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Posted By: Richard on February 14 2013 01:07 am
Takes too much memory for the average small shop owner. After reading the Magento forum post I went elsewhere.
"1GB of Ram is extremely small for Magento. Between all the files and the databases, I usually have at least 18GB of ram." http://www.magentocommerce.com/boards/viewthread/230593
Posted By: professional website on October 18 2012 02:53 pm
Good international support: Magento handles language translation internally, and there are a lot of language packs available. It can also deal with multiple currencies, purchasing and shipping for many countries.
Posted By: Jef on September 14 2012 11:13 am
We've been trying to have Magento Enterprise running for almost a year, with expensive paid support from both Magento itself and a consulting company.
The outcome is : this thing is built with flexibility in mind, but that's it. Nothing more.
Sure, Magento can adapt to any kind of business, but this come at a cost : performances. With very very high end servers, don't expect any catalog change to take please in less then 4 seconds. For category change (move one product from one category to another), count ... 20 seconds ! Stock updates are around 5 seconds ...
Posted By: jednymokiem on August 27 2012 11:23 pm
If you're looking just for another easy going shop, like thousands around, Magento definitely won't be for you. But I believe the turnkey for success is to be unique on the very competitive e-market.

Magento gives you flexibility you could just dream about. It can be shaped in so many ways, that the only your own imagination (or skills) can stops you. All you need is take a while and understand the structure. If you really understand it and will follow the idea, even after thorough modifications you will still be able to upgrade to the next version in matter just hours. The core is nicely separated from the add-ons.

I agree, the hardware requirements make the system reasonably choice only if you can afford a dedicated hosting but don't expect you will get everything for nothing. You have to have a budget to run really good e-commerce.

I strongly recommend Magento for developers with somewhat higher ambitions then PrestaShop or osCommerce. If you in hurry to develop another insipid shop, leave it.
Posted By: Jessie on May 25 2012 08:34 pm
For a recent web development class, I downloaded Magento and tried to install it, repeatedly. Many in my class did as well. When we got to the installation in localhost, Apache shut down the whole she-bang. I tried and retried to get magento to work. In the end, my instructor led me in the direction of oscommerce instead. I'm wondering if Magento works better on some configurations than others. I was really looking forward to trying it out. :/
Posted By: Tom on May 8 2012 03:33 pm
Slow, slow, slow, slower, slowest, magento.... -.-

Ok, first to the good parts:
It is really flexible, and you have a lot of configuration options out-of-the-box wich other systems don't have, for instance, it is really easy to create multiple attribute sets for different products.
Templating is not really straight-forward, because there are several directories that you have to consider (layout-dir contains xml files that put together different template-source-files, design-dir contains the template-files wich are written in plain php, in my opinion that is cool, because you don't have all the issues you have with crap like smartie in prestashop where you always have to delete the cache files, even if you have disabled smarty-caching etc., and finally the skin-directory that contains the css files), so it is fairly complex if you don't know the logical organisation of those structure, Joomla (i know, it is not an ecommerce system, but template is template) does a better job by far, capsulating all the template files into one, clean directory, where you can overwrite also core-module templates without having to touch the core-files. Another example of better templating WOULD BE Prestashop (only to mention an ecommerce platform), except that it uses smarty, wich is not smart at all (some may disagree, but it is really ugly stuff), in Prestashop you also have a single directory containing all the files without having to mess with 100000 xml files and for each and every modification change to one of the oder dirs....
But, once you get it, it is fairly logical.

Now to the real bad-part:
- performance -
It is slow, really slow, slower than growing grass, all other systems i saw until that moment were faster, every single one of them is at least twice as fast.
Even after performance optimizations we did (minifying js, installed apc as opcode cache and memcached as db-cache (configured it via local.xml), obviously turned on all caching options in magento, it is still way too slow in my opinion.
So, for future projects i would rather stick to Prestashop...
Posted By: Maddy on January 9 2012 10:55 pm
I like working on Magento community versions, after reading the comments i think people don't like it much, but magento has its own beauty.
I upgraded 1.4.1 version (60,000 sku's and 3000 customers with multistore website).
I love to work on magento.
Posted By: Tim on October 5 2011 06:28 am
It can be slow, but with the right tweaks you can get it to be faster.

