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The Bug Genie 3.2.0

503 votes cast

The Bug Genie is an open source enterprise level issue tracking system, built on open source technology. It enhances your development process, by offering an advanced tool to manage bug reports, feature requests and user feedback for your products.

TheHostingTool 1.2.3

444 votes cast

TheHostingTool was launched on the 3rd of December 2008 aiming to provide the next generation in free, hosting applications.

Webcalendar 1.2.5

409 votes cast

WebCalendar, an Open Source web-based calendar/scheduling system written in PHP. WebCalendar has been under development since 2000 and continues to evolve.

Open Classifieds 2.1.2

295 votes cast

Open Classifieds, is a script for classifieds / advertisement / listings. This web application is developed to be fast, light, secure and SEO friendly. Template enabled and easy to administrate. Some features: Friendly URLs, Cache,Captcha. MySql+PHP+GPL

phpFreeChat 1.4

263 votes cast

php Free Chat is a free, simple to install, fast, customizable and multi languages chat that uses a simple filesystem for message and nickname storage. It uses AJAX to smoothly refresh (no flicker) and display the chat zone and the nickname zone.

Seo Panel 3.4.0

208 votes cast

seo panel is Award winning open source software to control search engine optimization processes of your websites. It is an open source software and helps the web master to track and increase the performance of your web sites in internet.

MyClientBase 0.12

175 votes cast

MyClientBase is a simple, intuitive, free and open source web based invoice management system developed with freelancers in mind.

FestOS 2.3c

140 votes cast

FestOS provides you with the tools you need to manage an arts & crafts festival via your web site. FestOS can replace traditional paper-based application processes with web-forms and digital photo uploads.

DaDaBIK 4.4 patch level 1

130 votes cast

DaDaBIK is a PHP application which allows you to create a highly customizable database front-end/application without coding. You can use it for example to produce a CRUD application for a Web site backend.

cloudRealms Web Based MMORPG Game Engine 1.0

112 votes cast

cloudRealms is an open source web based MMORPG game engine, licensed under the AGPL v3 which allows you to easily create your own 2D social RPG

Disc ORGanizer - DORG 1.1.0

103 votes cast

Disc Organizer (in short DORG) is an web application / search engine to organize your software.
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