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Redaxscript 2.1.0

Story added: May 20 2014 09:13 pm  /  Posted By: The Redaxscript development team
Codebase refactoring

Our goals for this milestone have been attained and even exceeded. We focused on the problem of deprecated constants while refactoring and introduced a registry singleton to allow working with dependency injection. Furthermore, an autoloader now handles loading of classes as needed and a fresh bootstrap.php was introduced to replace startup.php one day. After spending hours of work with PHPUnit we are proud to announce a test coverage of 98 percent for the OOP codebase.

In addition Redaxscript now is represented in Coveralls and Scrutinizer CI.


SeoToaster Unveils Powerful New Features & Fresh UI

Story added: May 19 2014 01:14 pm  /  Posted By: The SEOTOASTER V2 E commerce development team

SeoSamba launches a completely redesigned version of SeoToaster, its high-performance and open source free CMS software that helps even novice users easily create, manage and market any number of corporate and eCommerce websites.

As the name implies, SeoToaster is the only 
open source content management system (CMS) natively integrating SEO and web marketing automation technology in full compliance with the industry’s best practices. SeoToaster eCommerce sits on top of SeoToaster CMS, combining a full fledge CMS with a powerful eCommerce platf...

Seo Panel 3.5.0 Released

Story added: May 15 2014 09:19 am  /  Posted By: The Seo Panel development team
Dear Seo Panel Users,

We are really happy to inform every one that Seo Panel version is 3.5.0 is released. Please upgrade your Seo Panel to latest version and enjoy full features.

Change log of Seo Panel 3.5.0

1) Log Manager - Crawl log manager will provide detailed report about each crawling in seo panel.

2) Proxy performance report - Detailed report will show how proxies are performing.

3) Time zone integration - User can view reports in own time zone

4) Lithuanian translation

5) Bug Fixes

- Yahoo search engine fix
- Cross site scripting vulnerability & security ...

RedKite CMS 1.1.5 has been released

Story added: May 12 2014 06:59 am  /  Posted By: The RedKite CMS development team
This release has been focused on improving the installer which now works perfectly both with the console and the web interface.

We put particular attention on the deploying phase changing the way assets are copied from the backend to the frontend. In fact, since this release, they are synchronized instead of hard copying them and this will definitely speed up this tasks.

The manual operations required when changing the website theme has been automatized.

Behat/mink support has been introduced to improve the quality of RedKite CMS.

A MarkdownBlockBundle has been added to handle mark...

razorCMS V3 Out Now

Story added: May 5 2014 10:48 pm  /  Posted By: The razorCMS V3 development team
Sharp and Simple File Based Content Management System (FBCMS)
In The Beginning...

razorCMS began as a databaseless flat file content management system, forked from a project called uCMS. It's structure allowed you to have just the amount of functionality you needed in a flat file CMS solution, adding extensions (blade packs) for further functionality, whilst allowing setup on simple servers with no database.

Starting with a core system install, razorCMS gave you base functionality required to run a website, add the extra functionality as you needed it via the blade pack management syste...