The problem is when devolping your template you need to pay attention to what your adding.. (external js, images, video's etc..) your load times will suffer.
Posted By: Magento Development on August 24 2011 12:58 pm
I agree that there is a lot that can be fixed with Magento. However, it has been steadily getting better over the years and the same could be assumed to continue in the future. It's still less than 5 years old and has made great progress since it's initial launch. I myself will continue using it. Those that complain that its too complicated or difficult need to have a little patience and study up. No pain, no gain!
Posted By: lunja on May 15 2011 03:02 pm
i instaled magento, and here is my opinions and experiences with it:
I instaled it on realy REALY good hosting, and it was realy slow (cache was enabled so...it wasnt my server)
Just after i added categories of products, i get message from my hosting that something is wrong with my database BECAUSE IT HAS 950 tables in it.. so... late that night i loged to see my database without ANY product in it, and database was 45mb. its bigger than database of my portal that has 1350 articles, 150 blogs and so on... OKAY, next, every template that is normal, you have to pay..and thats ok, but, when you try to add just flash logo, you have to change about 7 files and their codes to do that. So i added my logo, WITHOUT ANY SUPPORT, there is no support for anything you want on their forums, just bunch of guys that are selling their scripts, extensions or templates to you. AND.. if you want to change blocks, or add blocks, or something special, like banner in the bottom of the site, you have to work ALL DAY to do it, and I AM A REALY GOOD CODER.. REALY GOOD!. so.. there is lots of simpler scripts for ecommerce than magento.. and TAKE A LOOK AT MAGENTO SAMPLE DATABASE FROM THEIR SITE http://www.magentocommerce.com/wiki/_media/doc/magento---sample_database_diagram.png?cache=cache .... sooo.. best wishes for you all, and when i say best wishes i dont wish you magento :) realy :)
Posted By: Peter on May 13 2011 12:50 am
The main problem with Magento is I don't really think there is a need for such a thing. It tries to be a solution to all problems but what you get is a highly abstract over engineered system which is a pain to work with. In theory it sounds great, it can do X/Y/Z, fully extensible, customisable, OO code, etc etc. The reality is its a huge pain to do even simple things. For example the templating system is the worst templating system I have ever seen. It's complex, convoluted and poorly documented.

If you want a simple online shop use OpenCart, its great for simple shops with small customisations. Which really takes care of 70% of the online shops out there. If you want something complex you are better off building your own system, it will probably be quicker!

Posted By: DJW on May 10 2011 02:17 pm
On a recommendation we implemented a new store using Magento (we had been using Zen Cart previously). The experience has been mixed results. Installation is highly recommended on a dedicated server vs. shared hosting. It works on shared hosting (as we have set up), but not without hiccups (i.e. having to refresh the page several times every time you log into the control panel). Presentation and layout is reasonable to work with. Shopping cart and processing orders has taken much time to set up. Ideally as an end user and moderate programmer I am not totally hooked to stay with Magento with a shared hosting limitation. I believe having a dedicated server with Magento makes for a very good CMS experience.
Posted By: Mr. X on May 9 2011 07:01 pm
I think that the Magento coding practices are a joke. The argument of it's endorsers is that it is extensible and modular. OK, great but what good is that when the code base is so convoluted and poorly documented that nobody wants to touch it?

What does Magento do that Opencart doesn't? Besides cause headaches.

I suggest that you stay away from Magento unless you have an endless development budget and if thats the case, just write your own proprietary software.
Posted By: Erwin on April 5 2011 01:24 pm
It is just developed to make a lot of money with the support. They made it unnecessarily difficult (even the most basic stuff). The source is open, but divided in 10 million files.
Posted By: Egidijus on March 24 2011 11:26 am
Excellent Open Source SMS - Manento. I recommend that professionals who want to improve ...
Posted By: kuzyakiev on March 22 2011 12:50 pm
I worked on a very strong Magento projet during 2 years.

What I can say about it:
- it is very buggy, and complex
> true, but fixble
- it is slow
> you just do not know how to cook it
- it takes hours to change any simple thing
> are you real work with it 2 years, if true try some other
- it is impossible to have updates working
> I update magento in 3 hours (~10000 skus)

The most important thing to know about Magento is that they don t do true OOP, they defined their own programming standards making simple things very hard to understand.
> They very similar to Zend framework

Take indexing / search module, for example, is a nightmare to understand and to override.

I will never recommend Magento again.

I recommend magento to people who want make money on e-commerce. But it realy hard to find good programmers for it.

Posted By: Vigo Azaeus on January 15 2011 11:47 am
I worked on a very strong Magento projet during 2 years.

What I can say about it:
- it is very buggy, and complex
- it is slow
- it takes hours to change any simple thing
- it is impossible to have updates working

The most important thing to know about Magento is that they don t do true OOP, they defined their own programming standards making simple things very hard to understand.

Take indexing / search module, for example, is a nightmare to understand and to override.

I will never recommend Magento again.
Posted By: J.D. on December 13 2010 08:34 am
I don't do development. I don't work on Magento myself, but do work with Magento every day as kind of an end-user.

We've worked with four implementation partners for Magento this far. Two of them are no doubt the best there are. We pay premium prices for their work and they are supposed to be the best developers. Still I'm not seeing as much results as I was seeing on previous projects I worked on.

