ocPortal 9 released!

Date Submitted: August 14 2012 11:17 pm
Posted By: The ocPortal development team
ocPortal version 9 has now been released.

Version 9 includes a major redesign of the default theme (1000s of changes). Compatibility for Internet Explorer 6/7 has been dropped, as well as compatibility with ocPortal v8 themes.

The rare situation of dropping compatibility has been used as an opportunity to radically improve design standards, increase consistency, leverage new technologies, and make themeing easier. The default theme is now based on HTML5 and CSS3.

Other new features include:

  • New anti-spam system: very strong and flexible support for all the major block lists, blackholes, and honeypots, and strong integration with ocPortal's existing security features

  • More sophisticated calendar recurrence support (e.g. every third Tuesday of every 3rd month)

  • Automated detection of out-dated non-bundled addons and bulk upgrading

  • A static site exporter addon

  • Many other improvements

The ocPortal build/release platforms have also been improved and Open Sourced, other aspects of the project management reworked, and the development team expanded.

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