OneCMS 2.6.4 is Live!

Date Submitted: September 16 2011 03:58 pm
Posted By: The OneCMS development team

OneCMS 2.6.4 is live! The release brings with it many new features, enhancements, and bug fixes making OneCMS more customizable than ever before. The release marks a major milestone for OneCMS, we hope you enjoy!




- TimThumb support
- TinyMCE Editor now cleans text pasted into it automatically to remove formating.
- Text.php file added, now handles some echoed out statements for the CMS allowing for easier translation and resource management (more to come soon)
- Featured slider added (will need to integrate it with sliders separately)
- Split up index.php file, making it easier to edit and make changes to
- Multiple changes to Content manager,

  • Ability to add companies to post

  • Ability to select multiple games, systems, etc and tag them to a post

  • System will now create a single post regardless of how many items are tagged to it

- Ability to create rank exclusive forums based on user level (allowing for private mod forums among other things)
- Ability to create sub categories in admin panel
- Templates are now handled through .php files instead of MySQL (check the templates/ folder)
- Improved CAPTCHA security
- New Tools options
- Optimize database
- Repair database
- Games function (functions.php) can now pull boxart information and filter by specific platform
- Comments no longer in a pop up, minor layout redesign
- IP and type sections added to comment DB (to help fight spam and make comments more flexible)
- Added SALT security
- Added "Forgot Password" feature (forgotpw.php)
- Ability to turn off CAPTCHA
- Ability to allow/disallow unregistered users to comment


- Forum now checks to see if a user is logged in before letting them post (before you could just access the URL and still post).
- Forum now checks to see if a user is logged in before they can report a forum post (spam bots were abusing the feature before).
- Fixed bug where fielddata wouldn't save when adding new game.
- Fixed cookies bug that stopped users from adding games to collection
- Global categories work properly now (they are basically present on all categories, allowing you to create a single field instead of multiple fields that serve the same purpose)
- Fixed admin area redirect bug
- Fixed issues with PR manager
- Fixed issues with titles disappearing if they contained ' or "
- Fixed forum spacing issues
- Fixed Admin Gallery redirect bug (when files were uploaded, you would get redirected to the wrong page)
- Fixed Admin PM link(s) bug
- Fixed Comments form


- Recoded gamer@heart theme to take better advantage of OneCMS
- Removed Achievements category, better system coming shortly.
- Moved install functions from functions.php to install.php

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