Redaxscript 2.0.0

Date Submitted: November 6 2013 10:15 pm
Posted By: The Redaxscript development team

We are proud to announce Redaxscript 2.0.0 after 5 years of ups and downs.

Redaxscript, accidently started as a fork of sNews CMS 1.6 in 2008, experienced great support from all over the world. This is the moment our team likes to thank all contributors and users. You are awesome and keep us going on!

Happy birhtday

What is new? The biggest expense was put into modern frontend, we summarize:

OOP masterplan

Some functions have be rewritten into OOP classes - according to our OOP masterplan, therefore Redaxscript needs PHP 5.0 to run. Backend dependencies like PHP CodeSniffer and Tocgen are now managed with the awesome Composer.

Fully responsive admin

Free from your workplace and publish contents wherever they take place.

Fully responsive admin

The Admin interface was redesigned to work on any kind of device without compromises in functionality and usability.

Template facelifting

Our lead designer Jörg Steinhauer put great effort into a fresh typography and replaced most graphics with modern SVG and icon fonts.

IE8 support dropped

In the era of modern web standards, its time to say goodbye to IE8.

IE8 support dropped

Redaxscript likes to focus on CSS3 and HTML5 and therefore dropped support. Visit for latest marked share.

jQuery and Zepto

Redaxscript 2.0.0 comes with latest version of jQuery and Zepto.

jQuery and Zepto

Those who like a minimalist JavaScript library for modern browser with a jQuery compatible API should make their hands dirty and try Redaxscript's experimental Zepto template. Not all Javascript powered plugins and modules are working because the API is quite limted, you need to extend Zepto using a couple of their modules.

Feature detection

We like the idea behind Modernizr and picked out needed pieces like HTML5 elements support for old browsers and feature detection available inside the object. Let's write awesome Javascript!

Plugins and modules

In addition to the core updates, we delivered a couple of new plugins and modules:

  • Tab character for textareas plugin

  • HTML validator module using

  • Live reload module for CSS

  • Google maps module

  • Lazy load module for images

Of course, there is much more to explore. Read full changelog

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