Meet Liteness - the newly released default Microweber template

Date Submitted: April 11 2014 05:02 pm
Posted By: The Microweber - Free and Open Source CMS development team
After some hard work we’re proud to announce the new Microweber default template – Liteness. It drastically changes the appearance of the CMS while utilizing the core features of the software: Drag & Drop and Real-Time Text Writing & Editing.

Liteness is a stunningly functional template that is smooth and easy to use for users. It is up-to-date with the current website design trends and brings in some additional settings compared to the previous default Microweber template.
Among these are:

- Brand new online shop & blog posts skins and templates, including the popular Masonry and Bootstrap Carousel skins.

- Added predefined Color Schemes

- Greatly improved Template Settings that bring an exciting experience for entrepreneurs, bloggers and end-users. They can now set colors and images for both the website background and website elements, utilizing color palettes and images.

- Smooth design

- Better navigation and field editing

- Various bug fixes applied

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