Webinar: Why Magnolia 5 Rocks for IT

Date Submitted: July 3 2013 02:39 pm
Operating multiple online channels - from Web to mobile and social media to Smart TV - in a consistent and synchronized manner is both time-consuming and complex. To succeed, you need a tool that acts as an integration hub for all of these diverse channels.

Magnolia 5 provides a unique collection of technologies, including the ability to build custom Apps with Vaadin, integrated Digital Asset Management (DAM), Spring Framework support and a customizable workflow engine, designed specifically to orchestrate content across multiple online channels from a centralized hub.

On 11 July, 2013, Philipp Baerfuss, Head of Product Development at Magnolia, will present a webinar outlining the key technical innovations in Magnolia 5 and demonstrating how to integrate and customize Magnolia 5 to enable an agile, highly-optimized digital presence.

This webinar will be extremely useful for CMS developers, IT managers and system integrators.

Register now for this webinar at http://www.magnolia-cms.com/company/news-events/events/magnolia-5-rocks-for-it

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