New Version Comes: TomatoCart V1.1.2

Date Submitted: December 2 2010 03:15 am
Posted By: The TomatoCart development team
We are pleased to announce the publication of TomatoCart V1.1.2.

Changes between V1.1.2 and previous one consist of two large parts: bug fixed and feature improved. You can see the details listed below:

Fixed Bug List:
1. fix bug #263 -- Website in Maintenance
2. fix bug #300 -- When seo is activated the contact us form does not work
3. fix bug #301 -- When seo is activated the product customization does not work
4. fix bug #277 -- Guest Book translation
5. fix bug #274 -- Weird Visual Error of the right column in IExplorer
6. fix bug #278 -- Gift Wrapping Mssage
7. fix bug #261 -- Order pdf print does not support long product name
8. fix bug #285 -- Set wallpaper failed
9. fix bug #284 -- Live feed window can not automatically close
10. fix bug #283 -- tiny_mce cause permission denied error in IE
11. fix bug #250 -- Adding/editing Categories js error in IE
12. fix bug -- table name prefix failure: use "CREATE TABLE" instead of "CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS"
13. fix bug -- add check to disallow currency duplicate

Improved Feature List:
1. Replace ­ with  
2. Use default extjs editor instead of tinymce editor to increase performance
3. Save telephone in order
4. Move product creation in PRODUCT_LIST_PRICE to improve performance
5. Improve category drap & drop feature
6. Add category tree to products list grid window enable category and product manipulation at the same time enable category drap & drop and product drap & drop
7. Add IE8 compatible for start menu and image upload
8. Remove redundant image files/categories file/download file/third party library/js library
9. Sever side sort support for products grid

Download here

For more info, please visit TomatoCart

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