Rubedo CMS 2.1 : User administration

Date Submitted: February 12 2014 02:12 pm

Rubedo 2.1 – What about users ?

Users are the main theme of this new version of Rubedo CMS.

Like contents and assets, Rubedo CMS enables you to create User Types. Layout of profile pages can be managed through the back-end, and Rubedo offers new features such as research, directory, A-Z index.  


A brand new e-mailing module is also available. You can easily create newsletters, manage their layout, save new models, follow who subscribe or unsuscribe to your mailing-lists, preview and send your e-mails.


On the search side, Rubedo CMS offers new features that will allow you to handle search pages even more precisely : facet order, use of a field as a facet,  simplification of operators…


Focus on Automatic Content Import

The content import features allows you to import contents automatically from a CSV file to your websites. Thanks to a wizard, you can easily manage the structure of the content type you want to create, select which columns will be considered as new taxonomies and create new contents, classified with the keywords that were just created.

This feature is useful to create a huge amount of contents in only a few minutes. These contents can then be displayed in one or more websites.


Blocks library

  • A list of Rubedo blocks is available.