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BlackCat CMS v1.2 released

Story added: October 23 2015 05:37 pm  /  Posted By: The BlackCat CMS development team
The Black Cat Development Team proudly presents the latest release 1.2 of BlackCat CMS, introducing a bunch of new features and improvements. For a detailed description of what is new, please visit our forum. (German language, please ask if you need a translation.)

In short:

Highly improved SEO support with pre-configured robots.txt, option to create and update a sitemap.xml with just one click, and a new (optional) SEO Tool for those who need more influence.
Renewed Dashboard allowing to hide, delete, and sort the widgets.
Improved Addons area with a new addons catalogue for one...

UliCMS 9.8.0 Release Candidate now available

Story added: October 22 2015 01:24 am  /  Posted By: The UliCMS development team
The UliCMS 9.8.0 release candidate is available now for evaluation purposes.
Version 9.8.0 is codenamed "Big Ben", like the largest bell of the clock tower in London.

This next generation version of UliCMS offers an extensive set of new features including

Open Graph
Custom Mail Forms
An updated CKEditor
Two-factor authentication
and many other new features

Click here for more information about new feature set

Please note that this is not the final version of UliCMS 9.8.0 which is scheduled for January of 2016.

If you encounter bugs while your evaluation, please report...

LEPTON 2.1.0 released today

Story added: September 17 2015 06:53 pm  /  Posted By: The LEPTON development team
We are happy to release LEPTON 2.1.0 as Stable Version today.
What is done in LEPTON 2.1.0?
We improved custom templates to give designers more influence on the frontend-look of core files as frontend-login, search and custom module css files. Furthermore there are some new helpful functions for module developers.
Here is a (non-complete) list of changes:

add lib_semantic as a base for new backend-theme (coming up hopefully next release)
updated lib_lepton including class.upload (see http://www.verot.net/php_class_upload.htm) and html5shiv, added modernizr files
rework jquery ui struct...

Rubedo 3.2 is released !

Story added: September 15 2015 09:37 pm  /  Posted By: The development team
This major release includes a lot of technical and functional improvements.
Be aware when migrating from previous version to update Elasticsearch to 1.5+ (see https://github.com/WebTales/rubedo#prerequisites)

New Blocks & Features
• Add content create/edit features in frontEnd (for non-backOffice users) #1027
• Mega Menu #974
• New field : json object #1087
• New field : Embedded image
• Tag pages with taxonomy #1056
• Exploit extendable taxonomy vocabularies in front/backOffice fields #1028
Technical stack
• Dump/Restore BO module #1066
• Concatenate and mi...

Official Release of e107 v2 Available for Download

Story added: September 3 2015 01:33 am  /  Posted By: The e107 Bootstrap CMS development team
It’s been a long journey
In 2014, e107inc was pleased to announce and to release the open public beta of a new e107. After many years of faithful service, it was time to retire e107 v1 and to allow a new version to come in its place. With the advent of social media, with the acceleration of new ways of using websites and connecting them with all sorts of new services, v1.0 simply wasn’t cutting muster.
We needed something new, something bolder, a new companion to assist you in managing your web-based content and presenting it in the best light possible.
We’ve journeyed a long way sinc...