ZAPms 1.5.1

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Category: CMS / Portals
Stable Release: 1.5.1
Started In: 2006
Updated: May 30 2014
Native Language: German
Translated To: English, German, Russian
License: GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)

ZAPms Description

Which functionality has our CMS:
* It is suitably / adaptable / programmable for any layout.
* User administration, group administration.
* Google-optimized: automatic creation of robots.txt and sitemap.xml.
* Low loading time.
* Picture gallery as standard module.
* Newsletter and News as standard module.

Was unser CMS leistet:
* Für jedes beliebige Layout geeignet / adaptierbar / programmierbar.
* Benutzerverwaltung, Gruppenverwaltung.
* Google-optimiert: automatische robot.txt und Sitemap-Erstellung.
* Geringe Ladezeiten (nach diversen Tests 2x bis 4x so schnell wie vergleichbare Shops; Stand: Juli 2010).
* Bildergalerie-Modul.
* Newsletter und News -Module.

ZAPms Demo

This demo is available offsite at: ZAPms

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ZAPms Comments

Mar 16 2011, 3:50 am
Website and Demo are in German! If you claim the native language of your cms is English, then how about an 'English' demo at least? I have no problem with it being in 'German' (Google translate can be used), just be upfront about it and don't waste my time.