feindura 2.0.4 released

Date Submitted: December 10 2012 01:01 pm
Posted By: The feindura - Flat File CMS development team

This is mainly a bug fix release, but also comes with the new CKEditor 4! So it has a new editor interface and works much faster. You will also benefit from the newly introduced magic line plugin, which allow adding new lines in areas where you before could only add lines, through the source code.

Another new editor plugin is the embed plugin, which makes it easy for you to add embed video codes anywhere in your text.

  • This release adds also romanian translation! Thanks to Bogdan Varga for the translation!

  • I renamed the sitemap-index.xml to just sitemap.xml, in the hope that search engines will find it faster, it also now better complies with the sitemap.org scheme.

  • And at last i add a new property to the Feindura class: $menuShowAllPages = (bool)

    This property allows you to overwrite the "show in menu" setting for pages, set in the backend.

Get it here!

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