jCore 0.8 Release

Date Submitted: April 8 2011 05:06 am
Posted By: The jCore - the Webmaster's Multisite CMS development team
I'm happy to announce the availability of the new 0.8 version of jCore with a long list of changes from which some of the notable ones are:

- Template Exporter which allows you to easily export any existing jCore templates and port them over to other jCore websites
- Shopping orders summary page aka dashboard where you can view statistics on placed orders
- Auto email responses on dynamic forms
- Manual gettext support so you can use translations even if PHP not compiled with gettext
- Posts at Glance section where you can view all your posts and easily add new ones just like in blogging systems
- Redirect with 301 permanently moved for www and non-www domains so you won't end up with duplicated content
- User groups so you can define group permissions and easily add users to these groups
- New Ogone.com payment method and a lot more...

For a detailed list of changes please see:

Hope you will like the new release.

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