments: * Mambo looks great * It's a bit harder to pickup and run with than phpws * it has great theme support * it doesn't come with all the bits built in to the same degree as phpws * it uses java! this can be a big issue given the amount of effort MS goes to to break Java on a regular basis * it uses java - so it's got some really cool interactive features :)
Posted By: ST on September 18 2004 03:16 am
Mambo is built on PHP, not Java. All of the classes, components, adminstrative back end bits, templates, interfaces, etc. are PHP.
Posted By: ST on September 18 2004 03:03 am
I am developing a portal, , for my own use and have found Mambo to be a powerful choice. It is NOT the easiest to use and it has a bit of a learning curve but the payoff is more power and a unique look (as opposed to the nuke style portal look). If you want a good, solid portal that doesn't require so much work to setup and understand, I would recommend e107. If you have the time and inclination, Mambo is your tool of choice.
Posted By: kimi on September 13 2004 12:32 pm
I am chinese! I love it
Posted By: Brandon on September 9 2004 12:09 pm
Posted By: Chris Judson on September 6 2004 02:17 am
Mambo is my first time using a CMS and I choose it because it did what I needed. I was setting up a site for a monthly newspaper and I found that for managing the articles, Mambo did a nice job. I compared it to other OS CMS and Mambo seems to be the stronger and it appears to have a fairly dynamic user community.
Posted By: Kevin on September 2 2004 03:38 am
Mambo is great for what I need. Most of the other CMS systems simply do not provide the overall quality. Putting items on the Front Page is very easy. It has multi-language support (more than I need for sure). Some parts need work like managing media resources. But nothing gave me
Posted By: tonyskyday on August 30 2004 09:50 am
Mambo has extensive multilanguage capability. Have a look at the Mambelfish component, which allows you to provide different language versions of your site (NOTE: it does not provide a translation for you, but merely provides the mechanism to store different versions of your content for different languages).
Posted By: Nanax on August 29 2004 12:37 pm
no multilanguage support? Mambo's frontpage is translated to almost any language and they are working on a multilanguage backend.... i think its the best cms around... been playing with it for al long time and its just getting better and better
Posted By: Steve on August 28 2004 04:06 am
I've been using mambo for my site and find it very easy to use.
Posted By: Azmi Sulaiman on August 21 2004 01:44 am
Cuba la gunakan Mambo Open Source. Anda boleh dapatkan language Malay dari laman saya. Sila daftar dahulu. Dan kita boleh kongsi dan berbincang tentang masalah yang dihadapi bersama-sama. Percayalah memang seronok dan mudah menggunakan Mambo.
Posted By: MamboPT on August 19 2004 05:38 am
Hi, I have colocated the Mambo 4.5.1 demo at with the same admin username with admin password.
Posted By: Stuart on August 15 2004 10:25 am
I run my own webserver. I recently decided to install Mambo 4.5.1 beta 4 to see if it's functioning was a slick as it's icons and design.After messing with it for a couple of evenings I have found it does not work very well at all. Many tasks (such as adding a new frontpage article) are not easy to figure out, some buttons, when pressed (like trying to save a new news article or add a photo), do nothing at all and it's cross browser capability (works one way in IE, another in Mozilla and still another in the Mac version of IE) is lacking. I checked out the user forums for some advice and found many more sarcastic and rude comments by moderators (
Posted By: Seyyed Mahdi Sa\'ati on August 14 2004 04:43 am
Mambo is a GooD Forum.
Posted By: Alexander Biedermann on August 6 2004 05:47 am
Mambo is poor. I dont understand how a content management system can be rated so high, without any multilanguage support at all! Seemingly mambo is only for Nubs or Im wrong. No serious company should take this system, even though its programmed pretty well at the backend and functionality. Im pretty disappointed.
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