cloudRealms Web Based MMORPG Game Engine 1.0

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Category: Miscellaneous
Stable Release: 1.0
Started In: 2011
Updated: July 11 2012
Native Language: English
Translated To: English
License: Affero GNU Public License

cloudRealms Web Based MMORPG Game Engine Description

cloudRealms game engine features a built in social network for players to socialize, trade items, communicate, and form friendships. In the game players can have friendships, and even become lovers. cloudRealms features a unique battle system with a mix of turn based and real time combat. Players can acheive special attacks, cast spells, battle together as a party, and take on multiple enemies at once. cloudRealms features a easy to use tile based map editor that allows the game developer to easily design locations, add NPC's, Objects, Enemies, and portals. cloudRealms allows for a natural economy to grow from within the game. Players are allowed to trade items between each other, sell items in their own personal bazaar, or even auction them within the game. The dynamic quest system allows for the developer to create a stories that will keep the players entertained. The dynamic quest system has a complete condition logic. Cut scene animations can also be added to quest. cloudRealms can load character, npc, and enemy sprites for animation within the game.

cloudRealms Web Based MMORPG Game Engine Demo

This demo is available offsite at: cloudRealms Web Based MMORPG Game Engine