Navigate CMS 1.7.9

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Category: CMS / Portals
Stable Release: 1.7.9
Started In: 2010
Updated: April 13 2014
Native Language: English
Translated To: Spanish
License: GNU General Public License (GPL)

Navigate CMS Description


Update your corporate website effortlessly. Define user roles with permissions. Integrate your project with the social networks.


Discover how nv tags can save you hours of coding in PHP. Create extensions and widgets on a platform without complications.


Turn your HTML design into a dynamic website in a few hours. Create theme variations easily. Make changes quickly.

Main features

  • Editing content is simple

  • Add multimedia by drag and drop

  • Intuitive interface

  • Multi language integrated

  • Choose how your website is displayed

  • Extensions to customize your site

  • Decide when you publish a content

  • Adding new functionalities is easy

To get more information, visit the Navigate CMS website or try out the online demo.

Demo will be deleted and re-installed in:

Navigate CMS Demo

We are currently updating this demo. Please check back shortly.
There will be a new version up soon.

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