Unfortunately, every week also brings a new problem - which costs us a lot of time (and ultimately money).

I would not recommend Magento and in the future, will be seeking for projects that don't involve Magento. This comes from someone working for a big company who did put a lot of money into development/server/... , but is in my opinion not seeing as much return as it should.
Posted By: Jed on October 23 2010 12:49 am
Upgrading from to was as much fun as a kick in the nuts. We followed all the best practices and it helps quite a bit, but all your custom templating needs to be reworked every time you do a minor 10th decimal version upgrade. If you're dumb enough to do this on your live server and not a test server, you probably deserve the pain and lost revenue for the 2-3 weeks it takes to recover. And once you have it running on your dev server, do a complete tarball of everything in your public html folder plus two or three mysql database dumps. It may take hours to get your live site back up by reverting to your old version, but at least you can go back.
Posted By: Sahus Pilwal on September 14 2010 01:28 pm
Agree with many of the comments made on the subject of Magento. Unlike other eCommerce solutions Magento does require many hacks, mods, optimization, tweaks etc to get things going in a live production environment.

But versus the amount of features it comes with out-of-the-box it's a no brainer. On the odd occasion I find it doesn't do something normally an extension whether free or commercial can take care of this. I agree Magento isn't perfect but for me it is slowly improving. Don't forget people Magento has only been around since 2007 so i'm sure they will get their act together to improve the overall code to improve rapid web application development etc.

Just be patient... ;)
Posted By: Guido Jansen on September 13 2010 05:33 pm
Magento is the best (open source) e-commerce platform out there but it needs some tweaking to get it really fast.
Posted By: Daniel Z on August 31 2010 03:11 am
i have built sites with magento and i can tell you, it is a powerhouse open source ecommerce CMS. because of this, it is a very complex CMS because it is unlike anything out there (framework)

so that means you'll have some learning to do. Forums help somewhat, you'll learn slow, but when you pick it up, you'll start appreciating it more.

Posted By: CM on August 16 2010 03:19 pm
I just wanted to weigh in on the whole Magento debate. I have been building with, advocating for, and using Magento for several years now. Here's my .02...

I am a major open source evangelist and when Magento first came out, I thought the world had changed. Even in the early beta stage I thought it was revolutionary and couldn't wait to install and configure it.

I have built multiple sites in it, including custom template creation. But recently, I have began to change my tune. Here's the reality:

It is slow...even with server optimization. I have gone through a number of different set ups and yes...it's slow. I put up with it in the beginning because I thought this (and other things) would be hammered out over time. Not true.

The code is nightmarish. And while I appreciate what some people have said on here, I run a business and have to stay up to date on multiple CMS, Blog Platforms, and simple cart plugins. Add in staying on top of new developments in JS, PHP, MySQL, HTML and CSS and there is not enough time in the day/month/year.

In the beginning it was promised that the community edition was going to remain as is...Free and Open Source. Technically, it still is. But anyone who has spent anytime in their forums, on their YouTube Channel or heard them speak CLEARLY understands where they are going and what they are concerned with.

I don't blame them for this and I don't have any sort of ill will. But they are moving further and further away from what was promised. New features etc. are all being driven towards the Enterprise Edition.

The biggest selling point with Magento was the modularity and extendability of the platform, along with a great back office GUI. I thought it was simple. What I came to find out was that not all of my clients agreed.

I have severe doubts and questions about where Magento is headed. Again, I'm not upset with them, but I have stopped recommending Magento to clients.

I am still a massive open supporter but eCommerce is one area that gets cloudy. Succeeding as an online retailer is extremely difficult. I have had happier clients and a better work week by recommending several hosted platforms. There is a balance between functionality and simplicity that needs to be maintained. It is different for every client, but I believe in simplicity with scalability.

I am a web developer and I make the most money and get the most referrals when I am launching sites quickly. Given the issues with Magento and the unknown future...I think this ship has sailed.
Posted By: steffie on August 9 2010 09:46 am
Make no mistake about it - magento is NOT free !
Yes there is a free version, but it lacks functionality that you almost certainly will need and really seems to act as 'fly paper' to funnel people to the paid version (which is stupidly expensive !!!).
I was somewhat involved in the earlier days - beta testing etc, and was assured (we all were) that magento would always be a free, open source community platform and was intended to be used by anyone, easily. We were lied to and we were used and abused. They got us to develop their 'free' script for them, then when it got close (ish) to decent they just slapped a huge price tag on it and went commercial, releasing the 'free but mostly useless' version to cover their asses.

