Date Submitted: December 20 2004 01:54 am
Hear hear on the member access concept. None of the so-called Portals
featured on this site are anything close to resembling an actual portal
but are only just glorified weblogs; just weblogs with multiple
sections and comments and that's supposedly a portal. Not.
Ever used GroupIT?
It is not open source sadly (well, not license wise). It provides
different sections (and subsections!) which can be indepdently
customized not only to deliver different information but also to
display different *types* of information. But more importantly, you can
control read/write access to each section independently to separate
groups of people. Any organizational operation is going to need that
sort of control for a CMS app to be practical.

I'm really
disappointed in these forum CMSes as well. 1. No way to watch a whole
forum, you must manually chose each topic in the forum you want to
watch. Which also means you need to know when new topics are created!
2. The emails you get when 'watching' a topic don't contain any detail
of the new message. It simply tells you that one of the threads you are
watching has a new message, gives you a link to it, and blathers on
about how to follow the link and read the message. You still need to go
to the forums to read the message -- the email is more or less
meaningless and doesn't help you at all.

You'd think that
someone, somewhere along the line would have decided that this might be
useful. But no, they all seem to just be ripping off of someone else's
cheaply done codebase and as a result, no one offers any really useful
features over anyone else. Sigh. I guess freeware is dead; you're
better off writing your own CMS!

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