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Gnew 2017.1

Story added: February 13 2017 11:34 pm  /  Posted By: The Gnew development team
I'm pleased to announce the version 2017.1 of Gnew. What's new in this release?Add the possibility to close their accounts to usersMove cookies initialization in users/login.phpReduce refresh time before redirectionReplace calls to the preg_replace() function using the obsolete /e modifier with preg_replace_callback() functionReview databases tables types and indexesUpdate the users feed after purging usersImprove compatibility with PHP, MySQL and PostgreSQL new releasesMinor improvements in CSS stylesheetPlease download and let me know your opinion about Gnew....

Mobirise Builder v3.11 is out

Story added: January 30 2017 04:02 pm  /  Posted By: The development team
Mobirise Builder v3.11 is out
Last week got released v.3.11 of what rightfully can be claimed as the easiest modern website builder available over the Internet today. Launched over a year ago Mobirise Website Builder is lightweight offline application claiming to give the common folks capable of writing a text document the power to create an impressive mobile friendly web site in a day.

The project evolved rapidly over the past few months and now in the latest version a bright new project media library feature completing the vast online images library released in the last version. Fully in...

Introduce targeted messages to your users based on their behavior

Story added: January 26 2017 09:45 pm  /  Posted By: The Rubedo development team
You are looking for tools to retain your users, increase your sales or apply an effective lead nurturing strategy?

Rubedo CMS offer smart tools:    

Query Magic: deploy automated real-time personalization for connected or anonymous users. Magic Queries track and analyze how visitors interact with websites in order to provide them with contents that are actually aligned with their own, respective, previous interactions.
Philters: real-time personalization with marketing automation management tool. Rubedo "Philters" allow you to automate relevant push messagin...

UliCMS 2017.1 is here

Story added: January 2 2017 06:49 pm  /  Posted By: The UliCMS development team
UliCMS 2017.1 is the first quarter of 2017 release of the german solutions based content management system. UliCMS enables webmasters to manage small to medium sized web portals.

UliCMS 2017.1 includes a large amount of new features such as:

Many new and updated packages
A more MVC-like Application Programming Interface
Usability Improvements
New content type "node"
An extended permission management
A new bootstrap.css based default theme
New extension download portal UliCMS eXtend
Upgrade NotesBefore you upgrade your existing installation to UliCMS 2017.1
you ne...

WonderCMS - smallest CMS in the world - 1.0.0 beta released

Story added: December 3 2016 09:20 pm  /  Posted By: The WonderCMS development team
WonderCMS had an another awesome major update and is almost rewritten from scratch with version 1.0.0 beta. All future versions will be compatible with the beginning of this version - 1.0.0 beta.

Some of the latest featues:
- rewritten and optimized code - thanks to Yassine Addi
- new plugins: Trumbowyg WYSIWYG editor and file uploader
- two step setup - unzip and upload
- custom login URL and custom homepage
- better SEO support (title, keywords and description for each page)
- responsive theme - great for search engines like Google, which considers ranking your website better ...