41 reasons to visit OpenSourceCMS and growing!!

Date Submitted: December 20 2004 01:53 am
If you look to our menu bar on the left you'll see that we have 41 systems

for our visitors to try out and all for FREE. This is the largest

playground and test lab for open source content management systems in the

world. We cover a broad range of systems that our visitors would be

interested such as portal systems, blogs, e-commerce, groupware, forums,

e-learning, and a grab bag of other powerful CMS addon tools. We're

constantly adding more as time permits and there is sufficient demand and

support so keep your suggestions coming.

We've received an outpouring of positive feedback for our efforts (lots
of credit to Scott and Dave for the behind-the-scenes work). The task
doesn't stop with the install, a large part of the work is with keeping
up to date with the latest release (whenever possible/practical),
installing security patches, and making them all run in harmony and
getting them to cleanly refresh hourly.

We have a number of exciting changes to the sites in the coming
days and months so stay tuned. More information will be forth coming as
we solidify some of these enhancements. Meanwhile, we encourage you to
be active in the process. Go ahead and try out a new system that you
may not have heard of, take it for a test drive and then when you're
done let the rest of the community know your thoughts by posting your
thoughs in the Forums area. And for those who went as far as to use
them more extensively write a review and post them to the Review
section. Other readers will appreciate your insights and thoughtful

If you'd like to publish an article relating to CMS, we have a
platform for you. Send them our way and we'll consider them all for
publication. It's a great way to share your knowledge and experience!
Don't be discouraged by the potential for negative feedback as it's
much easier to critize then to do the actual work and the amount of
positive response can really brighten your day.

There's also a FAQ section to answer common questions relating
to CMS that you might find helpful and if you don't see a question that
fits yours, let us know and we'll add them. That's how we can all grow
richer - by sharing our ideas and challenging what is possible.

If you find a CMS-related site add them to the links section.
Sometimes it doesn't make sense for us to install a system for one
reason or another but having a link to them may help those who find it
at just the right time.

In parallel to our efforts on the site and your participation here
there's are other ways you can help. For example, if you're visiting a
site that doesn't know about us, don't be afraid to share our URL
(http://opensourcecms.com) with others. As we bring individuals with
different ideas and expertise we'll continue to broaden our knowledge
and enhance the site's value for all parties involved. Don't get us
wrong we're NOT advocating spamming discussion boards, but a mention in
your circle of influence goes a long way. Include a link to us from
your website, send a link to a friend (or better yet a group of friends
who might be interested). Mention us in your classes (if you teach), in
your articles (if you write), on your blogs (if you write online), in
forums, and anywhere else that makes sense. These are all practical,
easy ways to contribute to our site and the end result is a benefit to
the community because so many great minds are focused on one area.

We love to hear from you. We're more motivated by good comments
and bad so don't be shy (so far we haven't found that to be the case).
We're excited by the constant changes we have planned (and unplanned as
luck may have inspired at times). We hope to implement some of the fine
suggestions that we heard from you such as the CMS Comparison tool and
other projects to promote education, involvement, communication, and
understanding through the open source cms community and projects. We're
the starting point in your journey and a partner along many paths...

Thanks for your continued support and don't forget to get involve.

-the OpensourceCMS team

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