As it turned out it doesn't really matter I guess since magento is just not very good. It's a total nightmare (and I do mean nightmare !) to template, it's slow (really slow !) and it will just eat and eat and eat your server resources 'till there's nothing left. Unless you have good dedicated servers don't even think about using magento. Oh yeah - did I mention the stupid install method ? Virtual install paths - yuk (: - this is one of the stupidest ideas I've ever had the misfortune to come across.
My best advice is to stay as far away from this turkey as possible - if you want a good free cart/shop then look at either opencart or prestashop, and if you want to spend a little money for something a bit more involved then look at cscart (not that opencart can't handle it, 'cos it can).
Posted By: Casey on July 23 2010 05:29 pm
Anyone who claims users just need to learn to code to understand Magento are full of it. Magento violates almost all common standards of programming, regularly. Do you really want 7 or 8 levels of inheritance in OOP? Inheritances that are so convoluted, you can read in the code where they have to constantly back-fill broken methods in the last levels of inheritance because the coders had no idea where in the inheritance chain they had broken the original methods. 10,000 lines of javascript, 600 lines of CSS -- all delicately tied together so that the slightest problem breaks EVERYTHING. You cannot shop or order without javascript on.
Posted By: J.F. on July 17 2010 10:33 am
Magento is horribly slow.
There are some funny comments telling people to buy a very fast webhosting, a very fast dedicated server, to buy a course to know how to re-program it, to hire a professional programmer...
Well, why not just buy a working of the shelf e-shop instead of Magento for the same total price?
Posted By: Pawel on July 6 2010 08:31 am
I think Magento is really good, using a long time, and I released 4 shops on Magento.

However you need a powerful dedicated server, and a very good developer/programmer. Version 1.3.x is much more stable then 1.4.0.x. (don't use early 1.4.x )

It's not a good system for huge catalogs (due slow imports), and for companies that can't afford dev time/cost. However for small - medium catalogs ( with reasonable budget ) Magento is the best solution.

Posted By: Vick Harmer on July 1 2010 04:40 pm
Magento is simply too slow, too buggy !!!
Posted By: Magento Sucks on May 25 2010 03:20 pm
Magento is very badly coded and will never be bug free. Small changes takes ages. they do not use correct OOP.
Posted By: Magento Loser on May 15 2010 04:34 pm
J.T., Maybe if you pull your head out from Roy's buttocks, you could see the light and realize that magento is not an enterprise/advance solution for real business people that could afford to pay money for real ecommerce solution that actually works. See, after 2 years you still haven't figured out that you're being used by magento to make their product bug free.
Posted By: J.T. on May 6 2010 10:08 am
Wow, interesting comments. Been using Magento for two years now, did developer training, migrated it, extended it, am in the forums a lot so hopefully my experience qualifies my post here. By the way, all that is on top of 4 years of osCommerce hacking.

I totally concur with ésjāb? March 3 2010 12:50 pm. I understand why I hear so much baby-crying going on here. If you can't code, don't have a willingness to learn new stuff, if you don't want to pay for proper hosting and generally everything has to be free and working within 5 minutes, Magento will be one heck of a disappointment.

Sure, documentation is minimal but heck, it's Open Source. Look in the Source. The Source is with you. But if you can't read Zend Framework or EAV type structures and can't be arsed to learn it, then yeah, good luck.

Magento is for advanced people. With budgets. With vision. With a goal to be better than the rest. If you have average goals and an average attitude, steer clear of Magento.

If you go with Magento you either need (to develop) in-house expertise, or pay Western hourly rates to hire expertise. There is plenty of training about, specific to Magento development as well as to MVC etc. Outsourcing currently is much more expensive than for say osCommerce. Demand is high, supply of Magento expertise is narrow so the price hikes. All the more incentive to learn the ropes yourself.

Even after you get the hang of creating Modules to extend osCommerce, to get the same functionality done in Mage as you do as a contrib for osCommerce, it still takes you 3-4 times longer. That's true. Magento is vast and complex, with the benefits of leaving core code alone. After 4 years of customizing osCommerce, not one core file was left alone of the 1200 odd files. It's an upgrade nightmare ("luckily" the project had stalled big time). In 4 years, I will have no problem upgrading Magento core. It's all neat. You get what you choose. Takes longer, costs more, avoids headaches.

To say it should be removed from this site is nonsense. There are hundreds of free and open source community extensions available. It's as FOSS as most stuff here. Most users, or better abusers, fail to realize they have a moral obligation as part of the community. Magento lacks in documentation because 99% of abusers want everything for nothing, not even effort. They just want the best, which obviously is Magento, but don't care about contributing code, bugs, translations or documentation.

Magento is still in its infancy in many ways, so it's only logical you won't find 100 template makers, 10,000 programmers on GAF, a 1000 page wiki with step by step screenshots etc.

