Sketch 3

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Category: CMS / Portals
Stable Release: 3
Started In: 2009
Updated: July 21 2012
Native Language: English
Translated To: English
License: GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)

Sketch Description

  1. Sketch version 3 has a website with documentation

  2. FULL mobile support
    • Sketch will convert pages to work with iphone,ipad and Android based devices.

  3. Sketch can now run with NO database present - perfect for small budgets or that "small" site.

Sketch comes With:

  • Shopping Cart

    • DPS
    • Online Banking
    • Paypal

  • Gallery
    • Each gallery supports light box features

  • Blogs
    • Sketch support multiple blogs/forum pages for members and for the public

  • Members

  • News pages

  • Animated Banners

  • Casestudies

  • XML feeds

  • Twitter

  • Multi-page create

  • Multi-site

  • Caching

    • Caching will give the correct headers to have the user cache it

    • Caching will create a flat file on the server so the server does not have to re-process it

    • Entire Pages can be cached on the server - improving performance.

  • Page Tags

  • Simple Install

  • Secure
    • Encrypts all passwords / cookies using a random md5 encryption key.

    • Forms use tokens to get authorization

    • age content goes though an approval process

    • Forces removal of install files

    • Supports USER_AUTH to make a site private until launch

  • Bench-marked

    • Simply add ?benchmark to the URL to get real feed back in the console (firebug/crome/safari web tools)

  • Multi-Platform

    • IIS / Linux platforms.
    • Apache on windows,Mac or Linux environments

  • Extendable
    • Sketch uses Models / View / Controllers - but in a flexible way

    • Don't want to use the MVC - then don't - drop a page in to the views folder and let it run - sketch will take care of the rest.

    • Each Page,plugin,output and form can be modified - the saving is managed behind the scenes.

  • Helpful
    • Sketch has a helpers folder - In there is are Validation/ Email / Paypal / DPS / minification and more...

    • Sketch presents a full error when things go wrong

    • Errors can be turned off when Development mode is finished

  • Tiny
    • All pages are stripped of comments and whitespace

  • Best Practice
    • Latest Standards are used in headers, Ajax requests not cached

  • Mootools
    • Get the best of mootools by just using the styles in forms

  • SEO
    • Analytics and Standards are used to create meta tags

  • RSS
    • Blogs and News Get an rss feed at newsfeed and blogfeed

  • Moveable
    • Sketch knows when it is in a subfolder - these are never written to file paths - so when moving the site form one folder to another - Sketch adjusts the links for you.

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