OmegaBB 0.9.4

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Category: Forums
Stable Release: 0.9.4
Started In: 2010
Updated: January 30 2014
Native Language: English
License: BSD 3-Clause License

OmegaBB Description

OmegaBB brings AJAX thinking to forum software, making a realtime forum unlike all others. Feature-rich, with over 100 configuration options and a plain-spoken source code, it is a platform ready to be customized to your liking.


- AJAX design which creates a very fast interface
- notification on a side panel when any of your watched threads gets a new post
- public and private threads
- instant messaging between users
- moderation: delete post, ban user, close thread, make thread sticky, etc
- file attachments
- off-site image embedding and YouTube video embedding
- captchas: may set captchas at new account creation, new user posting
- user list: may be filtered by online status, banned users, moderator list
- block list: user may block specified users from communicating with them or posting in their threads
- user profiles
- multiple themes that change colors/layout of site
- supports Unicode character set
- facilities for translating system messages into your language
- forum content may be indexed by search engines, or you may configure it to be invisible to search engines
- site layout collapses to fit into narrow screen resolutions (tablets, smartphones)
- quotation feature
- ability to edit posts
- word filter
- articles/wiki system
- "Connect With Facebook" and "Connect With LinkedIn" login options
- option to need moderator approval for postings by new users
- Facebook-style gift-giving

OmegaBB Demo

This demo is available offsite at: OmegaBB