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Rubedo Commerce, CMS & E-commerce

Story added: August 12 2014 10:10 am  /  Posted By: The Rubedo development team
Rubedo Commerce

Rubedo 2.2 implements a new e-commerce module to complete its multi-site functionalities. 

From product management to order management, Rubedo Commerce provides a collection of blocks to manage multiple online stores.


As for contents, products benefit from the flexibility of Rubedo. You can create as many types of products as required, with variations and options, description, pictures and videos... 


A behavioral targeting solution is also integrated into Rubedo to optimize sales and naturally convert prospects into customers. The shops...

New Release: LEPTON 1.3.1

Story added: August 9 2014 12:07 pm  /  Posted By: The LEPTON development team
This version is the follower of LEPTON 1.3.0 .

The release fixes some bugs that were caused by the modification of the database connector to pdo-connector.

Since PHP 5.5 " mysql_connect " is marked as "deprecated " and will no longer be available in future versions of PHP.

The LEPTON database connector now uses " pdo_mysql " that is shipped with PHP since 5.1 as default.

Furthermore in this update a current version of jQuery is available.

Please see changelog for details.

The release 1.3.1 is available as

update package or complete package or mobile release.


The innovative open source CMS & Ecommerce platform SeoToaster introduces a new developer website

Story added: August 8 2014 01:28 pm  /  Posted By: The SEOTOASTER V2.CMS development team

On top of launching SeoToaster 2.2 with its brand new & shiny interface, SeoSamba, the project initiator and main corporate sponsor for SeoToaster, also constructed a brand new site for web developers who want to rock the SeoToaster APIs.

David Culot, SeoSamba’s CTO shares his views “Our developer site is our primary means of interacting with our development community, and we want it to be as useful and as clear as possible It is the entry point for you to learn about developing with SeoToaster.”

You can discover the features and products available to you, a...

Odoo Website Builder v1.0-beta

Story added: July 28 2014 10:44 am  /  Posted By: The Odoo Website Builder development team
Odoo just released it's Open Source Website Builder in version beta. The stable version will be released in august 2014 as part of the version 8 of Odoo. They key features of Odoo Website Builder includes a full inline editing with awesome building blocks, a full integration with business apps, an eCommerce, a blog, a quotation builder, live chats, SEO optimized mechanism, mobile.

The Odoo website builder and Odoo eCommerce is fully integrated with all Odoo business apps: accounting, warehouse management, CRM, human resources recruitments, etc.

You can get an overview of Odoo Website Bui...

Redaxscript 2.1.0

Story added: May 20 2014 09:13 pm  /  Posted By: The Redaxscript development team
Codebase refactoring

Our goals for this milestone have been attained and even exceeded. We focused on the problem of deprecated constants while refactoring and introduced a registry singleton to allow working with dependency injection. Furthermore, an autoloader now handles loading of classes as needed and a fresh bootstrap.php was introduced to replace startup.php one day. After spending hours of work with PHPUnit we are proud to announce a test coverage of 98 percent for the OOP codebase.

In addition Redaxscript now is represented in Coveralls and Scrutinizer CI.