Elefant 2 Beta 4 Released!

Date Submitted: March 25 2013 05:16 pm
Posted By: The Elefant CMS development team
The fourth beta of Elefant 2 (v1.3.3) is now out and available for download here. See the changelog for a list of whatís new since the last beta (tl;dr, LOTS).

This release also marks Elefant 2 as feature-complete. No new features will be added now so that we can focus on fixing bugs and making this the most stable release of Elefant yet. Let the bug hunting begin!

Iíd also like to extend a huge thanks to Elefantís growing list of contributors. This is truly a community release, and a sign of great things to come. Thanks guys :)

The Elefant demo site has also been updated to the latest release, so you can try it out right from your browser. The main website will be getting an overhaul next to get it ready for the full Elefant 2 release.

Exciting times!

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