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Backdrop CMS Updated to Version 1.3.2

Story added: January 30 2016 08:16 pm  /  Posted By: The Backdrop CMS development team
The Backdrop CMS community is pleased to announce our fourth software release: 1.3.0! Backdrop 1.3.0 had frequently been called the User Experience Release, with over 32 new user experience (or "UX") improvements. Backdrop 1.3.0 is more consistent and easier to use than ever before.

Read more about Backdrop 1.3.0 on the Backdrop CMS Blog: https://backdropcms.org/news/backdrop-1-3-0-released...

Rubedo version 3.3 is released!

Story added: January 28 2016 08:20 pm  /  Posted By: The Rubedo development team
This major release includes a lot of functional improvements. Download.

New Blocks & Features

Add free field #1259
Embedded content field #1211
Add install tool features in back office #1205
Customized 404 Error page #1202
Contextualization options in content list #1190
Sitemap.xml #1188
RSS feeds / RSS reader block #892
Editorial dashboard #1264
Users activity #1265
Survey module #1266
URL field #1267

Technical stack

Update ES install tool #1200
Update ES PHP lib to 2.x  #1189
Add MongoDB rs read preferences to config #1212


Gnew 2016.1

Story added: January 14 2016 12:39 am  /  Posted By: The Gnew development team
I'm pleased to announce the version 2016.1 of Gnew. What's new in this release?ZSL-2013-5153: multiple XSS and SQL injection vulnerabilities fixes. Thanks to Gjoko Krstic for reporting.Other security fixescheck_email() function fixImprovement of deletions of categories (admin)Script timeout delay in the tables creation loop (installation)Previewing layout of posts is now identical to the displaying layoutShowing creators in the list of polls (admin)Please download and let me know your opinion about Gnew....

New Version of PG Dating Pro: Genie

Story added: January 13 2016 06:58 pm  /  Posted By: The PG Dating Pro development team

Dating Pro team is happy to announce the new release of dating software solution. This new version of PG Dating Pro is called Genie (2015.7) and its absolute highlight is the responsive design theme for the user mode.
‘Responsive’ means that a website is fully functional across different devices: desktop and laptops, tablets and smartphones. We call the new theme ‘flatty’, which is a pet name for ‘flat’, and hope you enjoy the experience.
Why is it important to use a responsive design theme for your dating website?
– It eliminates the need to main...

New version of PG Real Estate – new modules, design and some minor features changes

Story added: January 11 2016 05:05 pm  /  Posted By: The PG Real Estate development team
PilotGroup.Net informed about the release of updated PG Real Estate 2015.11 version for Agency site and Real Estate Portal. The release includes new modules, design changes and general software improvements. Some of them apply to both editions, while others refer to one only.
The newly released update of PG Real Estate script includes the following developments:

IP Language identification

The module automatically determines users’ country language and use it as a main site language. If your site doesn’t have a translation for necessary language, the default language will be...