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  • Oswin Weiss 23. February 2018, 15:25

    Hello from Austria!
    I am a graphic-designer and working since a while with WordPress.
    Some of my customers would like to learn more about WP, therefore I would like to setup an online demo-/trial page (backend), where they can try (and fail…) and experience, how easy standard-tasks in servicing their own website can be. After a specified time, their data should be reset, so others can do the same too.
    Do you have any helpful suggestions for me?
    Grateful for your help,

  • Oswin Weiss 25. February 2018, 10:45

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,
    I am dealing with a “burning” question and hope that you perhaps have a good idea or even know the right solution.
    I’m a graphic designer (and poorly talented coder) and have been building websites in the past mainly in Dreamweaver. Duee of the development in recent years, I have delivered WordPress websites to my clients and everyone is quite happy.
    Now I want to create a demo page for these customers and “newbies”, where they get to know the backend/admin area and work off (try and cry) for a limited time. Not a demo page to look at but something like a backend-simulator actually to work on it.
    This demo installation includes already basic plugins, a versatile theme to try out, and sample pages that include small instructions/editing tutorials, adding pages should be possible. Even in the media folder contains already files available for testing, because an upload is not enabled.
    So far so good, but:
    After these temporary user-sessions, the lates changes should be reset to the prior state after they logout (rollback), instead of a complete DB reset to the original WP-Basic installation.
    I actually searched the web for hours, but I did not get any smarter.
    Now I’m looking for an affordable/practical solution (plugin or code snippets) and would like to emphasize once again, that there is no commercial intention, it’s just something that is unfortunately not offered for WP-Newbies.
    I thank you for your efforts and look forward to a good suggestion!
    Greetings from Austria

  • Marco Diversi 14. August 2018, 17:37


    someone from Poland apparently changed some settings and nothing works anymore, please fix it!


  • Bailey 19. November 2019, 10:02

    I’m trying to set up the option for parents to view the school’s website in various languages, I think I’ve found a plugin that will work for what I need and was hoping to test it on the demo pages, I tried on the public as well as a private demo and both times trying to upload a Zipped plugin went to a blank page.
    Are you not able to test plugins on the demos?

    Any help would be appreciated

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