Anyway, I can bang on and on but in the end of the day, Magento is for proactive people, for winners. Not for crybabies who take more than they give. Not for garage-merchants slash eBay cowboys who want to make a quick buck at zero overheads. Go about Magento with the right mindset and it's a great ride.

Highly recommended.

(No, not paid to say this. Just a merchant with 7 shops all run off one Magento installation.)
Posted By: Andy Bird on April 15 2010 06:03 pm
Never heard so much moaning. You get what you pay for.

Yes, it is a bit buggy... don't install the latest version till you have read around the forums.. which are very helpful. I have never found a problem that was not fixed by reading the forums.

I even make a few quid by hosting Magento sites. It is not all that hard to get up and running and there is plenty of advice about how to optimize servers for hosting this.

Posted By: JaketheHack on March 21 2010 06:10 am
I agree with a comment below. It's not Open Source in the true spirit. There are hardly any contributions in the public domain and to get a shop expeditiously to the net, you need to use one of the Solutions Partners. How open source is that!

I agree, Magento should be taken out of this site.
Posted By: freb on March 19 2010 12:42 am
Many of the negative things people have said about Magento are true. However I've been using it for a live site for over a year in a shared hosting environment and have had acceptable to good performance the whole time.

When I first started using it I was pretty much a newb. The community does help, but issue are in general slow to be resolved. The problem is they keep adding features instead of going for a rock solid release.

You can't beat the functionality though. I'd recommend Magento if you have patience and if it has features you can't live without. Otherwise go for another solution.
Posted By: andi on March 17 2010 12:11 pm
the documentation is a joke, i'm fighting bugs every day ...wtf is wrong ?!stable version?? they need to test it more!!!!

what a shitty system :(
Posted By: Johndh on March 16 2010 09:46 am
Magento is not really open source. Yes the code is, but documentation is pathetic. Even a seasoned coder will have trouble getting it to work. If you want Magento, you have to pay for the enterprise version and get popper support.

I give the application 5/5 which is completely wiped out by my -5 grading of the documentation and support.

The irony here is that packages like Magento are aimed at the commercial market, BUT the developers don't understand that COMMERCIAL means efficiency. Something that is totally lacking.

This open source project should be removed from this web site, and just roll over and die, make room for true OS projects.
Posted By: Jonathan on March 15 2010 07:29 am

I have just found a place where you can get free Magento Hosting and try the application live or have your store hosted there for free... The service will start soon and I have already signed up for my two store. As it is free, I think that everyone can give it a try. The site is http://www.magentopolis.com

Posted By: sj?b? on March 3 2010 12:50 pm
As a developer, I run across and test ecommerce "solutions" all the time. In the OS world, Magento absolutely stands alone in functionality and configurability, but... it is also absolutely not for the inexperienced or impatient. Magento REQUIRES perfection - from your choice of hosting to final configuration - to work well. One misstep and your're on the outside looking in or fighting "bugs". Even in the best setup, it has proven to be more sluggish than competitor's offerings, which is the top issue for this package, sans complexity.

All said, I still choose Magento. In the end, the results are worth the effort, both for the shopper and the administrator.

Posted By: John on February 24 2010 07:58 pm
There is a lot of paid marketing around magento as you will see from some of the comments posted here. the truth is that magento is not a proffessional developed product. its over complicated because the developers are not very good at their job. its heard to write simple code than it is to write complex code.

to buy into he hype. read what real world users have experianced. companies all over the world are getting burnt becuase magento just does not work properly. its full of bugs and the developers are not fixing them. simple customisation will take 5 times long than using other shopping carts because you have to edit many files just for one simple text change.
Posted By: Sebastian on February 23 2010 12:42 pm
One of the worst ecommerce solutions ever. If you are serious about your business and don't want to lose money over and over again paying for support and development, which takes about 5 times as much as it would with an intuitively built system, then run away. It's sort of a different vendor-lock. They lure you in because it's open source, however, the source is so damn complicated that you need to train a new employee and send him to seminars for over a year to get used to the system. It's unbelievable!
Posted By: Matthew Moran on February 23 2010 09:03 am
Magento is very powerful. You can pretty much do anything you want with Magento. It is complicated, but it was meant for professional developers, not e-commerce newbies who want to start an online store.
Posted By: gob on January 16 2010 04:32 pm
yes it is slow running on localhost
Posted By: Sean on January 15 2010 02:03 pm
How in the world do they have 3.8 stars? almost all comments are negative, did they rig the voting system? This is the worst ecommerce solution, don't use!!
Posted By: John Doe on January 7 2010 07:12 pm
We use Magento 1.3 since 9 months and its a nightmare:
- paid around 9000 $ for no real support, just advices,
- It's damn complicated "Eh Varien - it's PHP / Magento should be light!",
- It has a really stupid and too deep templating system,
- have a magento EAV database model: unusable!
(i ve never seen that bullshit DB model),
- When you will have done your 30 templates, your 15 modules then you won't be able to do any Magento updates safety,
- Magento will not works with PHP 5.3 nor PHP 6 before a long time,
- For all theses bad idears / misconception, Magento is slow:
- Slow showing web pages (backoffice too)
- Slow imports / exports
and you will need a very expensive hosting
with hot new CPUs and 15K HDs!

