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AdaptCMS 3.0.3

200 votes cast

AdaptCMS is a PHP content management system powered by cakePHP that features a powerful plugin/theme system, complete article management with custom fields/template system and many other features, along with a fully responsive design.
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449 votes cast

ALPHA CMS 10.0 and ALPHA Framework 10.0 is the most complete and advanced system ever developed!
ALPHA CMS and ALPHA Framework is a killer web application / system that can support huge projects.
ALPHA CMS is written in PHP and MySQL.
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Ametys CMS 3.5.1

50 votes cast

Ametys is an open source Java CMS offering a website factory, and user friendly authoring tool inspired from Microsoft Office suite.
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Amun 1.0.2

34 votes cast

Amun is a content managment framework written in PHP. The goal of Amun is to build a more federated and programmable web. This is achieved by providing an RESTful API for managing and distributing content in standard formats like JSON and XML
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Anantasoft Gazelle CMS 1.0

315 votes cast

Anantasoft Gazelle CMS is a free open source CMS solution, which is fully W3C HTML 1.0 strict compliant, Search Engine Friendly and easily extendable with modules and templates.
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Anego CMS 1.0 alpha

119 votes cast

A small and very fast to manage content management system that probably is aimed particularly at technology nerds who love the powers of HTML5 and AJAX as much as I do.
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apprain 0.1.0

205 votes cast

appRain is one of the first officially released Open-source Content Management Framework (CMF).
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ArticleSetup 0.95

145 votes cast

ArticleSetup is the powerful, flexible, and surprisingly simple web software that you can use to setup your own article directory. And, it's completely free! Built with PHP/MySQL, this script is easy to use, customizable, feature-rich, and fully supported
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AuraCMS 3.0

28 votes cast

AuraCMS : Indonesia Content Management System
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Auto CMS 2.0

303 votes cast

AutoCMS,The Best Landing Page,lightweight,smaller and Opensource CMS with all the necessary in the minimal space!
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