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Smallest CMS in the world - WonderCMS 0.6 BETA

Date Submitted: March 30 2014 05:39 am
We are proud to present WonderCMS 0.6 BETA. It runs on 7 files and weighs only 8kB (zipped) and 14kB unzipped. What's new? • safer and smaller • comes with a new HTML 5 valid template • two step setup (unzip and upload) • plugins compatibility • easy to theme • 404 pages ...

RedKite CMS 1.1.3 has been released

Date Submitted: March 29 2014 08:02 pm
RedKite CMS 1.1.3 has been released. This release introduces some important changes listed below: The application is full released under the MIT License Bundles comes with the application instead of downloading them by composer TinyMCE editor has been configured to allow adding font-awesome i...

AdaptCMS 3.0.3 Released

Date Submitted: March 29 2014 02:10 pm
AdaptCMS 3.0.3 has been released! This version ended up being a "smaller" sized release, plenty of new things but a lot of the major new additions/enhancements ended up being very time consuming. By the time this is being read, we will already be starting on planning for 3.0.4 and 3.0.5 - the former...

RedKite CMS build on top of Symfony2 and Bootstrap frameworks

Date Submitted: March 18 2014 07:56 pm
Hello, we are really proud and honored to be part of Open Source CMS with our Content Management System. I'm Jan, the project leader and I'd like to present here our CMS. RedKite CMS is an open source content management system built on top of Symfony2 and Twitter-Bootstrap frameworks and powered...

New Release: LEPTON 1.3.0

Date Submitted: March 17 2014 07:02 pm
This version is the follower of LEPTON 1.2.3 . The most important change in this version is the modification of the database connection. Since PHP 5.5 " mysql_connect " is marked as "deprecated " and will no longer be available in future versions of PHP. We then decided to use " pdo_mysql " in th...

New Deep-CMS release

Date Submitted: March 9 2014 01:22 pm
Added English and Ukrainian localizations; Added auto-switch localization for multilingual sites with URL parts (/en, /ru, /etc); Added new component (module) - public upload/download; Added new component - node type: Page with announce (short description); Extended features for view ev...

Quick look on Deep-CMS features

Date Submitted: March 6 2014 08:21 pm
Today I'm make short video clip of quick look on Deep-CMS features. This video available on Vimeo here In future I will add new videos and maybe video tutorials for Deep-CMS....

EPESI version 1.5.6 was released on March 5, 2014

Date Submitted: March 5 2014 02:13 pm
A new version of EPESI has been released today - 1.5.6-20140305. Changelog: RELEASE 1.5.6-20140305 Crypted notes New module to generate printouts Change cron mechanism Trigger error, when patch has failed during update Fix HomePage template installation Add mod_alias rules to show 404 on...

Exsense Dynamix 1.7.0 released

Date Submitted: March 1 2014 05:21 pm
Exsense Dynamix 1.7.0 released. In this release Blog post system added....