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SeoToaster CMS & Ecommerce V2.3 released

Story added: November 4 2014 12:00 pm  /  Posted By: The SEOTOASTER V2 E commerce development team

SeoToaster v2.3 has hit the web with new and improved features for both its open source SEO CMS and eCommerce solutions to build rapidly, manage easily and market efficiently websites optimized for top search engine performance.

Built by Internet marketing software specialist SeoSamba, SeoToaster CMS integrates a members-only protected area, one-click social networking tools (Twitter, Facebook,LinkedIn etc.), a blogging system matching Yahoo!News and Google News standards, and a worldwide one-click press release distribution system for premium SeoSamba subscribers.

xEpan 1.0.3 : Inbuilt SVG Editor, Email Grabber, Mass Email Campaign Designer ...

Story added: October 27 2014 04:59 am  /  Posted By: The xEpan CMS With Digital Marketing Management development team
xEpan V1.0.3 Launched, Yes! like we said with a lot in it.

1) Now just drop a SVG image on page.. And for any changes, Just double click it and click edit.. You got a complete svgEditor online. Edit and save. (Thank you SVG-edit)

2) That's not only the change. xEpan is now equipped with Email Grabber and Email campaign designer as well.

Just copy the html (from firebug or anything or just from source) of any search engine result, fine tune its parameter and run .. xEpan will go check all sites and try to search for email IDs on websites. It can store emails in any of pre defined subsc...

New Release: LEPTON 1.3.2

Story added: October 23 2014 08:18 am  /  Posted By: The LEPTON development team
This version is the follower of LEPTON 1.3.1 .

The main task was to fix small bugs in the database connector "pdo_mysql" and to set a solid base to upgrade to LEPTON 2.x which will hopefully be released in the near future in beta state.

The tiny_mce got some updates referring to html 5

Furthermore in this update a current version of jQuery and jQuery_migrate is available.

Please see changelog for details.

The release 1.3.2 is available as

update package or complete package or mobile release.

Notice: the update packages contain only modified files and cannot be inst...

xEpan launched Artificial Intelligence in CMS. An infant system starting new Era in web development.

Story added: October 14 2014 08:30 pm  /  Posted By: The xEpan CMS With Digital Marketing Management development team
Hello Everyone,

This post is not just a concept but through it, we are forwarding some serious questions to the current web industry with some sort of answers as well. We have evolved a lot since our starting, but I'm going to stick with the web and online business only. Today, the market is ripe with Inbound Marketing, Big Data, Big Data Analysis and a more such concepts. As we get huge amount of data every second, it is analyzed and our digital presence is designed based on the collected data.

We are about to introduce a new era in the Web Technology, but first let...

Pre Installed Application Setup Ready to download

Story added: October 2 2014 06:24 am  /  Posted By: The xEpan CMS With Digital Marketing Management development team
Since xEpan is new and many users struggle with downloading and installing basic required applications for their website we have replaced the download with all basic applications pre-installed.

No, xEpan is having Basic Elements to drang drop and placed like container(div), text, title, image etc. But you will also find Image galleries, Menus, slideshows, xShop (listing, blogging and e-commerce) etc application pre installed with new download.

Feel free to download, test and revert with this new approach in web designing. ...