Schlix 1.2.6

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Category: CMS / Portals
Stable Release: 1.2.6
Started In: 2006
Updated: June 30 2013
Native Language: English

Schlix Description


ApplicationsExtendable API for 3rd-party Application Development. You can choose from pre-defined data structures and extend the existing classes to create your own business directories, e-commerce, student database, etc. WYSIWYGWYSIWYG Editing. User-friendly content editing.
Drag n DropDrag and Drop. Drag and drop is standardized through all classess in the administration. RSSRSS support for contents/blog.
User FriendlyUser Friendly URL Instead of using ? and = in the URL, URL can be automated to something like TemplateSimple website template. No need to learn special PHP programming to create the template. Just standard HTML with less than 6 predefined functions.
UTF-8UTF-8 unicode character support. CaptchaCaptcha support to reduce spamming.
WindowEasy to use, intuitive user interface. Your user will be able to navigate the content easily. Light FootprintLight memory footprint. Gekko Web Builder is fast, efficient, and uses light memory footprint for its operation. It does not hog the server resources, unlike other CMS.
CachingCaching support (v1.1) to speed up the website even more. Search Engine SubmissionBing/Google/Yahoo site map for website submission (v1.0.5)
Developer FriendlyCommercial and open source developer friendly. Gekko Web Builder is a free software, and we allow developers who want to protect their code to use ionCube or Zend Guard UsersUser permission. You can customize the permission of articles.
ConversionEasy conversion from other CMS with import script (v1.0.5). This site is an example of how easy it is to convert from Joomla/Mambo within less than 2 hours.  

Schlix Demo

This demo is available offsite at: Schlix

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