Subrion 2.2.4 Released!

Date Submitted: November 20 2012 07:13 am
Posted By: The Subrion development team


We are happy to announce the release of the new version of Subrion Open Source Content Management System. It includes a lot improvements and fixes for all reported issues. Besides, we have refactored the major core functionality and made the code more stable and reliable.

Please check the changelog below:

  • Bug #78: Disable account system fields edit

  • Bug #107: Categories icons should be saved to special folder

  • Bug #130: Compare languages does not work as expected

  • Bug #377: Hide tab without content on view listing page

  • Bug #382: Problems on the page for adding fields

  • Bug #399: Rename actions block

  • Bug #402: Errors on clean installation

  • Bug #403: CKeditor does not save target blank

  • Bug #407: Move add_lang method to iaLanguage class

  • Bug #408: Refactor dbcontrol & dbmanage classes

  • Bug #409: Select All / Select None on Export database

  • Bug #410: Fix slider issue

  • Bug #412: Path to uploaded images have backward slash

  • Bug #413: Picture gallery URLs issue

  • Bug #420: Change the loading order of css files.

  • Feature #2: Breadcrumb improvements

  • Feature #5: Create system field group

  • Feature #308: Refactor MySQL class

  • Feature #378: Filter members by usergroup

  • Feature #379: Dropping cache files once upgrade is complete

  • Feature #392: Implement google snippets for breadcrumbs

  • Feature #394: Improve image field design

  • Feature #404: Update Bootstrap to 2.2.0

  • Feature #406: Update CKEditor library

  • Feature #415: Implement lightbox libs as plugins

  • Feature #417: Display plugin icon in Plugin Docs popup

You can find the details of upgrade in our user forums. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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