The biggest event of NukeViet 2012: Launch NukeViet Store

Date Submitted: July 22 2012 01:06 pm
Posted By: The NukeViet development team
Event launch NukeViet Store – the store of NukeViet applications - will be the biggest event in 2012. NukeViet Store is currently running tests, every member can participate. In addition, there are some other notable events in July. For example, It’s complete the French translation package for NukeViet, NukeViet announced the start switch to HTML5.

The French translation package was completed

French translation package of NukeViet have been completed on 15 July by QuangPC who has contributions for translation website of NukeViet at address:

NukeViet is preparing to switch to HTML5.

HTML5 (with CSS3) will be the language of the Web in the near future. HTML5 can use to build applications on web easily. It will replace the current web technologies, for example: Flash. It will be compatible with all types of mobile devices. Leaders of NukeViet will start to propagate about switch to HTML5 in NukeViet community. They will acquire knowledge about HTML5 to the switch does not affect to community.

Discuss in forum:
See the wiki:

From 15 to 30 July, 2012 - Testing NukeViet Store

Leaders of NukeViet built NukeViet Store from early 2012 to promote developments of NukeViet become professional and extend around the world. The collection of comments from May, 2012. In early July, applications has been tested to find disadvantages (at the public interface). In 15 July, NukeViet Store tested again after it has been modified. NukeViet integrate in Admin Control Panel will be done in the NukeViet 3.5
NukeViet Store and NukeViet 3.5 will be a new breakthrough of NukeViet. It has big influences to developments of NukeViet also deeply influenced to users.

September 2, 2012: Starting running phase 1 NukeViet Store

Discuss the testing of NukeViet Store at:
Access the application store at:
(members want to access to see in testing time, you have to log in). Currently, funtions operate normally.

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