CMSQLite 1.3.2

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Category: Lite
Stable Release: 1.3.2
Started In: 2009
Updated: September 8 2010
Native Language: German
Translated To: English, Swedish
License: GNU General Public License (GPL)

CMSQLite Description

CMSQLite was developed as a simple content management system based on the SQLite data base.

As some poviders don't have the PHP SQlite extension installed this CMS is now also available as MySQL version (CMySQLite)

The advantages in the overview:

The advantages for Users:

  • simple handling without any knickknacks
  • Integrated multi language support
  • Create and extend your menus and your content
  • Maintain your files (photos, PDF, etc.) with the integrated media adminsitration
  • Integrated text editor CKEditor (version 3.0.1)

Advantages for Developers:

  • highly flexible for your individual design
  • simply extend CMSQLite with your own modules
  • Multi-Sites within a single domain = individual designs within one site
  • robust technology
  • very few maintenance
  • few preferneces for the server technology
  • easy backup of data base, simply download the SQLite file with FTP-Program
  • fully compatible with PHP, HTML and CSS
  • JQuery integrated
  • Developer tools integarted (PNG and hover-support for IE6)
  • integrated text editor CKEditor

Now also available as MySQL version (CMySQLite) on the webpage

Version History

Version 1.3

New Functions

  • password change for admin in backend
  • text file for the document title while translating an aricle
  • superior installation routine (check for PHP version, SQLite support, etc.)
  • ID clickable in the aricle overview
  • new menu functions: submenu is created when main menu point is active. The behaviour is choosable.
  • Implemented creation date for articles (important for news)
  • Implemented a CSS BODY-class for each single article to style each page via a CSS body-tag id.
  • Media-explorer: dublicates will be renamed with No. automatically while uploaded
  • Menu references to articles now separated by commata


  • More secure login check
  • better internal upload function
  • fixed an security leak
  • better version control
  • fixed error in translation script
  • Menus can now contain "&" character
  • fixed "latest news" and "news page" to show news ordered by creation date
  • fixed: pictures were not displayed when CMSQLite installed into a subfolder

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CMSQLite Demo

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Demos are the 'basic install' only, no add-ons, no content
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Admin Password: demo123
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