jCore 0.9 Release

Date Submitted: July 1 2011 05:55 am
Posted By: The jCore - the Webmaster's Multisite CMS development team
After three months of hard work jCore 0.9 is finally here! Few of the notable changes in this release include:

- New Module and Update managers
- Multiple layouts support for Templates for things like one/two/three column layouts
- Separated Menu items and Pages so you don't have to duplicate pages to have the same menu item in a different menu
- Availability to limit Pages/Blocks to user groups
- Possibility to add Posts to blocks without having to assign them to pages (for e.g. creating editable widget areas)
- CSV export for dynamic form's data
- IPv6 compatibility
- Mobile browser detection for blocks so you can limit/setup different blocks/template for mobile browsers
- Coupon codes for shopping cart and a lot more...

For a detailed list of changes please see:

Hope you will like the new release.

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