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UliCMS 9.8.3 "The Force" released

Story added: May 24 2016 12:05 am  /  Posted By: The UliCMS development team
With UliCMS 9.8.3 you get the current release of the german Content-Management-Solution. You can keep running your current website or start new projects with UliCMS.

UliCMS 9.8.3 is an important Update containing many new features for your success in the world wide web.

This version of UliCMS contains all functions contained in UliCMS 9.8.2 and this additional features:

Classes Banner and Banners added
Shell-Script sinfo.php added
Shell-Script sremove.php added
Shell-Script version.php added
Function containsModule() added to class Page
Function removeDir() added to class...

LEPTON 2.2.0 released

Story added: May 18 2016 12:01 am  /  Posted By: The LEPTON development team
We are happy to release LEPTON 2.2.0 as Stable Version today.
What is done in LEPTON 2.2.0?
Here is a (non-complete) list of changes, see changelog for details:

PHP 7 compatible
PDO support now fully functional
updated a lot of libs and modules
removed form module from the package (no longer supported) and added quickform as replacement. Latest form module is available on github
removed addon file editor (afe) from the package (no longer supported), use something like notepad++ with ftp function instead, easier handling. Latest AFE is available on github
updated lib_jquery ( outdated...

e107 v2.1 Bootstrap CMS Released.

Story added: March 19 2016 12:52 pm  /  Posted By: The e107 Bootstrap CMS development team
We're happy to announce the release of e107 v2.1. There are too many bug fixes and enhancements to list them all, but here are some highlights.

Major enhancements

PHP 7 compatible
PDO support now fully functional
Library Manager added

Other enhancements

Bootstrap, FontAwesome, TinyMCE updated to latest version
Search functionality now has more capabilities (including forum integration)
Thumbnail and dynamic image sizing performance improvement
Added support for Javascript and CSS caching
Banner plugin functionalities added ('s...

UliCMS 9.8.2 released

Story added: March 11 2016 03:38 am  /  Posted By: The UliCMS development team
UliCMS 9.8.2 is the newest update for UliCMS 9 users, so they can continue to run their websites.
This new release offers many new and improved features.

Highlights of UliCMS 9.8.2

Ability to clone pages
Translation Overrides
Page editing now uses tabs
Improved system security
Updated CKEditor (Version 4.5.6)
Updated Mobile_Detect (Version 2.8.19)
An enhanced API
CLI Script sinstall.php added

Upgrade Procedure is as usual and can be done from UliCMS 9.0.0, 9.0.1, 9.8.0 or 9.8.1 as base.

Download UliCMS 9.8.2...

New Search Engine Optimization features for Rubedo 3.3.1

Story added: March 3 2016 05:45 pm  /  Posted By: The Rubedo development team
This minor release includes a lot of new SEO features and functional improvements. Download.

New SEO Features

[SEO] Automated filling META NAME DESCRIPTION tags for pages: Automated filling Meta Name Description tags for the title and description of Pages. These elements are not visible in the back office. The user can however change these tags directly from the pages back office. Is applied to all available languages of a page.

[SEO] Track Downloads :Add Goole Analytics tracking event on download

[SEO] Sitelinks Search Box :Add SEO search page in Sites application: https://develop...