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Whale-CMS Update to Version 1.1

Story added: April 29 2015 12:55 am  /  Posted By: The Whale-CMS development team
The new Version 1.1 of Whale-CMS is online.
There are a few new features and improvements, for example has the Writeeditor been correcting. I have also add the posibility of changing the password in the backend an the possibilty to change the navigationcolor of the backend.
Also was the security improved, so the passwordhash is stronger.

Go download our new Version and persuade yourself of the Whale-CMS....

Updated Installation Packages of UliCMS 8.0.x available

Story added: April 28 2015 02:15 am  /  Posted By: The UliCMS development team
The installation packages and upgrade packages of the UliCMS 8.0.x branch was updated.
They contains all patches and hotfixes that were released in the web until now....

Pluck CMS 10 Year Anniversary : 31 Languages in Pluck CMS repo

Story added: April 25 2015 09:09 am  /  Posted By: The Pluck-CMS development team
Amazing to look over the contributions to Pluck over it's 10 years, it's how many language files have been created....

NukeViet 4.0 Open Beta launched

Story added: April 24 2015 10:13 am  /  Posted By: The NukeViet development team
NukeViet is pleased to announce: NukeViet 4.0 Open Beta has launched!

After 12 secret test versions in more than 1 year, NukeViet 4.0 Open beta 1 is the first large-scale test version of the line’s NukeViet 4.0 version that is publicizedfor all members tested.

So, What's New of NukeViet 4.0?
After 5 years since launching NukeViet 3.0, NukeViet has constantly improved to update new trends. And this time, the NukeViet 4.0 version are comprehensive enhancements and changes to update the latest technology trends as Responsive interface, IPv6, supporting Vietnamese domain name ...


Rubedo 3.1, welcome back to commerce !

Story added: April 22 2015 06:44 pm  /  Posted By: The Rubedo development team
This first aim of this version was to add the commerce functionalities that had been lost between 2.2 and 3.0. This is done and even more ! We took advantage of this code refactoring to add a bunch of new blocks and functionalities. The overall performance has also been greatly improved by the implementation of API caching in MongoDB.


Rubedo 3.x : a future proof architecture

The front-end architecture has been completely refactored around https://angularjs.org/ and a brand new REST API, making website development faster than ever. This architecture opens new perspectives i...