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Release of UliCMS 9.0.0 scheduled for first quarter of 2016

Story added: April 14 2015 03:56 pm  /  Posted By: The UliCMS development team
The release of UliCMS 9.0.0 is scheduled for the first quarter of 2016.
This new version of UliCMS will introduce support for the newest web technologies, including an improved template engine, an updated jQuery, HTML5 video and audio.

Other improvements will include better security, easier configurability and the introduction of an one-click patch management utility, which will make it much easier to keep your system up-to-date.

Starting with this release UliCMS will follow a slower release cycle than before, releasing a new version every 1 to 3 years, since you should spend your time...

BlackCat CMS v1.1.1 available

Story added: March 24 2015 03:09 pm  /  Posted By: The BlackCat CMS development team
The new version fixes some minor bugs. In addition, it is now possible to activate jQuery and / or jQuery UI globally or page based without having to add a plugin....

hyperCMS has passed the 10 core characteristics evaluation of the DAM foundation

Story added: March 19 2015 09:44 pm  /  Posted By: The hyper Content & Digital Asset Management Server development team
The DAM foundation, using the 10 characteristics as a framework, has developed an evaluation process to establish whether vendors can demonstrate core functionality in digital asset management.
Each of the 10 characteristics has been split into subcategories which denote the most important elements necessary for DAM. If any of these features could not be demonstrated then the vendor failed.
The hyper Content & Digital Asset Management Server has demonstrated and passed the 10 core characteristics of a digital asset management system, see http://damfoundation.org/?p=31619

You can test the...

Zenario Pro edition is now free!

Story added: March 19 2015 01:31 pm  /  Posted By: The Zenario development team
Zenario 7.0.3 Pro edition is out now!
View some of the great features in this brand new Pro edition.
Free Download
Significant features

Major new module, makes it easy to create slideshows and hero areas, with support for responsive sites. Reorganise your slides in any order to appear in the way you want. Slides can be disabled and activated for seasonal use. Insert your own titles and descriptions on top of the images, incorporate HTML for extra customisation. Select different transitions for each...

Microweber comes with version 1 running on Laravel 5

Story added: March 18 2015 05:40 pm  /  Posted By: The Microweber - Free and Open Source CMS development team
Microweber comes with version 1 running on Laravel 5.
You know we kept quiet for some time. There was a lot going in the back.

Last year we received an e-mail from one guy from our community with the interesting question.
It was something like, “Hey guys, Microweber is great CMS, but why you don’t try to migrate it to Laravel”?
We received few emails like that from different users.
Peter Ivanov, our main developer, was often thinking for more stable and useful back-end code.

Our back-end PHP framework code as written from scratch and from only one developer. As you may suggest, wi...