Subrion CMS 2.2.0 is ready!

Date Submitted: August 1 2012 08:09 pm
Posted By: The Subrion development team

We've been working on Subrion 2.2.0 for the past few months and finally we are satisfied with the work we've done so far. Subrion 2.2.0 is more a stability update. It does not include too many new features, but it has tons of internal changes that allow to develop plugins & templates for the software much faster. The most significant change is the Bootstrap implementation. Below you can find the list of changes implemented in our version.

Features & Improvements

  • Professional template added

  • Better PHP5 support

  • Template information added

  • Blocks can be in tpl/php files now

  • Reported issues fixed

  • More hooks added

  • Account area moved to blocks

  • Online statistics improved

  • Extras installer improved

  • Account registration issues

  • Manage Mode improvements

  • Menu creation fixed

  • Simplified CKEditor in frontend

  • Private messages removed from core

Your questions are welcomed in the Subrion CMS User Forums.

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