e107 Inc. releases e107 v1.0.2 rc1 of its CMS

Date Submitted: July 25 2012 11:50 pm
Posted By: The e107 development team
While working toward upcoming versions of e107, the development team has assembled some new features that offer a look into the future and is offering e107 V1.02 RC1. This Release Candidate integrates developmental functions that give more control to site owners over what users publicly post to forums and comments.

More prominent additions with controlling spam in mind include the ability to impose an adjustable "Probationary" period for new users, assigning a userclass that can modify Signatures, and Comment preferences that include manual approval of comments combined with email notification options and moderation interface.

For theme designers, a control has been added that allows them to define the screen display for mobile devices. An addition to back-end management for multilingual sites with multiple administrators is a new Admin Permission "L" for assigning control over Language Packs.

View all the recent changes by visiting the change log.
To get a copy of e107 V1.02RC1, please click here.

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