SweetRice 0.7.1 release - all new for you

Date Submitted: December 9 2010 06:53 am
Posted By: The SweetRice development team
- upgrade core - fix some minor bug
- support HTML5
- suppport nginx server
add these code to nginx.conf
if (!-e $request_filename){
rewrite ^.+$ /blog/index.php last;
if (-f $request_filename){
root /document_root/blog/inc/ ;
- upgrade SweetRice installer
- new form style : remove table tag
- update post and comment form.
- support attachment alias
- quick update post and category
- enable autosave when edit post or reply comment
- provide webeditor as html or visual
- update RSSFEED format - change RSSFEED link
- update sitemap add RSSFEED link

Yes,you can modify SweetRice yourself.

I think it may help you if you want a simple website management program.

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