Wolf CMS 0.8.0

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Category: CMS / Portals
Stable Release: 0.8.0
Started In: 2009
Updated: September 6 2014
Native Language: English
Translated To: Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Spanish
License: GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)

Wolf CMS Description

Wolf CMS simplifies content management by offering an elegant user interface, flexible templating per page, simple user management and permissions, as well as the tools necessary for file management.

Wolf requires PHP5, a MySQL database or SQLite 3 with PDO, and a web server (Apache with mod_rewrite is highly recommended). It is distributed under the GNU General Public License version 3. The source is available from Wolf’s Google Code project page.

Because Wolf CMS uses PHP directly, there is no need to learn yet another scripting language. This approach has two main advantages:

  • Normally, PHP is not used in article pages, so it does not frighten the writer who does not want to learn it.

  • The webmaster/designer of the site, the one who will code some basic condition or/and loop to add more dynamics to the website, generally knows some PHP already — at least enough to add some dynamic latest news part, latest articles, photo gallery, etc…

Demo will be deleted and re-installed in:

Wolf CMS Demo

Sending/receiving email is disabled on all demos
Demos are the 'basic install' only, no add-ons, no content
Admin Username: admin
Admin Password: demo123
Is this demo broken? Report as broken
Need a re-install? Request re-install

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Wolf CMS Comments

Aug 15 2012, 10:40 am
I can not login to admin page..
Robert H
Nov 10 2011, 2:50 am
I love Wolf CMS!

I build small business and brochure style websites, and Wolf CMS is the best tool I've found for building them. I put the web design into a "layout," and then I enter the content as "pages." From the visitor's side, Wolf CMS takes my content and stamps it with the look-and-feel I put in the layout. It's like a webpage building machine.

It's important to understand what Wolf CMS is not. It's not a portal/community system like PHP Fusion, which comes ready with picture galleries, private messaging, and forums. It's not a blogging system like WordPress, which comes ready out of the box (or out of the zip file LOL) for blogging. Rather, it is a tool that produces web pages by combining the content you provide with the layout common to every page (which you also provide).
Oct 18 2010, 9:41 am
If you are having problems/questions/concerns/enhancement requests... please post these in the forum at http://www.wolfcms.org/discuss.html

As for Thomas's remark about Wolf not being flexible and modular:
- you can change a page's content-type to any you want,
- you can use PHP on pages, snippets and in layouts
- you can install plugins from a growing list.
- and even more...

If that cannot be considered flexible and modular, I'd love to hear from you. Do visit our forums at http://www.wolfcms.org/discuss.html

@Jack - I appreciate you prefer different colors or a more boxy approach to the admin screens. We also have users that consider the boxy approach antiquated... so we're in the middle :)

We are working on a redesign for the admin area though.
Connell Hunte
Jul 4 2010, 11:03 am
Not sure what is wrong but simply cannot add a page on my local version. Was really looking to use this CMS but if the pages are dynamic, cannot use it. If you use the drag and drop feature it works but not if you use the buttons.
Apr 8 2010, 7:16 am
I like the programming API and the way snippets are inserted but... it's not a flexible CMS at all. You cannot extends content-type and have nested.
And this CMS is not modular.
Mar 5 2010, 3:55 am
@Jack: Try downloading the Deep Space Admin Theme from Wiki, to see if you'll like it more ;)
I'll take a look on the login panel, as I don't like it much too.
Feb 28 2010, 5:46 pm
I hope Martin is reading this comment because I really wish to thank him for his contributions to FrogCMS and then continuing the work in form on WolfCMS. Its really a shame that FrogCMS development has come to a halt because its really a useful project for small websites.

As for WolfCMS, I love that development is going strong but I hate the 'admin log-in' panel and the 'admin theme'. The whole curvy buttons and everything curvy just doesn't work for me, and I'm not alone when I say this. I guess what I'm really asking is the taking the project in a direction where it doesn't get estrange from its roots. I would have appreciated the 'boxy' look with fresher colors. Just my 2cents!
Feb 25 2010, 3:43 pm
As a professional web developer/designer, I've found Wolf to be quite awesome for a basic CMS.
Feb 24 2010, 11:53 am
@ashumuto - Frog croaked, Wolf lives for one.
Feb 20 2010, 7:22 am
Where could I find a list or something about the differences between frog and wolf?
K Smith
Jan 5 2010, 9:29 pm
I've been looking for a streamlined CMS to build a smaller website, and Wolf CMS seems like exactly what I want. I've built lots of Wordpress sites before, and it works, but it's just not ideal for non-blog websites. Wolf CMS seems like a really good base to start from, and I'll be looking forward to see how it develops over the coming months.
Nov 6 2009, 7:50 am
@susi - We've never hidden the fact that Wolf 0.5.5 is *nearly* an exact copy of Frog 0.9.5.


Since I wrote Frog 0.9.4 and 0.9.5, I should know... ;)
Oct 25 2009, 10:40 am
Susi: Did you read the WolfCMS documentation? Version 0.5.5 it is a copy of Frog 0.9.5 however the project will folow its own way.

I found this CMS very easy and usefull. Frog as well, however Wolf seems to have better support.
Oct 23 2009, 8:27 pm
fork of frog??? or copy of frog? it seems the only difference is back-end colors!!
Aug 17 2009, 6:59 pm
Hello, i like your CMS. The drag and drop reordering rules.