Docebo Features

Date Submitted: October 17 2006 04:46 pm
The Docebo suite is a completely free content management (CMS) and e-learning (LMS) platform released under Open Source license.

The e-learning platform support scorm 1.2 and manage more than 50 functions, the CMS use a Tree approach for web pages creation. All has been translated in 9 languages.

Free help desk is provided by a forum, a faq area and trough free online courses.

E-Learning administration

  • E-learning lessons can be organized in a tree

  • You can insert different functions inside the learning management system page

  • E-learning user can be stored and organized in tree

  • Users can be organized in group

  • Users can receive notification via SMS

  • Sub administrators

  • You can add infinite additional catalogation fields

  • LMS languages can be customized via web interface

  • E-Leaning user subscription can be free or moderated

  • Elearning course subscription can be free or moderated

  • Course curricula

  • Course catalog

  • Report by user, groups or tree

Cms administration

  • User catalogation by tree

  • User groups

  • Additional catalogation fields

  • CMS and E-Mail notification policy

  • Sub administrators

  • Optimization for search engine trough the mod_rewrite function

  • Language custimization and import-export via web interface

  • Subscription to groups or system can be free or moderate

E-Learning functions

  • LMS levels are: Super administrator, tutor, mentor, student, supervisor, guest

  • Double e-learning access with accessibility features enabled disabled

  • Course presentation page

  • Learning objects are stored and organized in a tree

  • Chat, Accessiblke chat version

  • Videoconference

  • Forum

  • Test, random anwer, time anwers, 7 kind of answers supported

    • Single answer

    • Multiple answer

    • Choose right/wrong word

    • Association

    • Open asnwer (Text)

    • Upload file

    • Fill the blank space

  • Poll, faq, help upload files

  • Collaborative e-learning trough project manager

  • Report by learning object or user

  • Test result table

  • Pre requisites on learning object

  • Messages

  • Teacher advice

  • e-learning classroom can be divided in groups

Cms functions

  • Pages are organized in a tree view

  • A single page can contain different functions

  • Topics

  • News archive

  • Images and Movie archive

  • Documents archive

  • Links archive

  • Content archive

  • Forum

  • Banner

  • Polls

  • Contact form building

  • Chat

  • Videoconference

  • Image Gallery

  • Statistics

  • Newsletter (also useful for large number of sending)

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