"Magento E-Commerce for Growth" ... what a joke:-( !
Posted By: Oriol Mendivil on January 7 2010 11:17 am
i'm install magento on my dreamhost, and this software work so fast, i can't any problem with this cart, but, on my work i'm ussing Media Temple (gs) server service, but it's so so Slow, i can't work fast, and i lost my time on this server, can you're help me with this problem, please, if your have a responses, please help me with this problem, thanks, see ya...
Posted By: Michael on December 30 2009 07:55 pm
Magento is a nightmare. It is about the most un-intuitive application I have ever used. Complex? Yes. Buggy? Yes. Slow? Oh yes, very slow. Works on a shared server? Good luck. Poor documentation? Yes, very poor.

Magento sucks in its current development state. Support Forum is virtually useless.

Better you look elsewhere. magento is NOT ready for prime time.
Posted By: Giles on December 30 2009 06:14 am
Buggy. Slow. Resource Hungry. Poor support.

Need I go on ... stick with the osC branches ... osCMax, PrestaShop, ZenCart, etc.

My preference is osCMax.com - truely open source and remains close to original code to allow easy additional mods to be installed.
Posted By: John on November 20 2009 10:36 am

The worst cart out there. It looks nice but is unusable!

I have lost 1000's paying for tis cart to bhe customised and its just one bug after another. there is no supoport from the makers whats so ever.
Posted By: michael on October 13 2009 07:52 am
Magento has tonnes of functionality built in and although it can be buggy it is still young in comparison to other open source e-commerce platforms. Great for SEO and looks good too. Admittedly if you have a large catalog it is slow...but big changes are happening.

Magento 1.4-alpha

I am definitely going to upgrade to 1.4 when it is a full release!
Posted By: Xiao on September 16 2009 07:54 am
This is very hard to use and is confusing
the community support is even worse
there is no help offered unless u can pay hundreds of dollars.
Its free but its not open sources in the sense

Also the software is really buggy

I changed from Magento to PrestaShop
Posted By: Thomas on August 28 2009 10:41 am
I work for a web dev company who are trying to slip away from Zen Cart. We found magento, played about with the demo and were quite impressed. Plenty of functionality and almost everything we'd never dream would be in Zen Cart..

...That was until we installed it ourselves. The initial process worked great, but everything else was taking way too long to do. We even tried populating the site using the csv import - 1 product every 10 seconds. No chance.

As a company who provide solutions for many businesses, we discovered that this would not be a good idea on a shared server - our opinion would be backed up by various other opinions online.

Sorry Magento.. once you speed yourself up, we'll consider you - for now though, no way.
Posted By: Nick on August 28 2009 06:07 am
As others have said, it is not the fastest system and there are several bugs, which takes the Magento team more time than others to fix. But that are all the negative things I can come up with. The system allows you to fully customize it, use of coupons, send delivery to multiple adresses, cross-products, and more futuristic features. It is worth the time and blodd/sweat/tears to get it working. I'm hooked!
Posted By: tdog on August 18 2009 12:38 am
I setup a magento based site and got it working. Everything except the mailing list, which they still had not fixed about 4 months ago. It is indeed slow, both front and back end. It does have a variety of features, which is nice and I can see they are try to do it all. The folder structure thing for editing is indeed weird and very annoying, but it can be overcome, and I was flying through it by the end of the project. It works, and has potential, but be prepared for challenges and be experienced.
Posted By: KMW on August 13 2009 09:49 pm
As many other people said, this cms is unnecessarily complex.
I had installed it and tried before. The first time I installed but failed because
some php extensions were missing. Later I added the php extensions then it worked.
However, when I tried to explore, it was terribly user un-friendly and complicated.
I had investigated carefully about the directory structure and found that it was probably
intended to make it complex. There same file names and same sub-sub...directory name
distributed and duplicated everywhere, so this should probably intended to create the complexity.
Not only I mention this, and there also many other specialists advice to stay away this one.
Of course, the official web site offers charged service to help you to avoid the nightmare
because they're willing to help you to customize, setup, configure everything if you'll pay.
In addition, I don't understand why sourceforge gave a community award to this cms, that
make me never trust sourceforge community award anymore.
I would rather recommend zen-cart, oscmax, and prestashop.
Posted By: StefanScottAlexx on August 2 2009 10:27 pm
Hi -

I just installed now (August 2009). This was my second attempt installing - my first attempt back in February 2009 didn't work because I couldn't get the cURL and pdo extensions for PHP to work... and my questions on the Magento forum regarding this were totally ignored.

