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Posted By: ASP Source Community on June 20 2013 01:37 pm
Good CMS, the themes are hard to install althugh, but I like It, I love ASP/ASP.NET world but this is one of few CMS that I would use if host my PHP webistes
Posted By: Mike on May 6 2010 08:15 am
Frog development appears to have stopped!

If you like this cms then can I recommend you check out WolfCMS (also listed on here). It's a fork of FrogCMS by one of the old frog developers but Wolf is more active in development, community and documentation!
Posted By: busy_one on November 21 2009 01:46 am
Often software which is made and maintained by only one developer is very intuitive, compact, clean and clever. Frog definitely is all this - it's so easy that most clients won't even need advise.

On the downside, there is poor continuity (except you hire the developer), no real community and the documentation for developers ends short after "hello world" - and this isn't likely to change.

Nice CMS for small'n'easy Site but I wouldn't start any development with it. What a pity..
Posted By: gio on October 30 2009 06:41 am
nice cms
Posted By: Don on July 12 2009 05:04 am
Joomla is great, but I needed a small CMS; BUT one that could hide certain content unless a user was logged on. CMsimple was very good and tiny, but couldn't do that. Everything else either couldn't , or was too big and clumsy.

...until Frog - as someone said, a little gem, well done

templating looks easy enough too,(although I haven't done it yet!)
Posted By: modznmiles on January 16 2009 10:39 am
Seems like a flexible solution and a great starting point for a noob like me to add additional functionality and learn at the same time. I look forward to giving it a try.
Posted By: Hinch on January 10 2009 07:14 pm
This is a gem, it's very small and fast and great for users who dabble in design and development. It is easy to modify and produces clean results. I'm certainly going to try and use it in future projects.
Posted By: Jesse on August 13 2008 01:17 pm
This is a good, simple CMS for simple websites. As a designer (and not a programmer) I found it relatively easy to get my design in a template, and allow access to edit it. The client is able to update what they need to without my involvement, and it was easy to explain to them how to do so. Can be limiting if you need tons of extra features.
Posted By: David Reimer on August 13 2008 08:14 am
I use 0.9.3 on a couple of sites. It installs quickly, and produces clean code which is good for accessibility and SEO. I found I needed to learn a little PHP, but that did not take long, and it is ready to go 'out of the box'.
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