NEW: DaDaBIK is on opensourcecms

Date Submitted: December 6 2010 11:43 am
Posted By: The DaDaBIK development team
The database application generator DaDaBIK has been added to OpensourceCMS, miscellaneous category.

Here are some details about it.

DaDaBIK is an Open Source PHP application which allows you to easily create a highly customizable database front-end/application without coding. You can use it to create in a few minutes a very basic CRUD (create, read, update, delete) database front-end to use as back-end CMS or to develop a more sophisticated database application.
No programming skills are needed to use it; if however you are a PHP programmer with DaDaBIK you can save tens of hours of work.

With DaDaBIK (differently from many competitors) you don't produce a PHP script, which would become outdated when you modify the schema of your database, but instead you directly use its abstraction layer that can be easily updated every time you modify your database's schema.

The strength of DaDaBIK lies in its ability to be customized. For example for each table field you can choose:

  • if the field must be included or not in a search/insert/update form and results table

  • its label

  • its content format (e.g. numeric, alphabetic, e-mail,

  • the HTML input type (e.g. textbox, menu, date, rich text editor,
    password box...)

  • the possible values, also driven from another table (foreign key

  • and more...

Other features include file uploading, master/details view, export to CSV, checking
for possible duplication during an insert, authentication and authorization restrictions on view/update/delete, e-mail notices.

The graphic layout of DaDaBIK is customizable to help you to embed it in your own site.

DaDaBIK differs from PHPMyAdmin: it has not been created to offer the complete administration of a database, but rather to allow the creation of a customizable and user friendly database application. The target of a DaDaBIK application can be the final user instead of a DB administrator.

DaDaBIK is available in Italian, English, Dutch, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Croatian, Polish, Catalan, Estonian, Rumanian, Hungarian, Swedish, Slovak and Finnish.

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