Anyways... I now have running - and it looks very pretty. HOWEVER there's a major bug I already found: in the Product List, "Sort By Price" doesn't work.

I've googled this bug, and it's been around since February 2009, with various people discussing it on forums both on and off Magento.

This is a VERY major bug, which has been around for about six months now, and the Magento people haven't fixed it.

This product LOOKS nice, but obviously it has lots of bugs and very bad support. So I must reluctantly decide not to use it.

Posted By: Bart on July 16 2009 01:59 pm
Slow, hard to use, no support.

I believe the developers are driving sales and support revenue by making this package just interesting enough to get you hooked, but not providing enough support to get it working correctly.


I'm stuck with one (1) install to administer and I won't do it again.
Posted By: Maggy on July 9 2009 01:39 pm
Magento is unnecessarily complex!

No documentation.Sad Support almost null.

Even on MT(Mediatemple) gs server or dv server it is FAT SLOW!

Only good biggies who can survive development and setup costs.
Posted By: Phil on June 27 2009 12:30 pm
Very very slow! Dont waste your time.
Posted By: octavian on June 19 2009 10:48 am
What a joke, open source !!!!
Yes it's open source, but when it comes to modify something you need a very good programmer, or of course you can ask their team to do that for you, but i can assure you the fees are not for the peoples faint of heart.
Also what I don't like it's the fact that it's not very stable and having such a big number of files, it's always hard to make a backup before upgrade.
Posted By: amjad on May 26 2009 05:49 am
Magento looks very nice as compared to other open source e-commerce solutions. Design and structure is really futuristic and easy to use but it's performance is not so great. It's good to construct a new system by using its structure rather using it as a solution core .. :-)
Posted By: hawaiilinking on May 25 2009 10:38 pm
Luckily I've found a Magento developer that has done the proper set-up procedures necessary to have a stable Magento server with Flash functionality. When set-up properly the admin features are beyond anything on the market. Just find the right developer that can make the modules, themes etc. that you need.
Posted By: Danny on May 10 2009 06:42 am
I tried it in the past and didn't really like it..as many say 'Too many bugs' but let me try it again until a million more bugs gives me a headache lol.

Be back until 2nd trial testing.
Posted By: dahechler on May 2 2009 05:39 pm
WHAT A PIECE OF CRAP! From the surface it looks really great and I've been live on version for a few months. BUT when I went to upgrade to 1.3.1 .... nothing but trouble. They say to upgrade on a test system - MAN to they mean it - not only did I have trouble, the upgrade wiped out my LIVE changes and went back to their DEMO site. I put in for support and that was RIGHT - that's why they say to upgrade to a test version. THEN when I tried to get back to, I had more trouble which I FINALLY got resolved and back in and running. Two more major problems, at least for me, my host does not allow the PHP function popen() which is required to install and upgrade - and - the use of the remote shell SSH to do their "repairs".

So now I'm moving on to look at OpenFreeway.
Posted By: Webman on April 25 2009 05:35 pm
Magento definitely is open-source e-commerce evolved. It is very futuristic, and it is easy to use, as compared to osCommerce and older shopping carts. Even the front end of a Magento Website looks futuristic, as compared to osCommerce and ZenCart.

I believe that Magento will eventually replace osCommerce, as it is more professional looking, and simpler to use.
Posted By: rq on April 17 2009 08:10 pm
Wow where do I start, on the surface the system looks great, functionality is good and the templates don't look like your standard ugly shopping carts. But! after several months of learning the system I have come to the sad realisation that this system is unsalvagable, The bugs are too many, it is too poorly designed and too slow, Data corruption will start to occur almost instantly and will cripple your site and upgrade path, months of writing wrapper code, referential tests and integrity checking programs only began to scratch at the surface of the problem. The javascript implementation is terrible and the php abstraction design is not much better. I recommend to anyone thinking seriously about using this to run a demo site and thrash it with a few thousand products to see how buggy and awful this is.
Posted By: samk on April 9 2009 10:12 am
I recently stumbled across Magento and have been downloading and playing with it for a while. I'm running in a Win32 environment, though, and the system is shocking slow (I'd go so far as suggesting unusably slow).

Whilst my live deployment will (if I go with it) be on a Linux host, supporting hosts in the UK are limited and pricey. The high-spec (and thus high-cost) demands of Magento might rule it out for some people. In fact, I am looking at alternatives at the minute.

