Jaws 0.8.18 released

Date Submitted: August 15 2012 01:50 pm
Posted By: The Jaws development team
We are pleased to announce the release of version 0.8.18, with big changes in Users gadget and also some bug fixes and improvements in other gadgets. some of changes since 0.8.17 are:

- Fixed url map parsing
- Fixed wrong double url encoding
- Fixed invalid session security message
- Added supporting daylight saving time(DST)
- Added supporting html5 multiple files upload
- Added CKEditor as new editor

- Improved admin interface
- Added expiry date option
- Added user avatar
- Added personal privacy option

- Added optional attachment to front end and mailer
- Improved some new features

- Fixed uploading image

- Added ACL for modifying posts after publish
- Fixed wrong displaying comments count

- Added order type option to groups(by id, title, clicks and ranks)

[Database drivers]
- Fixed pgsql blob field
- Fixed strange sql error in Oracle

For more information please visit Jaws project website

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