Seo Panel 3.4.0 Released

Date Submitted: January 23 2014 10:52 pm
Posted By: The Seo Panel development team
Dear Seo Panel Users,

We are really happy to inform every one that Seo Panel version is 3.4.0 is released. Please upgrade your Seo Panel to latest version and enjoy full features.

Change log of Seo Panel 3.4.0

1) Advanced proxy features - Advanced proxy manager, Proxy import feature, Proxy checking cron job, Advanced proxy settings like use another proxy if one failed.

2) jQuery Integration - Integrated jQuery to seo panel by replacing prototype. Also added new Jquery dialog box for keyword report summary page.

3) Forgot Password - Implemented forgot password feature to get login credentials.

4) Improvements

- SMTP port management for mail sending
- Improved perfomance of report generation cron job

5) Bug Fixes

- Zip encoding error
- Cross site scripting vulnerability
- UI errors

Simply use Softaculous / Webuzo / AMPPS to upgrade SEO Panel or Please download latest version from

Installation Steps =>

Upgrade Steps =>

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