What I will say, though, is that in terms of functionality it is STREETS ahead of anything open-source I have ever used in the past. It's a great idea and the admin has a super UI, but the execution of the idea is perhaps a little lacking and the complexities of the UI might be a bit too much for some.

The one area I am having most trouble with, to be honest, is applying a custom skin. Whilst there's decent documentation for it, it's a very tricky, time-consuming job.

If you're up for the challenge, have some spare time/cash and lots of patience (and want a kick-ass shop at the end) Magento's a possibility. Otherwise, perhaps consider an alternative.
Posted By: Sam on April 6 2009 06:14 pm
Magento.....where to start. What a great piece of software! By far and away the best e-commerce package i have used. We have used actinic and oscommerece extensively but magento is head and shoulders above the rest. The look and feel is great, extensions are easy to install and customization is relatively simple. The wiki is getting better and most questions can be solved if you google them. Thoroughly recommended. If your looking for a host for your magento site, i would recommend positive-internet.com very good host.
Posted By: Chicago Web Management on April 2 2009 11:50 am
REQUIRES: innodb for MySQL storage. This is a deal-breaker for me because my host doesn't allow this.

Make sure your host will allow you to run InnoDB on your account, or else you're wasting your time.

Looks very cool, otherwise.
Posted By: Mahesh on March 26 2009 06:43 am
It looks good, But as a developer i am not able to integrate single product and display on client side.

Having many many bugs

I dont want to recomend this store to anyone.

Posted By: Waste of time on March 8 2009 10:26 am
I've used Magento for a few months now, while at first it seemed promising. Had to get a new host that supported Magento, use caution here... the Magento team comes out with bug fixes about every couple of weeks which do nothing but create more bugs, one fix breaks 5 others. I have wasted my time money long enough. The money I thought I was saving I could have paid for a commercial program.
Posted By: Really slow and buggy on March 6 2009 04:14 am
We have used Magento for a site and have found it to be buggy, slow and hard to use. It appears the developers have been concentrating on features and not speed and reliability. I would not recommend it.


Posted By: Borc on March 4 2009 03:39 am
Magento is elephant, a HUGE elephant. Slow like hell and useless in real life environment online. No documentation, no support and no one reply on forum. Looks good and nothing more.
Posted By: Annie on February 21 2009 04:23 pm
I looked at Magento, but the file structure is huge, the download is huge, moving it to another folder took forever, unzipping it took forever, and deleting it from my hard drive took forever. I have plenty of memory in my computer, that's not the problem. Magento is just plain CUMBERSOME because of the huge number of folders and folders and folders. And if I wanted (or needed) to customize something there's no way I could ever find it. So being open-source is kinda pointless, IMO. Magento is overwhelming. I'm very very glad I went with ZenCart.
Posted By: Nurul on February 7 2009 11:43 pm
Future e-commerce Tools :) , but bit slow :( , May be coz of zend framework, Hard to handle :(
Posted By: Dss on July 17 2008 08:29 am
@technointellects.com.. Since GoPHP5 initiative, all coding should be 5.2 and up. If you are on a host that only does 5.0, then you be needing a new host. I've been using Zen-cart for 5 years, I enjoy working with it, but it has a lot of 'needed improvements' to compete with todays ecommerce solutions. I just dl'd magento and so far I am really impressed!
Posted By: technointellects.com on July 11 2008 08:31 am
Comment: I was impresses that a shopping cart with zend framework arrived so downloaded it to test locally. :( but i could not install it as its minimum requirement is PHP 5.2. I wish It could be compatible with PHP 5.0 and above
Posted By: tester on June 28 2008 08:23 pm
The interface looks nice so I installed the latest version 1.0.19870 for one of my stores. a small bug the admin tabs didn't work, but there was a fix for it. This is huge database 190+ tables. It's slow and also there are lots of functions I don't need like I can create many stores within the same db. So I ended up removed it.
Posted By: Er wars on June 10 2008 08:43 am
Well, looks great.....nothing more. i installed the NEW version 1.0.19870 a few days ago. the installation was kind o simple but setting up products AND showing it in the shop is not an easy thing: you have to hardcode it! i personally think that this version is not for production. still in development. and therefore still not for production. i will monitor the project as it LOOKS great and will - for sure - among the best OS-shops in a few .. ahem .. years.
Posted By: egilas on May 22 2008 01:58 am
Magento recently released an update for this issue. However, if you are running it on a win32 setup, it will be somewhat slower, but livable. This is a known issue by Magento. Magento is stunningly beautiful and easy to manage. All thumbs up in my book!
Posted By: andre on May 5 2008 10:15 pm
Looks very promising, however very buggy and very slow, recommended only for testing & having fun, definitely not for real e-commerce platform. I downlaoded and installed the version 1.0. Run very slowly , the pic uploader seems not to work either. Not a mature solution yet.
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