Open Source Lite Demos

Lite is the description uses to refer to a Portal/CMS that does not require a database to function. These systems are very easy to install, but generally lack the sophistication of a database driven content management system.
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GetSimple CMS 3.2.1

1572 votes cast

GetSimple is an XML based lite Content Management System. To go along with it's best-in-class user interface, we have loaded it with features that every website needs, but with nothing it doesn't.

gpEasy CMS 4.3

861 votes cast

gpEasy is a complete content management system that lets users create rich and flexible Web sites with a simple and easy-to-use interface. The embedded design of the admin interface allows users to instantly see changes in a single browser window.

Pluck 4.7

473 votes cast

Pluck is a CMS written in PHP, that aims to be as simple as possible. With pluck you can easily manage your own website without knowledge of programming languages. This makes pluck an excellent choice for every small website.

OneFileCMS 1.1.2

389 votes cast

OneFileCMS is just that. It's a flat, light, one file CMS (Content Management System) entirely contained in an easy-to-implement, highly customizable, database-less PHP script.

WonderCMS 0.6 BETA

373 votes cast

WonderCMS is the smallest flat file CMS. It's simple and intuitive.

Editing content is easy - clicking on the content will enable you to edit it, and clicking out will save the content.

LightNEasy Mini 2.5

297 votes cast

LightNEasy is not only a CMS, It actually creates plain, pure web pages for your whole website, making it SEO friendly and fast loading. Each time you add a page, alter the menus, it regenerates all pages again so that they remain fully integrated.

FlatnuX 2011-3.28

277 votes cast

FlatNuke3 is a CMS (Content Management System) that makes no use of DBMS, but only text files (so its name).

CMSQLite 1.3.2

269 votes cast

CMSQLite is a free and open source CMS. It's based on PHP and SQlite data base (MySQL version also available). CMSQLite is perfect for single users, small sites, small companies, associations etc... CMSQLite is simple, extendible, flexible and complete.

Webmedia Explorer 6_3_4

261 votes cast

Webmedia Explorer is the alternative CMS engine that reads the hard disc and generates a website realtime taking advantage of a very powerful rendering and data fetching caching system. It's your web desktop, a mediablog, a very abstract portal...

CMSimple Classic & LXH 3.54 (Feb 2014)

218 votes cast

CMSimple is simple, small and smart.
It does not need a database as it writes all data directly to a HTML file. This simplifies installation, maintenance, and backup.
CMSimple is extensible and offers a wide variety of templates and plug-ins.

Nuggetz CMS 2.0.0

202 votes cast

Really simple content management; no database, no frills. Embed editable nuggetz into your website with one line of php. Rewritten with JQuery and TinyMCE.
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