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WonderCMS - smallest CMS in the world - 2.2.0 version released

Date Submitted: June 19 2017 06:43 am
WonderCMS brings some awesome news! Version 2.2.0 released with a couple of bug fixes. Check some of the latest changes. Latest changes - added additional verification tokens to prevent CSRF - easy menu re-ordering - easy page adding and deleting - bug fixes - updated plugins Check t...

Redaxscript goes Microsoft SQL and IIS webserver

Date Submitted: June 8 2017 06:56 pm
We are proud to announce that Redaxscript 3.1.0 now supports Microsoft SQL and IIS webserver! Website: Demo: Download: Docs: ...

AdaptCMS Alpha has been released

Date Submitted: June 1 2017 10:01 am
Re-written from the ground up, now using the Laravel PHP Framework, we have debuted an early but still strong alpha version. Download Now...